My Phalogenics Review – What Potential Buyers MUST Know About Phalogenics Before Buying It

review of phalogenics productThroughout the years there have been a ton of penis enlargement products on the market. As many of our readers are well aware of, this industry has been generally quite massive for a good chunk of time. Unfortunately, we all know too well that the general consensus has been to stay away from these products given the fact that the vast majority have been attributed to scams or fake results. So when we were presented with “Phalogenics” we were hesitant to even give it a try since the reputation of these products has been so tarnished over the years. However, we did bite the bullet and decide to give it a shot, and we’re glad we did.


What Exactly Is Phalogenics?

It’s critical that we make an important distinction right off the bat. For starters, Phalogenics is NOT a physical product you purchase. Yes, we’re well aware of all the penis pumps or strange extenders on the market. The truth about all of these gadgets and devices is that they’re not only deceiving in nature, but a lot of them can actually turn out to be quite harmful and painful for the end user. We’ve certainly never recommended one of these products and until a legitimate one comes out, we probably never will either.

Phalogenics is a 12-week program designed to help you increase the length, girth, and overall size of your member in a relatively simple and concise manner. The program was comprised by a medical staff and intends to teach users about the ways they can naturally enlarge their penises using highly advanced techniques backed by science. Of course this all sounds just fine and dandy, but does it actually work like it is supposed to? Or is this just another phony product meant to drain pockets?



Phalogenics Overview: The TRUTH About This Product


To make a long answer short – yes, Phalogenics is a legitimate product/guide. You’d be surprised to find out just how effective a lot of these techniques are and to be quite frank, it’s hard to believe that many of these methods haven’t already been exposed on a larger scale. Because of the nature of the product and the fact that this stuff is seriously helpful for many men, the actual methods themselves can’t actually be exposed. The biggest takeaway I’ve had from using Phalogenics is this: what we’ve been conditioned to think we know the truth about why men *can’t* increase the size of their penis and that it is useless to even try. This indoctrination is far from the truth and new studies are constantly showing that while it may be difficult for some, the vast majority of men have an extra few inches to gain from some clever exercises.

The first few weeks of the program starts out quite mildly; it’s quite obvious that we’re dealing with something quite sensitive here and going too rigorously can not only be painful, but it can also hold individuals back as far as results are concerned. Typically, those who follow the instructions carefully and use proper form with the exercises themselves can expect to gain about 1 – 2 inches in length throughout the first 8 weeks. These initial 8 weeks are absolutely critical as they are the period of time in which your body is doing the most amount of reconditioning and restructuring – you want to get it right from the very beginning. The remaining 4 weeks tend to be one last push to gain up to 1 extra inch (on top of the 1 – 2 before that), though most individuals slow down during these period despite the rampant exercises. At this point in time, there is currently a discount being run on the product – click here to get a hefty discount on the final price.



How Long Does It Take To Work?

I was pleased to discover that the exercises themselves are not time-consuming at all, despite what other Phalogenics reviews might’ve said. In fact, the authors themselves cite that the exercises should take between 20-30 minutes per day, each day for optimal results. For most people these exercises can be done in the morning right after waking up or right before you go to sleep. Technically speaking, it doesn’t really matter when or where you do the results – what matters is that you’re using proper form and are dedicated to following the instructions as carefully as possible. While it may sound silly, you need to do many of the same things you’d do when exercising to grow your muscles.

Is Phalogenics A Difficult Program?

Calling this program difficult sounds quite ridiculous once you know what is on the inside. If stretching for a couple of minutes per day is difficult to you, then yes – Phalogenics is a difficult guide to follow. It’s safe to say that for almost all men, this program is extremely easy and straightforward as it pertains to exercises, instructions, and getting results.

How Does Phalogenics Really Work?

Scientifically speaking, the process is known as penile micro trauma therapy. It all starts with light stretching, which will force the cells to divide. New cells will grow to normal size and so on. As a direct consequence, the penis grows larger. This is surprisingly quite a new concept that hasn’t caught on. Penis-stretching has been a phenomenon that has been known for decades, however none of the guides or products out there were doing it correctly. Before one can actually conceive tangible results, they must use techniques backed by scientific evidence rather than just pulling on their willy hoping to make it longer.

Is Phalogenics Safe?

Safety is a big concern in this industry for all the reasons we’ve mentioned. Many products have a poor reputation as they are hogwash as far as results (and safety go). If you’re following the guide to a tee, you shouldn’t have any problems at all. However keep in mind that when you’re dealing with something as sensitive as your penis, there is always a risk for damage if you are someone that perform the given exercises too rigorously.


Who Should Use Phalogenics?

phalogenics program

If you’ve never performed any of these exercises in the past (and you probably haven’t), there’s a very good chance that you could benefit from using it and gain a generous 2 – 4 inches in size, depending on your genetics and commitment to the program. Ask any man in confidence and pretty much every one of them will make it abundantly clear that an increase in size certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Again – while essentially anyone can use this product and gain tangible results, those who should definitely consider using Phalogenics are individuals who fall under the 5-6 inch category (or below). This is a dangerous size to be in since most studies will tell you that 6 inches is the average, and being average (or below it) is not ideal in any way, shape, or form. Some people might even dare to say that size doesn’t matter though science says that is a blatant lie.


Benefits Of Using Phalogenics Consistently:

  • Natural penile enlargement solution without any negative side effects.
  • Their website claims you can gain 2 – 4 increase in girth and length.
  • Increased semen production.
  • Have better control on when to ejaculate.
  • Fuller head, harder and larger erections that are permanent.
  • Better performance in bed, resulting in increased confidence.
  • Some of the techniques you can learn in this program only take a few minutes to perform.
  • The exercises can help correct a curved penis.


Phalogenics Reviews From Customers: Does Phalogenics Work?

Now you might be thinking to yourself that this all sounds good on paper but does Phalogenics actually work? How many people have tried it in the past? Fortunately for us, Phalogenics is not a new product. It has been around for several years and in that timespan, tens of thousands of customers have already tried it for the first time to get the inside scoop on whether the product really works or not.

The overwhelming majority of consumers agree that Phalogenics works. The rare cases where somebody complains that the product didn’t do what they thought it would do came down to inexperience, improper form when doing the exercises, and a lack of patience. We are all the same on a molecular level and just how every single one of us can get into the gym and get bigger muscles, every single one of us can apply the Phalogenics program and increase our penis size.


Pricing of Phalogenics

The program is priced at just $69, giving you the benefit of penis growth and three extra programs that come as a considerable discount. One of the programs called Advanced Sexual Mastery is a 14-day free trial. You will need to cancel the subscription before the end of 14 days or take on the monthly charges of $16.10 a month. You can cancel the subscription whatever time you choose.

The Refund Policy

The program comes bundled into a 60-day program. You can talk to the company and get your refund if you are disappointed within 60 days of using it. You will need to delete all information the company has released to you to get a refund.


The Reason Most Men Should Use Phalogenics

Again, not everyone needs to use this product and some men really don’t have any more growth left in them. However, considering that most men have not reached their maximum potential in terms of penis size, it is safe to say that hundreds of millions of adult males have room to grow, pun intended. Not only will it likely improve sexual satisfaction for you, but it will most likely significantly improve sexual satisfaction for your partner(s). Don’t believe the lie that size doesn’t matter – society has focused on male genitalia size for thousands of years and that is for a specific reason – size matters. Most men will also gain a huge confidence boost from seeing themselves gain an extra inch or two in penis size and confidence goes a long way both inside and outside of the bedroom. There is such a thing as too big, but the vast majority of men simply aren’t even close to that.


This Phalogenics Review Summarized – It Just Works

phalogenic critique

When it’s all said and done, what matters most for all individuals are tangible results. If most people were honest when being asked, they’d probably admit that the path to the result doesn’t necessarily matter as much as the result itself, and an argument could be made that this is the right way of looking at things. Make no mistake about it though – if you’re all about achieving results using the best practices, Phalogenics is the way to go. There simply isn’t anything like it on the market and for that reason, it is probably the best guide out right now that deals with increasing penis size. The difference between Phalogenics and some of the other content you can find online is that while Phalogenics is backed by science, the other products are mostly comprised of hogwash and jibber jabber.

And finally, it’s vital that people realize just how critical those extra 2-3 inches can really be. It’s easy to just be content with what you’ve already got but unless you’re dealing with something that is at least 6-8 inches in length, you certainly have much room from improvement. And again, don’t always be quick to believe those who make remarks suck as “size doesn’t matter” as sayings like this were most likely created by individuals lacking in that department. Anonymous surveys even show that while not all women are obsessed with large penises, a good majority of them prefer larger or above-average over small/below-average.

This all ties into your confidence in the bedroom. Confidence is key not only in your sex life, but in your day-to-day life as well. Obviously the physical size of your penis matters to an extent, but what you’ll really profit from in the long run is the increased level of confidence you will have in your ability to please your partner(s) due to an increased penis size.


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