EZHookups Review – Hype Or Actually Worth Using? (2024 Update)

ezhookups reviewEZHookups is one of the newest hookup sites out there and because of its infancy, it has left many people wondering whether or not this site is legitimate. As we’ve seen in the past, newer sites can be hit-or-miss; sometimes they turn out to be great and you find extremely attractive and sexually compatible users, while other times the platform can be a complete atrocity filled with bots, scams, and privacy leaks. Because of reasons such as these, many people are hesitant to give up their credentials so quickly to a site that doesn’t have much of a reputation (yet) so they look online to see what the deal is surrounding the given platform. EZHookups looks good on the surface, but is it actually a good website for finding hot hookups?


EZHookups Review – Should You Sign Up?

At first glance it looks good, so you might be asking yourself if it’s even worth signing up. Thankfully, EZHookups is unlike many other big hookup platforms in that registration is easy and best of all – free. We know all too well how many platforms require you to input your credit card in before you can even get your foot in the door. EZHookups has encouraged their new users to sign up by making it free and we think that was a smart decision on their part.

Now, it’s important to mention that while you can get around and do a little bit of chatting on the free level, your chances of getting laid with a free account are not great, as is the case with most major websites in this industry. At the free level, users are able to look around and see the other users to see if this is a service that suits their needs – once you sign up as a premium member, you can actually begin to use EZHookups as it was intended to be used.

EZHookups is similar to a social network when it comes to usability and interface. You have suggested contacts, friends, chats, and the profiles are pretty much set up in the exact same way. The biggest difference here is that there’s a heavy focus on images and looks, and nobody really cares about descriptions (all that much). For the most part, it works like any other hookup app at its core – what makes it different from the rest is the quality of the users and the app itself.



Quality Of EZHookups Users

If you decide to go ahead and sign up, you’ll likely be pretty amazed at the quality of girls and guys you can find on here. As is the case with many new websites, the younger crowd tends to hop on first and see what all the fuss is about so if you’re into the early 20’s crowd, you’ll find EZHookups even more enjoyable than something else of a similar nature. We’ve found that while there are a lot of hot users on here, unfortunately there can be some flakes as well, however most who have done enough online dating will be quick to inform you that flakes are found on pretty much any site that is intended for hooking up.

When you do find someone who is actually serious about meeting up, it can be a great time. The people who use this platform are generally bigger freaks (think BDSM lovers, sex addicts, etc.) since it is unlike mainstream apps like Tinder in that nobody is confused about what the platform is intended for – everyone on this site is here for the hookups. A lot of the times, they might not even give out their real names since they want to treat it like a strictly sex thing and nothing else, which is how it should be.


Features & Algorithm

Where EZHookups really shines is in its world-renowned algorithm that finds the absolute best matches possible. You see, a lot of these sites will just try to match you at random with people who are near you or who might have a similar profile to yours. This website works in a vastly different way; the algorithm works hard by looking at things like availability, location, profile preferences, and past interactions to find out who is the perfect match for you on any given day.

Because of this amazing algorithm that is capable of finding perfect matches, a lot of people are quite satisfied with the results they’re able to find on here. Simply put, the site does all the work for you and finds the people you want based on the information you give it and how you interact with the site. Basically, the more you use EZHookups, the more information you feed their algorithm and the easier it will be to find a partner that suits your needs quickly.


  • Easy to sign up
  • Some profile flexibility on free plan
  • Lots of adult content, games
  • Made to work like a social network


  • Less quality in smaller cities


Review Bottom Line: Is EZHookups Worth Using?

For most people, the answer will be a definitive yes. This website offers a ton of flexibility and choices when it comes to hooking up with locals and that’s why it seems to be growing at such a rapid pace. As of right now, the quality is still vastly superior to any of the mainstream sites but as we know all to well, the quality of a lot of these sites can go down pretty quickly as they gain popularity and less serious people start joining (not to mention the bots and catfishes). This is why it’s probably a good idea to sign up early before the platform potentially becomes toxic for it’s day-one users – be sure to use the trial offer in order to see if it works for you!

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