Top 8 Doctor Dating Sites & Apps: Find the MD of Your Dreams

When it comes to love, some people have specific interests. Some women (and men) like the idea of dating a doctor because they’re successful, driven, and their entire career is dedicated to helping people. There are plenty of great reasons to consider dating a doctor, and everyone has their own. Perhaps you’re a doctor looking for love and you want to make sure that you find someone who understands the demands of marrying a doctor.

Either way, in the list below, you’ll find a wide selection of doctor dating sites designed specifically for doctors and their admirers. These sites make it easy to connect with the right people and make sure no one is wasting time finding the wrong dates. There are some free sites, as well as some that are free to start, but the good majority of sites will probably require some form of membership eventually. That’s okay, though—just think of it as an investment in yourself and your future.


1. – Best for Finding High-Earning Professionals – Best for Wide Member Network

3. – Best for Selection of Local Singles

4. – Best for Long-term Connections

5. – Best App for Finding Women Doctors

6. – Best for Women Looking for Wealthy Men

7. – Best for Dating People in Uniform

8. – Best for Free Online Doctor Dating

Editor’s Review – Best for Finding High-Earning Professionals

Millionaire Match has long been known for offering some of the best love connections for high-income earners and those who enjoy dating successful people. It also has a dedicated section for dating doctors, making it easy to connect with the love that you’ve been looking for, even if you aren’t sure who that is. The site is one of the leading dating site for medical professionals available today and while premium membership requires payment, it’s well worth the investment for most. – Best for Wide Member Network

Elite Singles is another premium doctor dating website that’s all about connecting people from a higher income bracket and a more refined way of life. Premium membership comes at a price, but you’ll be able to sign up in minutes and check out a lot of the site before you have to decide whether to commit to the membership fee or not. Whether you’re a doctor that just doesn’t have time for dating or you’re trying to find the doctor that’s the perfect fit for your life, this site has a lot of potential. – Best for Selection of Local Singles

This site was launched in 2001 and offers profiles for verified doctors, dentists, nurses, and other medical professionals who are looking for love. It offers an impressive collection of singles in local cities and towns around the country and you can join free to check things out. You can even search for matches by various criteria or let the app do the work for you. There’s also live customer support, dating tips, and more. The site claims to have more than 4.5 million members, too. – Best for Long-term Connections

Although it isn’t dedicated to doctors, does offer a lot of potential for people who are interested in online dating and looking to make long-term connections. If you haven’t heard of eHarmony, you’re in the minority, but that’s okay. According to this site, it offers the #1 trusted app for online doctor dating and it has helped millions of couples find their matches, including doctors and those who are seeking them. Again, you will have to pay if you want premium access to this site, but the connections that you make should offer enough promise that it’s worthwhile. – Best App for Finding Women Doctors is dedicated specifically to lady docs and those who love them. Anyone can join the doctor dating app to meet local doctors that are female and looking for love, and the site makes it easy for people to set up a profile and start dating in just minutes. There’s an app available for iOS and Android, and it offers connections for all kinds of people looking for doctor dating and other professional dating options. This site is for those who are serious about long-term relationships and not just for casual hookups. – Best for Women Looking for Wealthy Men is a great site for those who enjoy dating doctors and other professionals that have a higher income bracket. It’s a site that’s not geared toward doctors specifically, but it does cater to wealthy individuals and those who want to date them. The site is free to join and takes minutes to sign up so that you can start browsing the profiles. You will have to upgrade to premium membership for full access, but once you try it out, you’ll see why it’s worthwhile. – Best for Dating People in Uniform

Although it’s not dedicated to doctors, does offer a great network for those who want to date professionals and people in uniform. When you are looking to find local singles in uniformed careers, this site is a great place to start. You can set up a free profile and be on your way to making connections in no time at all. The site has apps available and men and women in uniform are looking for dates so you should have no trouble making friends and love connections here. – Best for Free Online Doctor Dating

With, users can join one of the largest social networking and dating sites for doctors that is available today. It’s one of the few sites that is 100% free to use and makes it easy for you to connect with doctors around the world and the people who admire them. This site has profiles that you can browse and the signup process takes just minutes. Plus, you’ll be able to have full access without paying, which is a popular feature for many.

The Final Roundup

As you can see, there are several great places online to meet doctors or to meet people looking to date doctors if you’re an MD yourself (or any other kind of doctor). We like eHarmony, but it’s not catered specifically to doctors. For that, our preference is probably the doctor’s section of Millionaire Match, which offers a reputable site with a decent network of users. You will also like Elite Singles if you’re looking for doctor dating, but they don’t offer as much access without having to pay. Check them all out or just join the ones that pique your interest. Either way, you’ll be on your way to finding your very own Dr. McDreamy in no time at all.

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