MillionaireMatch Review: Does MillionaireMatch Work?

millionairematch reviewDating millionaires is something that a lot of people naturally want to do since it can provide you with a certain kind of lifestyle. There are a lot of millionaire dating sites but the truth is that only the top few are any good, as with most dating sites. MillionaireMatch is one of those dating sites that are truly one of the best at what they do. Other sites such as Seeking Arrangement are also focused on connecting beautiful women with wealthy men but the difference with such platforms is that they’re mainly focused on short-term sugar daddy relationships, while MillionaireMatch tends to focus more on building longer and deeper connections. Sure, there are a fair amount of sugar relationships being formed on MillionaireMatch and this is normal on any platform of this size. Let’s go into why MillionaireMatch is a good dating site for certain kinds of people.


MillionaireMatch Review: Why We Love MillionaireMatch

MillionaireMatch has been around since 2001 when it was founded by Jason Du out of UC Berkley. In that time, it has grown to be one of the most reputable sites in the industry. The reason we love MillionaireMatch even more than many of the competitors is because of the kind of users you will find on it. As many of our readers may already be aware of, the short-term relationships you can have on platforms like Seeking Arrangement & Secret Benefits are fun for a while, but they are often unfulfilling in the longterm. Many people who use these sites to earn money or spend time with beautiful, younger women are actually in search of something deeper. They want someone to call a best friend and enjoy life with for years to come.

Dating a millionaire or an extremely attractive person is not at all easy and it’s best done by those who are prepared to deal with the things that come with dating such people. The majority of users of MillionaireMatch are the type of people who are best equipped to deal with the potential drama that comes with dating such people. If you are a millionaire or a person looking to hit it off with a millionaire, you can feel comfortable knowing that you will come across the ‘right’ type of people when using this website.


Paid Membership Vs. Free Membership on MillionaireMatch: Should You Pay?

As is the case with almost every single platform of this type, there are two tiers of membership you can choose from: free and paid. As you might expect, the free membership offers significantly less than the paid membership, but it is an option nonetheless for those that are not looking to spend money just yet.

Free Membership Benefits:

  • Request support by live chat
  • Send free winks
  • Reply to messages/online chat
  • Search members’ first date ideas and username
  • Access to your own Private album
  • Add up to 26 photos
  • Edit blog and forum messages
  • Commenting on profiles, blogs, photos, and forums

Paid Membership Benefits:

  • Live chat support with an online counsellor
  • Initiate sending messages/chatting online
  • Respond to others’ first date ideas
  • Check to see if your sent mail is read on the site
  • Check how often a user replies to your messages
  • Check online lists to find better results
  • Advanced search filters
  • Show up at the very top in searches
  • Highlight listing in search/browse results
  • Get highlighted as a featured member
  • Become Certified Millionaire
  • Manage profile/photo privacy setting
  • View “Who likes you
  • Have your own account manager

How Much Does The Paid Membership Cost on MillionaireMatch?

Your monthly price when using MillionaireMatch will depend on how long you pay for. If you’re willing to pay for a longer period of time, you will get a discount. You’re looking at paying $70 for one single month, $45 per month if you purchase 3 months, and $40 per month if you purchase a paid membership for 6 months. In general, it takes longer than a single month to find a perfect match for the vast majority of people. For this reason, it makes a lot of sense to pay for 3 months at a minimum.


Setting Up Your Profile On MillionaireMatch

Setting up your profile on MillionaireMatch is the same as setting up a profile on pretty much any other platform. The biggest difference between MillionaireMatch and other websites is that MillionaireMatch also offers the possibility of income/net worth verification of their wealthier clients.

There are 4 main components of a Millionaire Match profile:

  • Headline – 100 characters or less, with at least 10 characters mandatory
  • About Me – 4,000 characters or less, with at least 50 characters mandatory
  • About My Match – 4,000 characters or less, with at least 50 characters mandatory
  • Photos – You have the ability to upload 26 photos into public, private, and “luxury” albums.


Who Should Be Using MillionaireMatch?

MillionaireMatch is clearly not a service for ‘just anybody’ to sign up and use. It is specifically geared towards wealthy men and attractive women. Now despite the name having the word ‘millionaire’ in it, you don’t technically have to be a millionaire to use it. As long as you are what society would describe as well-off and good with money, you could certainly find success on this platform.

On the female side things are the same: you don’t necessarily have to be the classic Instagram model to sign up and use MillionaireMatch, but it certainly helps a lot if you know how to enhance your looks and make yourself attractive to the top tier men. This site is ideal for those looking for a long-term “real” relationship unlike the relationships formed on Seeking and other sugar daddy site. MillionaireMatch clearly states on their website that they are not a sugar-daddy service so don’t expect to find those kinds of relationships on here. MillionaireMatch is ideal for:


Entrepreneurs & Men Who Own Their Own Business

This one is a given. Business owners are oftentimes very serious and hard-working people who keep themselves busy. This is a double-edged sword because it often means that their interpersonal relationships will suffer and as a consequence, these men can often be lonely despite the fact that they are significantly more successful than the average man. These men are dying to spoil their dream girl and MillionaireMatch helps them find their soulmate.

Men Who Work Remotely

Men who work remotely in jobs such as software engineering also face this problem. When you don’t have a workplace to go to and meet coworkers, it can be tough to find people in your age range. MillionaireMatch provides these successful men with the opportunity to find love.

Ladies Who Know What They Want

It has been heavily stigmatized for women to seek men who also happen to be successful over the last few years. Such women are oftentimes labeled as ‘gold-diggers’. However, wanting to be with a successful man is perfectly normal and is in fact an evolutionary trait. Women have evolved to seek men who have the means to provide for the family and ensure the survival of not only the mother, but the children as well.

If you’re a lady that knows what she wants, then MillionaireMatch might be the perfect dating site for you. It makes it very easy to find the right type of guy that you might’ve been dreaming of getting with for years.


Bottom Line: MillionaireMatch is An Amazing Millionaire Dating Site

Again, dating sites geared towards successful men is not something new or novel at all. MillionaireMatch is one of potentially thousands (or tens of thousands) of websites that claim to do the exact same thing. The main difference between MillionaireMatch and all of those websites is that MillionaireMatch has been around for two decades and therefore has polished their service to a tee (not to mention, they have far more users than almost any other website out there).

We don’t discourage anyone from trying out other sites (in fact, we strongly encourage it as long as it’s done safely!), but we have to say that most people who try out this kind of dating almost always end up back on MillionaireMatch. This is simply due to the fact that MillionaireMatch provides the best service at the best price, with the best level of customer support, and with the most users. When you take all those factors into consideration, it’s really not at all a surprise how far this website has come and how it keeps dominating the competition year after year.

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