SizeGenetics Review – Does SizeGenetics Actually Work? (My Experience After 3 Months of Using It)

sizegenetics reviewsSizeGenetics is one of the newer and trendier products on the market that was designed to help men increase the size of their penis through exercises and specific strategies using their extender. Though it is another penis extender, it doesn’t actually focus on length alone and those who have used it claim to have seen gains in both the length and girth department. I’ve personally tried other penis-stretching devices in the past (such as bathmate) and found very little success – in fact, none at all. However, given that I’ve read some pretty stellar reviews of SizeGenetics, I thought that this product might be different from the rest and I might actually be able to use it and see substantial gains. I genuinely believe that most products out there that are meant for increasing penis size are shams, so naturally I’m pretty skeptical. Although, this time I was pretty glad I gave it a chance and managed to push out this SizeGenetics review.


Overview: Does SizeGenetics Really Work?

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If you had asked me two months into my usage of SizeGenetics, I would’ve told you to stay as far away from this product as possible and that it’s not worth using. However, I have different feelings towards the system now that I’ve given it some time and have learned to use it correctly; I didn’t realize how important it was to be patient when it comes to using penile extenders. Now that it’s been about 7 months, I can confidently say that SizeGenetics is legitimate and works; I’ve seen gains of just over 1.18 inches in length and 0.26 inches in girth. Starting out at a weak 5.1 inches, the increase in size is definitely noticeable and has dramatically improved my confidence levels with women. Some people say that “size doesn’t matter” but we all know that isn’t true, so one couldn’t help but feel self-conscious about their size. I’m glad that I’m now at least at average levels and will continue using SizeGenetics until I reached that illustrious 7 inch mark, if it’s even possible. At this time, SizeGenetics is offering their best price ever.

There’s one important distinction to make though in order to not cause any confusion. SizeGenetics only works as far as your genetics will let it. Cell division is a real thing and almost all men can see gains of at least 15% – 25%, but there are obviously exceptions to the rule. If you are an individual that already boasts over 7-8 inches in length, it’s not as likely for you to jump up to 9 or 10 inches as it would be for someone with a smaller-sized penis. You can certainly still hope to see some results, but they obviously won’t be as significant.



How Does Sizegenetics Work?

If you’ve ever used a penis extender in the past, then you’re probably already well aware of how this product works because it is nearly identical, at least in theory. Essentially, you’re just stretching your penis longer when you use a penis extender. The pulling force will promote cell division in your penis tissue hence making it both longer and wider. It might sound bizarre if you’ve never heard of or used such a technique but the reality is that it’s probably the most effective method that a man can use to increase the size of his penis, at least without using surgery. The most important thing to keep in mind is that cell division is an extremely slow process and can take several months to even bring marginal results; this is the part that frustrates a lot of guys and the reason many of them give up. You need to understand that in order to achieve gains, you’ll need to go through a little bit of suffering/inconvenience in order to get to where you want to be. Think of it like working out – you must feel the burn/pain now and later, you get to enjoy the hard work you put in.


Is The SizeGenetics Extender Uncomfortable To Wear?

Size Genetics

The extender itself is surprisingly not all that uncomfortable; many reviews of SizeGenetics have already outlined this fact. When I shipped the product out, I was dreading the day I’d have to put it on because when you read about the process online, it all just sounds so painful and irritating. Wearing a piece of plastic around your junk all day while it stretches you out all day? Doesn’t exactly sound like the most pleasant or inviting thing in the world. After the first few days, I got really used to wearing it and while you can’t just *forget* that it’s on, most of the time you won’t even be thinking about it. To me, it’s very much like wearing a cast after an injury; you can obviously feel it when you concentrate your mind on it but when you get to doing day-to-day activities like watching TV or walking your dog, it’s not necessarily the first thing that pops up into your mind.

It’s advised that the device is worn at least for an hour or two a day, but that’s setting yourself up for a pretty slow pace. Like I already mentioned, I was able to gain just over an inch in length after a period of 7 months in which I wore the extender for about 3-4 hours a day, every day (with the exception of maybe 3 – 7 days throughout the entire 7 months). If you decide to only wear it an hour a day, you might be waiting well over a year to just see an increase of 15% – 20%, but again your body composition, current size, and genetics play a huge role in the outcome you see.


Who Should Be Using The SizeGenetics System?

Well, it’s been said that 99% of men out there can see a gain of 5% – 10% at the very least, so there is room for improvement for virtually every man. Typically though, the guys who can see the best/most significant results from using SizeGenetics are the guys that fall into the 4 – 6 inch range. This is about average for men, and most guys who have this length will be able to see a gain of 1 – 1.5 inches at a certain point through the use of the product. I’ve personally seen myself grow by 1.18 inches but I really hope I haven’t maxed myself out and can get another third of an inch in length.

If you are already packing a healthy 7+ inches and still want to increase the size of your penis, you’ll be able to see some positive growth from SizeGenetics as well; just don’t expect it to be dramatically changed as it’s very likely you’ve nearly reached your ceiling if you are lucky enough to have that length naturally. Most importantly, guys who are seriously affected in their sex lives because of the size of their Johnson should be using the product. If you’re not feeling confident in yourself because of the size of your penis or aren’t able to satisfy women because of shallow penetration, then you pretty much owe it to yourself to find a way to get a bigger penis. Now that there’s a viable solution, there really is no excuse for most guys to not get a larger phallus.

What Size Bar Should I Be Using?

Depending on how big your penis currently is, you’ll be wanting to use a different size bar in order to achieve maximum and optimal results. It goes without saying that this is one of the most important steps in using SizeGenetics, and failing to use the right size for your member could seriously hold you back from reaching your potential. Use the following as a benchmark:

  • Penis size 8 cm. – 10 cm. (3.15 in – 3.9 in) – Use the device without a bar.
  • Penis size 10 cm. – 12 cm. (3.9 in – 4.7 in) – Use the 1½ cm bar.
  • Penis size 12 cm. – 15 cm. (4.7 in – 5.9 in) – use the 3 cm. bar.
  • Penis size 15 cm. – 17 cm. (5.9 in – 6.7 in) – use the 5 cm. bar.


Achieving And Maintaining Results

The first part of the equation is obviously achieving results in the first place; the entire purpose of this review was to see if it works. This is the hardest step for most people as it is pretty obvious that when considering the vast majority of guys out there, few have the patience to wear some sort of contraption on their dick for a few hours a day, every day for months on end. While tedious, the results are almost always worth it. Patience truly is a virtue with this and you need to be able to stay disciplined when it comes to wearing and using your extender. Cheat out a few hours/days each week and you’ll only be cheating yourself in the long run while making yourself more and more frustrated.

In theory, your results should last you for the rest of your lifetime and for most guys, shrinking never happens. There’s one famous saying though that is truer than ever: use it or lose it. Obviously this doesn’t mean you need to stretch out your penis every day or become a sex addict, but it does mean that you probably don’t want to go too long without erections of some sort. Again, this is something that probably won’t apply to 99% of guys out there but for those few that don’t have erections weekly, this could be a problem. If you’re having difficulty achieving or maintaining erections, then you should definitely check out BlueChew.


Other Contents Of The Product: What Makes SizeGenetics Legit

reviews of sizegenetics product

There’s no doubt that the meat and potatoes of the product is obviously the extender itself, and we wanted to make that very clear in this review of SizeGenetics. However, the product encompasses much more than that. For starters, the extender itself can’t be properly used if your penis is bending too much in either direction. Evidently, most men have a little bit of curvature to their penis but if it’s extreme, you’ll need to use their straightening guide in order to achieve a more straight shaft. The bundle includes a video guide as well as an array of vitamin gels, lotions, and creams that can help get you back on track.

The instructional video provided with your Size Genetics kit also shows you how to set everything up from start to finish, including instructions on how to properly use the extender. There’s even a plethora of exercises included that you can use to manually increase the size of your member. This (in conjunction with the use of the extender) is optimal and helps you maximize your gains to their fullest potential. The full list of item includes:

  • Vitamin E oil
  • Extreme Amino pills
  • Enzyme P500 pills
  • CoQ10 Enzyme+
  • Penis exercise program with focus on straightening


When Can I Expect To See Results From SizeGenetics?

Well, penis enlargement is achieved at different times for different people. Some report that their penis began to grow within the first month, while others had to wait for three months before seeing results. Usually, it all depends on the regular and proper use of the device.

You can check customers’ before and after results on forums to make sure, that SizeGenetics really works!

Money-back guarantee

The beautiful thing about SizeGenetics as a product is that the manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee. If in case, you didn’t receive any results even after using it for a few months, you can request for money back. There is no need to worry about this since you will get the best results from SizeGenetics. If you use it for 6 months as per the direction, you can have the best results however it is important to note that the refund policy does exist.

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Pricing & Packages

As you consider making a purchase, keep in mind that SizeGenetics is based in Europe. Because of this, shipping to the U.S. costs a flat rate of $19 – an unavoidable addition to the overall price.

Value Edition – $199.95

This is SizeGenetics’ most affordable package, and while it doesn’t have some of the accessories of more comprehensive packages, it has everything you need to get started:

  • SizeGenetics device
  • Product case
  • Dual-function front piece
  • Comfort strap
  • Protection pad
  • 2 elongation bars (1in/2.5cm)
  • 2 elongation bars (2in/5cm)
  • Quick start guide

Comfort Package – $249.95

This kit has everything included in the Value Edition and adds a few extras:

  • SizeGenetics device
  • A full, no quibble, 1-year warranty
  • Luxury leather case (w/ key)
  • Dual-function front piece
  • Silicone tube
  • Comfort strap
  • Protection pad
  • 2 elongation bars (1in/2.5cm)
  • 4 elongation bars (2in/5cm)
  • 2 elongation bars (0.5in/1.25cm)
  • No-slip Protech
  • 3M advanced comfort plaster
  • Quick start guide

Peyronie’s Disease Home Treatment – $299.95

This kit is targeted to users who suffer from curvature of the penis, discomfort from erections, lack of libido, and/or weak erections. It includes:

  • SizeGenetics device
  • Luxury leather case (w/ key)
  • Dual-function front piece (w/ extra)
  • Silicone tube (w/ extra)
  • Comfort strap
  • Protection pad
  • 2 elongation bars (1in/2.5cm)
  • 4 elongation bars (2in/5cm)
  • 2 elongation bars (0.5in/1.25cm)
  • No-slip Protech
  • 3M advanced comfort plaster (w/ extra)
  • Quick start guide
  • Gauze

Ultimate System – $299.95

This kit contains everything that comes in in the Peyronie’s Disease Home Treatment pack, and includes:

  • 3-pack of Zestra Essential Arousal Oils
  • Pack of Accelerate Cream Moisturizer
  • Pack of Accelerate Traction Talcum Powder


Reviews From Real Customers: What Users of SizeGenetics Are Saying

customer review of sizegenetics

Although SizeGenetics is a relatively popular product, it is not yet quite popular enough for raving reviews to be easy to find. However, if you search for them, you are sure to find plenty of glowing customer reviews all over the web. These reviews go over things like comfort level, pricing, and most importantly – results. After all, the reason you’d be buying this product in the first place would be to benefit from the results it promises (which in this case is a significantly bigger penis size).

Almost all of the reviews you can find online on this product go over just how effective SizeGenetics is from a results-perspective. Opinions differ greatly in terms of what some feel is comfortable and sustainable, but nobody can deny that if results are what you are after, you will be getting them after consistent use of the SizeGenetics device.

Gaining Confidence From Using The SizeGenetics Penis Extender

There’s no denying that being more well-endowed down there can serve as a huge confidence boost for almost any man. However good you think you will feel from gaining another 1-2 inches in the beginning, I can assure you – it will feel even better than that. There’s almost no greater satisfaction a man could feel in his life than when his partner(s) notice the girth and length increase and experience more pleasure from it. When they seem to almost not be able to handle the size, it serves as an even bigger ego stroke and speaking from personal experience – it has made me feel more confident outside of the bedroom as well, as strange as that may sound. The increase in confidence alone was well worth the investment I made into this product. A significant number of previous customers have claimed through their reviews of sizegenetics that it really does work wonders.


Should Anyone Avoid Using This Device?

This is an important question to ask before purchasing anything that could potentially harm you over the longterm. Thankfully for us, SizeGenetics is totally safe to use and cannot cause any unwanted side effects seeing as it is just a tool that physically stretches out your penis. The logical answer to this question is no – there really aren’t any reasons as to why you should not use this system. Perhaps if you feel that your penis is already quite large and you are at risk of becoming too big using SizeGenetics, then you might want to reconsider purchasing it. After all, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got the biggest member if you can’t use it because it hurts every partner you sleep with.

Is SizeGenetics Safe?

Some people wonder if using this device is safe. The general consensus amongst users has been that SizeGenetics is completely safe to use, as long as you follow the instructions carefully and use the device as it is meant to be used. If you really want to, you can realistically hurt yourself using anything and this is no different. If you decide to not use the system as it was intended to be used, there is potential for harm.

Pros and Cons Of Using It


  • FDA-approved
  • Safe and effective
  • Comes with instructional DVD
  • Can be worn throughout the day
  • Sturdy and well-made


  • Requires extensive use for results to appear
  • Could potentially snag your pubic hair if untrimmed
  • Metal bars can potentially cause discomfort
  • Heavier than some competitors’ devices


Bottom Line: SizeGenetics Brings REAL Results

sizegenetics customer reviews

As I’ve already noted throughout this SizeGenetics review, I’m a pretty big skeptic when it comes to these things (outside of Penomet). As it pertains to “penis extenders”, I wouldn’t have even considered purchasing one if it wasn’t for a close friend telling me about their success with it. Now that I was able to see with my own eyes just how it works and why it’s effective, I’m obviously a pretty big believer in the stuff. It’s made a pretty big difference in my sex life and partners have even commented on something feeling different. While I’m glad to have seen a pretty substantial gain of over 20% in length, I’m not done. I will continue to use SizeGenetics until I completely max out to my potential. I never would’ve thought that I’d be a proponent of a penis size increasing product, but that changed the day my SizeGenetics kit arrived.

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