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Over the last two decades, there have been countless sugar dating sites popping up all over the place, and the exchange of goods for companionship has been going on a lot longer than the amount of time the internet has been around. And although there are definitely some interesting sites out there, far more shady websites exist as opposed to legitimate ones. This often has to do with fake profiles, strange sign up costs, and sites being geared more towards pornography rather than real life intimacy. We’ve reviewed many of them and have now come to finally publish our Seeking Arrangement analysis, and the verdict about this site was pretty shocking to say the least.


Seeking Arrangement Review: How Does Seeking Work?

Seeking Arrangement is more reliable as an online dating service or matchmaker than many other competitors in the industry. This site is not an ordinary online dating site such as OkCupid, Bumble, EHarmony, or Zoosk; this site is specifically for mature, adult men who are looking for young women to be intimate with, and for single women who are looking to be taken care of financially. These kind of online dating sites are synonymous with the relationship between sugar daddy and sugar baby. People using Seeking are interested in meeting someone like minded to flirt and eventually hookup with. There are even single people who sign up to this service to mingle and eventually find love. seems very niche on the surface but really meeting people is easy and it can cater to anyone. Even gay dating, black dating, and lesbian dating can fly on here. It does not have to be the traditional roles that many imagine, and there are many success stories from people who are not straight.



To join for free on Seeking Arrangement, you will be given data entry such as gender, then choose whether you are a sugar baby or sugar daddy. Sugar baby is a term for younger members, while sugar daddy is for members who are more mature and established looking to provide sugar. You are even given a choice whether you are attracted to men, women or both. Then what is clearly seen on this online dating site is the correlation between sugar daddy/mommy income and the money that sugar baby is looking for. This shows the online dating site Seeking Arrangement places more emphasis on financial factors than other online dating sites.

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It is very clear what a sugar daddies income is because it will be listed on their profile, as well as how much monthly income in dollars the sugar baby expects is clearly stated on their profile. This is very helpful for sugar babies to get a data filter that matches their expectations, some want to be funded for their monthly expenses, some want to be invited to a restaurant or a luxury hotel for dinner. There is also an important element in the sugar baby profile that explains what they do with their money, it could be to buy their favorite items or even to pay for their school/college fees. The sugar daddy/mommy can also see additional information about specific gifts that sugar babies might want in the form of an Amazon wish list.



Reviewing The Verification Of Users On Seeking Arrangement

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This online dating site is also very concerned about the validity of data from sugar daddy and baby to prevent fraud. The income verification feature at Seeking Arrangement emphasizes the importance of financial status for the sugar daddy. This verification is not necessary, but it can help you become a diamond member on SA. Diamond members also complete background checks that must be fulfilled by the sugar daddy are also very broad including a list of criminal, civil and even allegations of domestic violence.

This verification is very helpful and gives a sense of security to potential sugar babies. If you just explore this online dating site with basic features then you don’t need to go through all the hassle, because you can register for free. But you need to know that without premium membership access facilities you will not be able to do much on this online dating site; it was very important for us to make this very clear because many other Seeking Arrangement reviews seemed to avoid mentioning this detail. Free accounts cannot read any messages that come in; in other words, even if you find a match with who you are looking for, you still cannot interact with them. For premium memberships, prices are indeed higher than other online dating sites, but that is the price to pay when using what is often touted as being the best sugar daddy website on the web.

Registering The Account

The process for registering an account for free only takes a few minutes, and this account is only active after your picture and profile have been approved within 24 hours. This process can be bypassed if you register premium. Filling out the profile is easily and requires minimal attention; there is no rambling personality biodata. Although registering premium membership is very fast, it takes a lot of time to verify your data such as background, criminal record check, etc.

Membership Base

The collection of members on this site is very favorable for sugar daddies and this is outlined in several different reviews of Seeking Arrangement; there are more women than men on this online dating site and this means more sugar babies than sugar daddies. Most sugar babies who register on this online dating site are college students who want to improve their lifestyle through relationships with wealthy partners. It’s also quite diverse in terms of age groups.

Age Distribution of Seeking

Ability to Search

Searching within the online dating site Seeking Arrangement is very easy, and the refresh rate of the search sample is quite high. You can also set the search to be as specific as you want to find matches. Exchanging messages is easy and fast even though it is limited to premium membership, which means that if you only use a free account, you can only receive messages in the inbox but can’t open them. In many ways it is similar to online dating apps in which you swipe to find what you want. Meeting singles and dating people is easy on Seeking.



Overall Seeking Arrangement Review: Main Features of Seeking

There are some additional features that can be found on this online dating site such as the diamond club feature that allows you to display your financial status, the amazon wish list from sugar baby as a source of information to give the right gift for sugar baby, the privacy feature requires that you first ask permission to see sugar baby’s personal photo, sugar daddy/mommy’s income verification feature that ensures sugar baby won’t be fooled, etc. These are things that have been mentioned in several other examinations of Seeking on the web.

As long as you are not in arrears in paying or breaking the law, the online dating site Seeking Arrangement guarantees the privacy your personal data by not sharing your important information with others. Conversely, if this happens and you are caught not paying, then management may share your banking information with the collection agency. All communications on this site are encrypted with SSL to ensure the privacy of its members. In addition to collecting general statistical data to share with their partners, this site also has the right to store user data indefinitely. You can view the privacy policy further on the Seeking Arrangement website.


Is The Same As Escorting Or Prostitution?

Many people consider this online dating site to be a covert site that offers informal escort services, probably because many reviews have not described what the platform is about accurately accurately. The CEO of Seeking Arrangement explained that this online dating site was strictly moderated to avoid covert prostitution, and it is not an escort website. The fact can be seen from some sugar babies who did write on their profile that they are not looking for sex, but did not rule out there are some who write the opposite. Of course the relationship requested by the sugar baby is very varied, which inevitably involves money as a whole. Compared with many of its rivals, the dating site Seeking Arrangement seems to give hope that there is a mutual and mutually beneficial relationship between people who are ordinary economists and millionaires. Financial status is not merely a game here, this money might help to start a pure relationship in each pair.


Top North American Sugar Daddy Cities According to Seeking – Demographics of

You might be wondering what the most prevalent cities are when it comes to sugar dating. The truth is that yes, some cities have a significantly higher percentage of sugar daddies than others. This is relevant information to consumers so that they are able analyze what level of success they might have in their city. Remember, the more sugar daddies, the more sugar babies. At some point this also means that there might be more competition as a sugar daddy as well, but the general rule of thumb is that sugar daddies are typically more rare than sugar babies.

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Pros & Cons of


  • Excellent female-to-male ratio
  • Very active members, sort by ‘recently active’ in search
  • One of the most comprehensive verification processes of any site
  • A fun design and layout, that highlights what sugar babies want from you
  • Available in multiple countries and languages
  • Has a reputation for “celebrity” sugar daddies whom we better not mention by name
  • Has a regularly updated blog with tips on how to pick up sugar babies
  • Free gold membership available for college women, special discounts for new sugar daddies
  • One of the best sites for guys who want to find threesomes or foursomes with multiple women
  • Plenty of positive reviews and testimonials of seeking can be found on the web


  • Aside from Ashley Madison, probably the most controversial sugar dating site
  • Fake profiles and bots are around especially before you pay…be patient
  • Very rarely there are prostitutes are fishing – beware of breaking any laws
  • Old and abandoned profiles are still searchable
  • Premium price
  • If you are a woman on the site you need to be careful of bank account scams. Only receive money via CashApp or PayPal.

A premium Seeking membership comes with these perks:

  • The ability to hide your online status, the date you joined, and the country where you’re located.
  • You can choose to not post a photo, which comes in handy if you’re aiming for discretion. (A free membership requires an approved “public” photo). You can also hide your profile from search results.
  • Your profile displays your upgraded status in her search results.
  • You can list up to three locations.
  • Message read receipts.
  • Advanced search filters.


Is Seeking Arrangement Safe For Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies?

This is a very important question that cannot go unanswered throughout this examination of Seeking Arrangement. There are two factors to consider when thinking about safety while using the physical safety and wellbeing of both the sugar daddy and the sugar baby, as well as the safety of confidentiality. In the vast majority of cases, both parties will want to remain as anonymous as possible to the outside world and for this reason, discretion is an absolute priority. Generally speaking, Seeking does a pretty good job at ensuring safety of all those involved by verifying identities and making sure that all interactions are accounted for in one way or another should something strange happen. Income verification is also done on seeking so you can be sure that if you are to meet someone as a sugar baby, they will be the same person you engaged with online when you meet up in person. Here are some tips for staying safe:

  • Don’t share any personal information without meeting
  • Don’t send any money to dubious users before meeting
  • Always meet in a public place initially
  • Beware of profiles urging you to send them gifts
  • Do a reverse-image search of users’ profile pictures
  • Keep your data secure


Pricing of Seeking Arrangement

Premium – Subscription 30 days $99.99 monthly
Premium – Subscription 90 days $90.00 monthly
Diamond – Subscription 30 days $249.99 monthly
Sugar Babies Unlimited Free


Seeking’s Free Trial

As we have mentioned quite a few times already, Seeking Arrangement is a paid service but they do offer a limited free trial to some of their users. When you’re using your free trial, it allows you to search around the site and see all of the users, but once again – your ability to interact will be limited.

If  you decide that upgrading your account is worth it for you, your premium membership gets you the following perks:

  • Unlock all conversations (Unlimited messaging with potential matches)
  • Hide your online status, join date, and the last country you logged in from
  • Boost your profile visibility and increase likelihood of matches
  • The ability to filter your inbox as you please
  • Keep notes on all of your current matches


Seeking Arrangement Reviews & Testimonials From The Official Website

customer reviews of seeking arrangement website

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Rating on A Mobile Device or Tablet

seeking arrangement on iphone

Mobile usage increases every single year and for this reason it is important that online platforms offer great service not only on desktop, but on mobile devices as well. The vast majority of online dating these days is done on smartphones via swiping, so it only makes sense that many will look to use Seeking Arrangement on their smartphone. The good news is that Seeking does have a mobile app that can be downloaded directly on your phone – the bad news is that this app is only found in the Google play store (meaning that there is no official app for iOS devices). Apple has decided against having adult-related apps on their App Store, and this includes dating apps that focus on adult themes. However, you can still freely login and use Seeking Arrangement on an iOS device by going to directly through the browser. A little inconvenient, but it’s not too much of a hassle for most as the service is second to none.


Who Is Seeking For? Verified Stories From People Who’ve Used

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These types of relationships are often called sugar dating, where the relationship between younger women (with ordinary economic status) get with older men who can meet their needs financially, in return this young woman must be willing to be her romantic friend. One of the requirements of this online dating site is that sugar daddy must agree to a contract that contains the amount of money he will spend while dating with the young woman (sugar baby). That said, this young woman or sugar baby will oftentimes expect to be treated like a princess regardless of the financial gain. This was very important to outline in this review of

There is a testimony from a young woman aged 25 years, (we’ll call her Isabelle to protect her identity) who claimed that after a few months of being a user of this online site she found her perfect lover. The last time she was in a relationship it was with a 45-year-old well-established man who is a tycoon. This conglomerate has several restaurants, bars and clubs. Isabelle had used other online dating applications and sites but ended up in a false confession from a potential partner who claimed to be wealthy, but apparently just an ordinary office employee. She actually didn’t mind dating an ordinary man, only the lie he had given when he introduced himself was seen by Isabelle as a bad start.

One thing that made Isabelle curious to try the Seeking Arrangement site is the phrase “Say goodbye to college debt, and hello to a higher class education” listed on the website. She said the online dating site is not only about money, but also the involvement of other users. The men found on this site treat her well and have the intention to meet or establish relationships. Not just exchanging messages or spit lies so that women are attracted to them. Isabelle revealed that all women are very happy when treated well and far from mere seduction. And of course some gifts will make women happy.

Many of the dates she met on this online dating site had invited her out to dinner or just a drink at a cafe. There are also those who take her for a walk to the Mall or the beach. The meeting took place casually, they both tried to get to know each other and explore the compatibility between them. And of course all costs are borne by the men. One of the advantages of this online dating site is that the average male user is well-established, so if Isabelle chooses to go to a good place even if it’s expensive, the men never protest about it. Isabelle was happy to be able to eat at a place she didn’t normally try because it was so expensive. The “sugar daddies” or mature men are not stingy or calculating when giving gifts to him. She is often given gifts such as perfume, premium makeup and other luxury items.

seeking lifestyle chart

Another experience was told by Emma in her Seeking review. She is a student at Sidney who learned about the online dating site Seeking Arrangement from her friend. In contrast to Isabelle, Emma is still 19 years old and she tried to join this online dating site for fun. She met a 38-year-old sugar daddy who flooded her with gifts and a weekly allowance with a sizeable nominal worth $1000 USD. Emma and her sugar daddy only date once a month, the rest they spend talking through telephone connections. Emma said she had never had sex with the sugar daddy, because they lived in different countries. Being a sugar baby is not always the same as being an escort, relationships, financial and communication factors are an important part of this date.

Every time they meet for a date, Emma and her sugar daddy only go to a cafe, eat lunch at a restaurant or go shopping to a fancy mall. The sugar daddy always buys all luxury goods branded for Emma. These items include bags, shoes, special designer clothes, and expensive smartphones all bought for Emma. Initially when they met, Emma never suspected or had expectations if it turns out the sugar daddy was very generous about money and was willing to support her financially. At first she felt awkward about receiving all these expensive gifts. Even the sugar daddy told her to make a wish list that must be sent to him. And from that list the sugar daddy gave Emma a surprise gift when they met. Emma felt the two of them were very compatible, and could communicate very well. The sugar daddy also gave Emma a weekly allowance to meet her needs for life and make-up.

As you can see from this analysis and evaluation along with some of these customer reviews, this site is legit. In addition to relationships between men and women, this site is also good for heterosexual men. There is a fairly high ratio of female to male users. Although usually the relationship that occurs is between a richer sugar daddy with a less wealthy young woman, this doesn’t always happen on the online dating site Seeking Arrangement. This online dating site still provides gay relationships even though there are still not many female sugar daddies and male sugar babies. Generally speaking the platform is used for mature dating or for a quick hook-up between a wealthier older man and an attractive young female. Niche dating (such as Jewish dating, Christian dating, Asian dating, senior dating, bisexual dating) is much harder to come by on this matchmaking service, but is definitely still a possibility.


Seeking Arrangement FAQ

How Many People Find Success With

Many people who use Seeking Arrangement find both short-term and long-term success. This means that many mutual sugar baby relationships are created on this website, but even real relationships that can potentially last years are formed on this platform. Many have talked about how easy it is to meet people and find a compatible partner using this online dating website.

Are There Fake Profiles And/Or Catfish On Seeking Arrangement?

It’s impossible for any dating site to have zero fake profiles, but Seeking Arrangement is one of the sites that seems to be doing the best job at filtering these kind of profiles out and customer reviews of seeking have confirmed this to be true. Because they have a comprehensive verification system, it becomes far too time-consuming and difficult for thieves, scammers, and trolls to use this platform with the rest of the real users. However, we can’t say that these profiles don’t exist on this platform because they do. The only thing you can really do is educate yourself on how to best avoid them and stay safe.

Does Seeking Arrangement Offer A Free Trial?

Seeking Arrangement absolutely offers a free trial. The Seeking Arrangement Free Trial membership lets you view profiles, search, and favorite other users. This site even lets you message other members with a free trial account. This is very uncommon in the industry and a nice touch.

Does Seeking Arrangement Have an App?

Yes, there is an app for Seeking Arrangement. The Seeking App is available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for Androids, for swiping hot sugar babies and generous daddies swiftly on the go. So travel and have fun, and keep making your arrangements on the go with the Seeking App. The app is easy to use as most dating apps are these days, and you’ll be able to log into your account immediately.

How Long Has Seeking Been Around?

This platform was launched in 2006 and since then it has grown into the most dominant sugar daddy platform on the internet by far. Seeking Arrangement has over 20 million members and growing every single day. It connects tens of thousands of users on a weekly basis to new partners and connections they would otherwise not have without this service. From The Perspective of A Sugar Baby

We wanted this review to outline all of the necessary information for both the sugar daddy and the sugar baby. After all, this platform would cease to exist if not for the sugar babies that make up this platform. As a sugar baby, this site is even better than it is for the men. You can have your pick with virtually any of the men who have registered to that are looking for a young, attractive female to take care of financially. You can set your price, boundaries, rules, and expectations from the get-go in order to not face any disappointment. All of the men are verified (as are their incomes) in order to give you peace of mind and let you feel comfortable about meeting these men.

There are several other sugar-dating platforms out right now and many are gaining traction, but from the perspective of a sugar baby it still doesn’t get much better than Seeking Arrangement. This site is completely tailored to make the ladies feel comfortable, safe, and entirely capable of earning a great income. As a sugar baby, these are the kind of men you can expect to find on Seeking.


How Most Members Use

Technically speaking, Seeking is free to join. But there’s a catch – men can only send 10 messages, and they can’t read or reply to messages without upgrading. So to actually meet women on this site, you’ll need a paid membership. A 30-day subscription to Seeking costs $19.99, or sign up for 90 days and pay $15.00/month.

Does Seeking Arrangement Work?

Many people ask this question as if Seeking is a scam of some sort. The truth is that Seeking Arrangement does work and has been used by millions of people since its inception. Millions have found partners that they can exchange value with; whether it be money, gifts, time, or affection. Of course, if you are the type of person that fails to put in the minimum amount of effort to be desirable on a dating platform, it’s possible for Seeking to not work. Generally speaking being pretty and sweet is enough to do well as a girl, and having a good income while also being a decent human being is enough to do well as a guy on Seeking Arrangement.


Can One Find A Real Relationship on Seeking Arrangement?

Generally speaking the answer to this question is going to be no, but there are always exceptions. From the get-go, both parties know what they’re going to be registering to this site for. The sugar daddy is going to want attention and affection from an attractive young lady, whereas the young lady is trying to get paid. It’s a very straightforward process and nobody here wants to get emotionally invested (at least, at first). However, on occasion a sugar daddy and sugar baby can get along so well that they actually end up dating and in some rare cases, even getting married.

Again, this is very rare so don’t hurry over to thinking you will find your future wife/husband because that’s not how it works and you will just be disappointed. Nobody registers for this site looking for a lifelong partner or a real relationship but because we’re human, those sort of things can and do happen spontaneously on occasion.


What We Liked About Seeking: Easy To Use, Real Members, Discreet

These are two of the biggest factors that make a fantastic platform. It’s extremely intuitive and easy to use, and there are millions of members worldwide which means it can be used successfully virtually anywhere. Many other sugar daddy sites struggle to fill up their platforms with users but that is not an issue with SA.

Privacy is also a huge concern for many people when using dating sites (as it should be). Seeking Arrangement is awesome in this regard and conceals every ounce of information you submit to their website so you can sleep easy at night knowing that your info won’t be leaked and/or sold anywhere. Without privacy, a platform is completely useless.


What We Didn’t Like About Seeking: Platform Can Be Rigid And Strict At Times

One issue that came up at times with many of our readers was that SA suspended their accounts under suspicion of prostitution. SA doesn’t take this lightly and if they see any reports of someone blatantly advertising themselves as a prostitute, it won’t go over well and you’ll likely see your account get banned. This is to keep their platform safe and in compliance with the law; if Seeking allowed prostitution to run rampant on their website it could cause problems with the law.

As a sugar daddy, you’ll have to verify income and/or net worth to confirm that you really have the money in order to weed out scammers and fakers (assuming you become a diamond member). This is good for all parties involved, but it can be a little bit tedious and some see it as a hassle.

Bottom Line: Seeking Arrangement is By Far The Best Sugar Daddy Site

Judging the functionality of the online dating site Seeking Arrangement, this site is very fun despite the stigma that may come with it; local dating is easy and one can even find their soulmate using this app. The interface design is simple, elegant and everything is fast. There are no annoying pop-ups and this site also hosts a fun blog that displays some Seeking Arrangement user statistics, funny stories and tips for users of these online dating sites. Most importantly, the site puts an extremely heavy emphasis on verification of both sugar daddies and babies. This is done to ensure that everyone is protected and there is no cat-fishing going on, as well as scamming. We all know too well how common it can be to be scammed or swindled on sites that do not moderate such things, so we are happy that Seeking Arrangement goes the extra mile to truly make their service premium. The people on this site are generally very serious and of a higher quality as the high barrier to entry weeds out all of the attention seekers, scammers, and phonies. So if you’re looking to get into the game to meet someone, is easily one of the best dating sites you can sign up on right now.

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