Bathmate HydroMax Review – Does It Work For Increasing Size?

review of bathmate hydromaxPeople have been spending their valuable time and money seeking what’s actually working for solving their ED problem as well as increasing their penis size. Some of them want to resize their penis so that they will be able to perform better in the bedroom. If you are one of these people, then you may want to find the best Bathmate product for your future. Well, you don’t need to waste your time anymore to browse around and compare different products on the market. Instead, you could focus on Bathmate Hydromax 7 as I personally believe it to be the best out there.

These devices are used to treat erectile dysfunction at mild to moderate levels. Using the Bathmate should be alongside the knowledgeable mechanism. If used properly, you will be able to achieve great result at your part.

The Bathmate Hydromax 7 offers such great results for their users. Many men have been raving about its fantastic result over the internet. Whether you are dealing with the ED problem, premature ejaculation, or want to increase the size of your penis, not a single product in the market can beat the Bathmate Hydromax 7. However, you must appropriately use the product to attain the best possible result. As a smart user, you will need to learn about the exact procedure, method, directions, as well as safety concerns before proceeding with the sessions.



Bathmate Overview: What is Bathmate Hydromax?

The HydroMax brand comes with a series of products which can make a great option for you. Most folks who have used the Bathmate hydromax stated about their satisfaction online. This is indeed a big achievement for the brand and the users.

There are three types of HydroMax that you can get from the market:

  • Hydromax5 – Ideal for folks who measure up to 5 inches when erect
  • Hydromax7 – suitable for those who are measuring between 5 inches to 7 inches
  • Hydromax9 – Ideal for users who are measuring up to 9 inches when erect

Those are all amazing products, but I will emphasize the perks of the bathmate hydromax 7 because of two reasons: 1) bathmate hydromax 7 is the best seller from the brand, 2) I have used it by myself.


Expectations Of Bathmate Hydromax7

One of the most common questions asked by soon-to-be-users is whether the bathmate hydromax 7 product can give them bigger penis or not. I generally try to keep all of my reviews unbiased, so I’d like to keep it that way. First things first, I must say that there is no overnight solution in the world of health and wellness. And I want to underline my statement that the Bathmate that you are about to use is not like a magic solution from a popular brand. There is no overnight solution and you won’t see the result the next day after using the solution.

It is indeed true that bathmate hydromax 7 can help you expand your penis for a few inches longer. But it is just like when you are going to the gym to stay in shape. If you stop the routine, you might not be able to retain the benefits. The penis growth rate will also be different from one individual to others. So, what the other people have achieved could not be the same as yours.But after experiencing the bathmate hydromax 7 by myself, I have come up to the conclusion that it is the best penis pump solution that I have ever tried in my life. If you have a dream to enlarge your penis without surgery or penis enlargement pills, then this one can really make a great choice.

So, let’s cut to the chase and proceed to the meat of this review.



Bathmate Review: How HydroMax Works

bathmate hydromax

It is advisable to measure your penis before picking the bathmate product for you. The product comes with clear instructions that you can follow so that you can get the accurate measurements. Keep in mind that you will need to take the measurement for both flaccid measurements and erect measurements.Some penises can change in size when erect. Others will stay at a similar length and girth. While the complete instructions are coming with the bathmate hydromax 7, I can show you how the thing works exactly here. So, buckle up and see the information below.

Step 1: Take A shower

You might wonder why the product is called ‘bathmate’. Well, it is for a good reason really. It is your literal bathmate. The product creator suggests you take a bath or shower with water. The water should be at a comfortable temperature, around 30-40 degrees celcius before starting your main routine.

Step 2: Warm Up

It is about to warm up your cock with 50 jelqs. For those who haven’t known, Jelqs are the countable numbers of Jelqing, a massage exercise that creates micro tears in the penis tissue in order to trigger the penis enlargement. It is actually a common exercise conducted by men who use the penis pumps. If you have ever used penis pump before, it shouldn’t be surprising for you.

Step 3: Filling The Pump With Water

Then you need to remove the comfort pad and fill the pump with the water. Submerge the penis pump if you are in the bathtub. Then you should close the black pip. Once it is full, you will want to replace the comfort pad.

Step 4: Place Penis Inside Pump

You will need to place your erect penis upright inside. It is important to put your erect penis gently inside the water-filled chamber. It might be easier to keep it in the bath since you will be able to retain the water inside easily. If you’re in the shower, it will be challenging to keep the water inside. The pip should also be in the open position.

Step 5: Pressure Improvement – Let The Device Do Its Job

You will need to increase the pressure. Create the comfortable pressure. You will want to stretch the part of the penis to make it enlarged, but not to hurt your penis. If the pressure is too painful, you will need to stop it and restart.

Leave on for five to fifteen minutes. You will need to leave the pump on your penis for a few minutes or up to 15 minutes. The duration of the stay will depend on your experience level. Newbies might only have 10 minutes. But more experienced users can leave the bathmate hydromax 7 to work for 15 minutes. If you have ever used penis pump from a different brand before, it should be familiar to you.

Step 6: Pressure Release

It is the last step in using the bathmate hydromax 7. you will use the pressure release valve to decrease the pressure and remove your penis from the chamber. Don’t release it before releasing the pressure first. Looking at the instructions above, it sounds so simple, right? Well, because it is!


My Personal Routine With Bathmate: Review

Using the bathmate hydromax 7 effectively is the key to getting good results. In terms of effectiveness, you will want to stick to the considerable routine. It is important to put the right mindset about the routine to achieve the best possible result. You will want to think of the Bathmate routine as your fitness regime. So, you will want to prioritize it on a daily basis.

I have my specific routine for around 4 months. A word of wisdom, you won’t see the result overnight. I had seen a slight change in my penis in the first month, but only realizing the great result 4 months after using bathmate hydromax 7. I did the routine 5 days a week, but having 2 rest days within them. Keep in mind that the routine for each individual could be different. But to inspire you, here is my personal routine:

  • Monday – Bathmate
  • Tuesday – Bathmate
  • Wednesday – Bathmate
  • Thursday – Rest
  • Friday – Bathmate
  • Saturday – Bathmate
  • Sunday – Rest

You see that I was using bathmate hydromax 7 for 3 days in a row from Monday to Wednesday. It is because my work is on the desk. So, I wouldn’t be bothered with the physical activities too much. But if you are an active person, you might want to get a rest on Wednesday and won’t exceed 2 days of activities. Well, just like any other man in the world, we need to rest our buddy down there before getting into a rigorous activity. Our buddy needs enough time to rest!

Here are what I did on daily basis:

  • First – Warming up my cock plus 50 jelqs in the bathtub
  • Use bathmate for 10 minutes when my penis erected around 75%
  • Remove the bathmate and perform additional 50 jelqs
  • Use bathmate for more five minutes
  • And that’s it!

You will just need to spend a maximum of 20 minutes of your time on a daily basis to conduct your routine. And you will see the significant result in less than a year. Imagine how much surprise you can give to your old girlfriend in the reunion that will probably take place next year. You can just invite her over to your room and make love.

You can also break up your penis pump session to smaller tasks. These will keep your penis away from the unnecessary pressure and keep it safe when pumping. Some experts recommended 3 separate sessions with 5 minutes duration in each. If you are using it in the shower, you might want to find some excuses to make your roommates believe that you are just showering, not the other way around.

Many people have been wondering if the result will be more significant if they are using the supplements to maximize the results. Well, I am not seeing the case here. I have asked my health expert about this. And he doesn’t see the significant benefits that the supplements can do with the size of the penis. But of course, he vouched for the bathmate hydromax 7.


Are There Side Effects To Using Bathmate Hydromax?

Typically, penis pumps are not dangerous at all and don’t present any concerning side effects. At the end of the day, you’re not going to be putting any harmful chemicals in your body to achieve these results. However, because of the slight risk of penis bruising around the base, and scarring from extremely high pressure, some people are completely unwilling to consider pumps.

These risks are intrinsically related to the air pump design of the penis pump. The FDA even issued a warning, suggesting that the air pressure from a penis pump is so extreme it could cause priapism or cause bleeding under the skin.

When it comes to penis pumps, you could say that you’re basically working your penis out like you would your biceps or abs. When you hit the gym you’re not mutilating yourself, you’re just increasing the size of your muscles, by providing more stress that forces them to adapt and become stronger after healing. With that in mind, you can look at any potential micro-tears in your penis the same way you would look at the micro-tears in your muscles after working out. It’s all part of the process in getting bigger.


Bathmate HydroMax Review: Does Bathmate Work?

Many people have the similar question about the time they should take to see the bathmate results. When it comes to this, as mentioned, it will be different from one individual to another.

So, how long exactly does it take to see the significant bathmate results? There are two kinds of results that I’d like to share with you guys. The first one is a temporary result, the next one is the permanent result after using the bathmate hydromax 7. After using bathmate hydromax 7, you will notice that the size of your cock is larger for around 12 hours because of the temporary pressure it receives. Some folks claimed that they were able to increase 1 inch size, but not for me. This temporary size increase can be great if you have a quickie tonight.

The permanent result is more of a long-term result. This state is achieved after a few months using the bathmate hydromax 7 as your routine activity. the good routine should be able to provide such great results in your part. You will eventually notice the long-term lasting penis growth at your part. The permanent result will likely happen if you have a good bathmate routine and you follow it appropriately. You will eventually attain the long-term lasting penis growth. As I mentioned before, it is like a routine gym activity. Once you stop using the bathmate hydromax 7, your penis might slowly return to the normal size.

As my personal experience, I notice the growth of my junk instantly between 0.4 inches to 1 inch right after using the product. But this extra size will only last for around 12 hours after the usage. When not erect, I can see the decent long-term growth result for a while. The dick size is indeed changing. But it will be harder to notice the long-term results if you are not taking “before-after” photos. I didn’t do it either. However, you can easily find the helpful before-after photos provided by the other users who claimed to have such wonderful results with the bathmate hydromax 7. Claimed by Bathmate, when you use it routinely, it can increase your penis size by 30%. It is true for me. Now it is your turn to prove it by yourself.

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