Penomet Review – Does It Really Work? (2024 Update)

By reading this, odds are that you have been seeking the best way to increase the size of your penis and improve your abilities in the bedroom. There are tons of male sex improvement products available on the market and there is a chance that you come across some reviews of a product called Penomet. People have been raving about Penomet lately and many of them claimed to have been benefiting from the product. It is slated as the best solution for people who are suffering from a small penis size, whether it be girth or length. If an unbiased Penomet breakdown is something that you need, then you have come to the right place.

You might be in the middle of the way of purchasing the product online. But before proceeding, let us show you the true facts about Penomet from top to bottom. Therefore, you will surely make an informative decision that will be beneficial for you. You will also find out the relevant answers for most of your questions about the Penomet product.



Penomet Review: What Is Penomet?

Penomet is a commercial product which promises to fight against the growing issue of individuals facing a small penis size. Its model is the hand stroke penis pump which is easy to operate by all users. Operating this tool is straightforward and easy. With such an ergonomic design, it is even a straightforward choice for the beginners. It works by creating a vacuum to attract blood into the penile blood vessels. In other words, the Penomet helps the users to create an artificial erection temporarily, in order to increase its size. Besides the therapeutic perks, the users can also use Penomet as the workout tool for their penis. You can also use it as routine basis activity.

The key Features of Penomet

  • Effective improvement of penis size
  • Help the users to get erect within only 15 minutes
  • Users can operate it well although there is no water in the chamber
  • The usage of lube is minimized thanks to the effective employment of water
  • Minimize the risks of premature ejaculation
  • A promising therapeutic tool to treat Peyronie’s disease
  • Routine treatment can help the users to increase their sexual stamina
  • You can use it anywhere you like, though water is ideal
  • Polycarbonate is the main material of the construction
  • Ergonomic design to ease the operation
  • Easy pressure adjustment
  • Formal Certificates: CE Marking and SGS Certifications.


How Does Penomet Work Exactly?

Penomet uses the vacuum creation to force the blood to stream to the penis tissue. People have different problems when it comes to the erection initiation. But with the help of this tool, the artificial erection can help them to enjoy their sex life like they used to be.

It has the chamber which the users fill with the water.but you can even use it without filling water. The cylinder mouth of the tool can expand and contract based on the penis movement. The gaiters are sizeable depending on the penis size of the users. How come it is so flexible? The answer is the high-grade rubber which is flexible but also a perfect sealant. This material ensures the airtight seal to maximize the needs of the vacuum pressure.

The pumping action is easy to understand by all the users. The vacuum pressure accumulates in the chamber. Meanwhile, the blood vessels expand because of the pressure. This gives a boost to the blood stream so that the blood will rush to the vessels and provide artificial erection. The water is released to loosen up the chamber to remove the Penomet.



Penomet’s Promise

As mentioned, Penomet is designed to give a solution for people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction and small sized penises. the erection helped by Penomet can be a great treatment to eventually increase the size of the penis in length and girth (up to 3 inches in length, 30% increase in girth). But you can reap the benefits of Penomet as soon as you use it because it will give such rock hard steel erection. As we know, rock hard steel erection is the key to having true fun in the bedroom. With Penomet’s help, you won’t need to worry anymore about gaining or maintaining an erection. The official site of Penomet claims that it can be a good workout routine for men who want to improve the quality of their erection with a bonus of improved penis size.


Are The Results Temporary?

The result can be permanent or temporary depending on how you are using the product. Results can stay permanently as long as you use it based on the recommendations from the manufacturer. The Penis Pump can help you to achieve such great size of penis. But when the penis goes down, you will need to use the pump again. With routine use, you can significantly increase the erection time. In the long run, it will help you to treat impotence effectively. The manufacturer of Penomet recommends the appropriate schedule for the penis.

If you use the Penomet according to the guidelines for around 10 weeks, you will see the significant results. This is where you will say that the result is permanent. The experts of Penomet claimed that this penis pump product can help the users to increase their penis size by 2-3 inches in length. But this result won’t come near if you do not use the penis pump based on the guidelines, and if you do not use it consistently. The same thing goes to the permanent result as well.


Is There Any Risk In Using Penomet?

I can say that there is no significant risk in using the penis pump from Penomet. Despite the arguments between the health experts, the medical community confirms that it is 100% safe to use Penomet. Besides it improving the quality of your erection, it can significantly increase your girth and penis size. Many official studies show that Penomet penis pumps are the best solution to treat the ED temporarily. But for some patients, the penis pumps could reverse the ED condition completely. With such statistics, we can agree that the benefits of the penis pumps are real deal.

Now let’s move to the potential risk when using this pump for the physical condition of your penis, if there is any. As mentioned, the penis pump of Penomet has such ergonomic and straightforward design. The dimensions of the penis pump is enough to cater to four to eight inches of penis size using the chamber of the product. That means your penis won’t hurt at all when using this penis pump, assuming you’re in the 4-8 inch category like 99% of males out there.

Until today, we haven’t seen significant bad reviews from the users which exploit about its side effects or injuries when using the penis pump. Probably that is also the reason why Penomet penis pump has won tons of awards as the best male products in many websites, marketplaces, and mass media. However, some users reported a slight discomfort when they start using the penis pump or the first time. As the time goes by, you will get used to it.


How Quickly Can I Get Results?

review for penomet

This is a relative question with relative answers. You are not going to see the significant result the very first day you are using the product. Before you get Penomet, the manufacturer clearly states that there is no overnight result you can expect from this product. It comes with the printed user guide, which you can also download from its official site. The result could come with time, as permanent result explained by the official manufacturer. That means you will need to train with Penomet on routine basis. You must take things slow and steady. Eventually, you should see the significant results you’re looking for. The fact that there even is a solution to this worldwide epidemic is unbelievable.

With the Penomet penis pump, you can actually start the temporary results the first day you are using the product, in regards to achieving an erection. This result will last up to an hour. Some of these temporary results, however, can take a few days to weeks to meet. Penomet claims that you will get the results in both Length and girth of your penis. The manufacturer is totally honest with you. You won’t see the significant increase in your size penis in just a few days. Many other penis pump products or Penomet’s competitors claimed that their tool can help users to increase the penis length and girth for only a month. Well, that’s just their gimmicks. The only legitimate competitor out there is Sizegenetics.

The manufacturer of Penomet itself claimed that you can increase your penile length by half an inch in between three to six months. the result can vary from one user to another because they have different physical traits, genetics, and health conditions. the frequency you are using the penis pump can also be a contributing factor of the result. Obviously, the more you use it, the faster you can expect to get results. During your therapy sessions, you will want to make sure that you conduct it based on the guidelines proposed by the manufacturers. It is safe to assume that your penis size in length can increase by at least 1 inch in six to twelve months as a minimum. Again, the result will be different from one user to another.


If You Are Using A Penis Pump For The First Time…

If you are using penis pump, especially Penomet for the first time, you must comprehend that you need to have correct technique to give you the promising results. Many beginners give up before even beginning their serious therapy sessions. Especially for those who have never used the penis pump product before, it can be harder for them. it might be daunting to use it for the very first time. But I tell you what – it is not as hard as you think. You just need to follow the manual thoroughly so that you can easily avoid some common mistakes. I also suggest watching the full tutorial video on their website to get a better grasp on how the technique is done. Furthermore, you will reap the full benefits from the tool.


Accessories offered by Penomet

Besides the Penomet penis pump itself, Penomet also offers the useful accessories that can boost the results of the tool.

  • Penomet Comfort Strap – the comfort strap is attainable with the Penomet Premium. If you are planning to use Penomet in the bathroom or shower, you will really need this strap. This trap gives a good grip so that it can prevent your tool from releasing its valve when the condition is wet. The comfort strap can also withstand the weight of the water filled cylinder.
  • X85 Monster Gaiter – it is an addon which comes with high quality suction. It goes beyond premium package and comes with a hefty price but it comes with quality that is not betraying the money you’ve spent.
  • Penomet Carry Case – actually, you will get it with your Penomet 4.0 package as a standard. But it is also available for separate purchase in case you lost your carry case, or you need another one as a backup. It is also a great choice for those who own the predecessors of Penomet 4.0 since the older versions do not come with the Carry Case.


You Won’t Need To Worry About Sizing

You might have learned that that other penis pump products require appropriate sizing. So, you will need to measure your penis, and pick the right product. But you won’t see any hardship when picking Penomet. Penomet comes in one size with the maximum length of 9.5 inches. That means you could just pick the product from the market and use it the moment you unbox the package, unless you’re bigger than 9.5 inches.

The Pros:

Obviously, it is a non-surgical way to help you deal with the ED and other problems. There is no need to spend thousands bucks from your pocket to undergo the high risk surgical procedures. You can overcome this problem by yourself by taking only 15 to 20 minutes of your time on a daily basis. After a few months use, you will notice that your penis size will increase 2 inches or more. When you look at the price tag, you will agree that it is one of the most affordable penis enlargement products in the market, and the fact that it is so easy to use only makes it more desirable.

The Cons:

The truth is that through my experience, there aren’t many cons in the first place with this product. The results are there, customer support is excellent, and as far as I can tell the pump itself is well-made. If there was one complaint I wold have to express it would be that the pump is slightly uncomfortable to wear when you first use it. However, it’s well documented that pretty much every penis pump out there is super uncomfortable the first time you wear it.


Bottom Line: Is Penomet Legit?

I’m glad to say that Penomet is totally legit and we finally have a decent competitor to SizeGenetics out there, which I previously thought was the only worthwhile penis pump out there. If you are interested in an effective solution with an affordable price, Penomet Penis Pump can be a great choice for you. There are a lot of positive reviews from the Penomet users and sounding the benefits of it. I’ve personally seen gains of 1.73 inches in just over 5 months of use, though the girth has only increased by 10% or so which I would definitely like to improve on. Penomet also comes with 60-days money-back guarantee. So, it does not hurt at all to invest in this penis pump if for whatever reason you decide you no longer want to increase the size of your penis.

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