Honest Snapsext Review: Is It Worth It? (2024 Update)

With so many dating and casual hookup platforms in the marketplace (and dozens more popping out weekly) it is totally understandable why sitting down and actually determining what the best option can be so frustrating. Typically there are so many mixed reviews and opinions that deciding whether or not you should give it a try can be pretty daunting. Even for us reviewers, it’s difficult to say whether or not our experiences are the norm or the outlier. However, as it pertains to Snapsext, we’re pretty confident in saying that most people have pretty positive experiences through using it. The platform really is quite innovative and has somehow retained a great ratio of men and women despite their growth in size.


How Does Snapsext Work?

Snapsext is essentially a sexting app/platform that is meant to connect users via photo-sharing and through text messages. Signing up is quite easy and requires little effort; in essence, you just give a few details about yourself (gender, age, zipcode) and you’re flying through potential prospects. The great thing about Snapsext is that most of the users consensually are not preoccupied with irrelevant details such as your job, lifestyle, or anything too personal. Everyone who uses it acknowledges that it is essentially just a platform for those seeking casual sex and nothing else. On this platform, the only thing that truly matters is physical appearance – two people send each other photos of themselves and if they like what they see, they can move on from there. Statistics show that a great percentage of users who approve of each others photos go on to meet in real life. This goes to show that Snapsext is one of the few platforms where women (and men alike) tend to be less flakey. They currently have a free trial going on so if you’re interested in trying Snapsext, now is the time to do it.



Update: Best Alternative To Snapsext: AdultFriendFinder

As good as snapsext was one day, there are now better alternatives to this platform. One such alternative is AdultFriendFinder; this dating app has been around for over a decade and has proven time and time again that it’s the best for hookups. From usability, to user quality, pricing, and features – it really doesn’t get much better than AFF. We’ve tried finding the best hookup/ONS sites for a long time, and snapsext was once a good candidate but that has changed.

The main reason Snapsext has went down in quality since the original publication of this article is because the population of this platform just seemed to dwindle down to basically nothing. The owners of the site failed to update the app with constant changes like their competitors and for that reason, their marketshare has been overtaken by improved apps such as AdultFriendFinder and Ashley Madison. Adult Friend Finder is not perfect as a website, but it covers a lot of the holes that Snapsext once had. There are significantly less fake users on this platform, less scammers, and the overall quality of users is higher in terms of looks and personality.


Snapsext Review: Is It A Legitimate Service?

The number one question people have when it comes to dating or hookup sites is whether or not they’re legitimate. It’s pretty common for a lot of these sites to bombard you with pictures of their users on entry and more often than not, these pictures are pretty appealing to the average person. Unfortunately, there are times when companies use dishonest tactics to lure in users and fake pictures is one of the most common tactics used. When entering Snapsext, you would think that they could also potentially be running the same scheme given how gorgeous the girls in the pictures are. However, upon entry it was later realized that this platform has a great concentration of attractive females using their service and this is one of the many reasons why the brand is growing in popularity. The exclusivity factor and the photo sharing system make it a very desirable service to use for beautiful men and women.

Main Features Of Snapsext

Naturally, many people will wonder what the main features that Snapsext brings to the table are. Fundamentally, the service is intended to be used as a snapchat + tinder alternative for those in any given area. However, there are a couple of things that make it different from a couple of other copy-cats. For starters, pictures are not the only thing sent between users. You can obviously engage through text conversations to ask questions, make requests, etc. and videos are also being shared by users. There are also live cams so users can watch another in live time get naughty. One of the most comforting features that the platform has is the ability to search users and view the profiles of individuals who viewed your profile. Oftentimes many users will also include their social media profiles in order to take the conversation elsewhere or possibly meet up in real life. These are just some of the many things you can do with Snapsext.


What Separates Snapsext From Other Dating/Hookup Sites?

At its core, there really isn’t much distinction between Snapsext and other platforms. Most people who have used multiple services will be quick to tell you that once one company starts innovating and including new features, they pretty much will all follow up and copy one another. However, there is still one very important aspect that can’t be replicated or bought as easily – the pool of users.

You see, the pool of users on any given platform is what really makes or breaks the service. The reason that Snapsext is thriving so much is because the quality of people on the platform (in terms of level of attractiveness) is substantially higher than most average services. This means that even more people will join the service and generally make the site even more compelling for the average person. On scale of 1-10, the quality of the user-base is a sold 8/10. In major cities, you should have no issues finding thousands of suitable matches through the use of the service.


Snapsext Profile Information: What To Do

You can be as open or as private as you want when it comes to your profile information. Just leave it blank if you prefer not to display it for everyone to see. “Ask me” will be shown on that part of your profile when answers are not disclosed. Most members fill out the profile information. It gives more credibility to the profile owner, and it shows your compatibility with the other members as well.

Change the layout to a grid or landscape orientation, to list view or portrait orientation, and vice versa. However, the list view looks better both on mobile and website version.

Find random member’s profile photos scrolling at the top of the page. One-click will lead you to their profile page.

Your profile activity will be shown on your profile page by default. However, you have the option to change it to private by clicking on the drop-down menu. It can be found on the top-right portion of the activity/photo box.

Filters can be applied to photos before or even after you post them. Choose from at least 20 filters for your snapshots.


Prices of SnapSext — A Platform For Adult Free Meeting

One downside to this site is the membership costs. For the gold membership, it’s about $40 a month, and it’s about $140 for 18 months of access. And for Silver, it’s about $30 a month and $115 for a year of access. It is worth every penny as it is the best app for casual sex.

You always can use the site for finding adult sex for free, browsing the accounts, and seeing what’s up there. After all, you can try to find these people on the other services. And maybe you will even succeed, but this process is time-consuming. Moreover, stalking is creepy and will not be the best tactic to get laid. So, consider paying the price and becoming a community member to feel comfortable.


The Bottom Line: Snapsext Is A Truly Premium Service

As we touched on earlier, the main things that determine whether or not a dating service is great is the quality of its user-base along with the functionality of the service itself. These two things are the most important factors to pay attention to, but it’s important to note that pricing also plays a role here as well. Some believe that the regular subscription for Snapsext is priced just right while others may tell you that they feel it’s a little bit too expensive. Personally, I believe that the premium quality of the service is worth paying for and if it means the same users keep using the platform, then I’ll gladly pay the price.

It’s also important to bring up the critical statistic which points out that a great deal of users actually end up meeting in person. This isn’t necessarily one of those “online dating services” where you’re just talking and nothing ever comes out of it. Over here, the ideology is different and most of the users actually expect to meet in person if they are interested in one another. At this point in time Snapsext is one of the best options on the market, however many are concerned about the future of the platform. When a website of this sort is relatively new, it is perceived as being in its “glory days” and things never getting any better from here on out. Hopefully that isn’t the case for Snapsext as it is a truly remarkable service right now. Remember to claim your free trial with them.


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