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HIMS ED Review – How Does HIMS Stack Up Against Other ED Meds?

hims ed reviewIf you consume media of any kind on the internet, you have probably come across some of the advertisements by, whether it be for sexual dysfunction, hair loss, or anything else they offer on their website. You may be interested in some of the products they have to offer but could be unsure about the results and/or process of actually obtaining your goods. For that reason, we thought it best to write a brief review on their service and products.

Before diving into this review on Hims ED medication, it would be better to familiarize some of our readers first on what Hims is and what they do exactly. Hims Incorporated was started in 2017, and it has a sister company named Hers that was started in 2018. It is a telemedicine platform that focuses on personal wellness. Hims allows its users to deliver personal health data to be examined by their staff of medical professionals. After the data gathered is examined, these medical professionals will prescribe erectile dysfunction treatments that the patient can buy from the Hims website. It is a significantly cheaper process overall than physical pharmacies. The prescribed medicine must be bought with the Hims subscription that is suitable for a month, and it would be every month all throughout the year.



HIMS Breakdown: Available ED Treatments at

hims packaging

When you think about buying medication and supplements, especially for ED, you mustn’t gamble and throw yourselves to various medications that are existing in the marketplace today. You must keep in mind that the medicine must be primarily accepted by the FDA. And that is where Hims is ultimately fixated on. They have 5 medications which are mixed generic and with brands.

One of the well-known generic medicines for erectile dysfunction is Viagra that is much cheaper than the ones with brand names, and with that being said, they must undergo series of examinations and processes to prove that they are harmless for healthy, qualified individuals and really are effective.



These are the accessible treatments for ED:

  • Viagra: 25mg to 100mg; duration is a maximum of 5 hours
  • Cialis: 2.5mg to 20mg; duration is a maximum of 26 hours
  • Sildenafil: it is a generic counterpart of Viagra, and it is its active ingredient
  • Stendra or Avanafil: 50mg to 200mg; duration is a maximum of 6 hours
  • Tadalafil: the generic counterpart of Cialis; an active ingredient


Hims Also Has a Treatment Against Premature Ejaculation

Deferral Spray: This is a spray with lidocaine that effectively reduces the sensation of the male organ.

• Sertraline (25mg to 100mg): It is the active element of Zoloft that is an anti-depressant. Though it is FDA-accepted, Sertraline still requires a prescription from medical professionals.

In some cases, the patients both the problem of premature ejaculation and also erectile dysfunction, and by Hims, they can be cured as examined by medical experts, and eventually, the treatments will greatly help them improve their sexual performance.


HIMS ED  Review: How Does HIMS Work?

There are 3 different components in Hims’ medication, but they are individual kinds of PDE5 inhibitor. They have the same purpose, and that is to improve the erection and the sexual activities of their patients.

1. Tadalafil

Tadalafil, as an active ingredient, aids in getting desired erection. It is the same type of tablet as Sildenafil. The only variance is the duration effect of Tadalafil stays longer inside the body.

It is present in a small amount of dosage that would take the patient up to 5 days maximum. It should be taken every single day to have an optimum result.

2. Avanafil

The latest PDE5 inhibitor which contains Avanafil as its active element is Stendra. Right now, Stendra has no generic counterpart. The result is more like the Sildenafil but has a shorter period than Tadalafil. Its effect takes place much faster than Sildenafil, and it lasts longer.

3. Sildenafil

Sildenafil is also an active element that supports muscles in the blood vessels to ease and then letting the blood flow to the male organ or penis. In this way, with sexual stimulation, a much easier erection is achieved.

Sildenafil will take effect after 60 minutes after taking the tablet, and it’s advised to take the tablet 30 minutes up to 1 hour before the sexual intercourse. And after 120 minutes, the effect will begin to wear off slowly.



The Cost of Using Hims ED Medication Via Subscription

To guarantee the quality and right tracking of medications, you must put in mind that the medicines are directly procured from Hims. It is a one-time purchase or monthly payment for a monthly source of pills.

treatments for erectile dysfunction over Hims significantly differs. It depends on your preferred products, whether you prefer buying the generic or the branded ones. The price depends on how many pills are prescribed per month. There is a one-time payment amounting to $5 for the medical fee, and it is charged to your first buying, and insurance is not included.

The subscription per month starts at $20 per month. The main medicine cost for each subscriber includes the following:

  • Tadalafil: 5mg tablets (30 pieces): $240 per month
  • Sildenafil: 40mg tablets (6 pieces): $24 per month
  • Viagra: 50mg tablets (5 pieces) $420 per month
  • Cialis: 5mg tablets (30 pieces) $570 per month
  • Stendra: 100mg tablets (4 pieces) $116 per month

The pricing above is the standardized one. Your doctor may prescribe different prescriptions that could cost less or more than the tag prices above. The costs will also depend on what kind of drugs you want to get, whether it is generic or medications with the brands. Keep in mind that not all drugs come with generic options (for example: Stendra). 


Positive And Negative Factors of Using Hims ED Medication Service

hims service review

It is always a right decision to choose Hims to be your ED treatment supplier, and they are most convenient in terms of providing health care guidance. But for those people who have a more complicated medical condition, Hims may or may not be suitable. So here are the honest Hims pros and cons:


Hims: Positive Factors

1. Hims is convenient – Hims provides a site for its user. They can navigate through it and understand every step process that comprises explanation of the symptoms, assessment of the doctor, and of course, the suggested treatment method for ED. It also has a place where the patients can buy their medicines. It is very efficient to almost all the users depending on the situation.

2. Hims is Prompt – The patient can easily get the response to his prescription the same day after entering his personal data. And the delivery takes place after a week after placing the order.

3. Hims values privacy – Just like in an ordinary clinic and hospital, the identity and information from the patients are highly confidential. The interaction alone with Hims in your private residence.

4. Hims is flexible – Hims offers a flexible way for you to gain access to health care, especially for ED treatment.


Hims: Negative Factors

1. Online Engagement – Nowadays, interrelating online is the utmost convenient way. But the discussion with a medical doctor online would be a hassle in a way that the interaction would lack on an inclusive approach, just like in-person consultation does.

2. Brief doctor consultations – A brief online medical consultation may miss some other health concerns, especially to the ones with more complicated conditions.

3. Online payment transactions – Hims requires personal data from its users, provided that all of these data are secured. Still, if you are not comfortable sharing this data online, Hims services may not be suitable for you. You must deliver the following: Full name, photo ID, birthdate, address, and health history.

4. Cost – Hims may be costly to some, but overall they are still affordable in the grand scheme of things.


Customer Relations

According to research, Hims obtained an excellent grade and this is because of the many optimistic reviews from its clients. The only problems stated from the reviews are all about the shipping or delivery problems and also with the billing. But when we talk strictly about the products of Hims, they are all outstanding. The way to end the subscription is to read the terms and conditions. There is also a comprehensive instruction there on how you are going to end your subscription.

Hims is just like other services being reviewed and supervised under BBB or Better Business Bureau. The rating, however, is great. Hims has A+ rating from BBB. That means although there are mixed positive and negative reviews, the positive reviews outperform the negative reviews.



Privacy And Safety of Using The HIMS Online Platform

This online platform won’t require you to attend the hospital or clinic for consulting and diagnosis. All of the treatment activities will be done at home, or any other place of your choice. Not only that it gives you total privacy, it will also help you to save more money on logistics, travel, and other expenses associated with a doctors’ visit in person. All of the interactions will be viable at home. As long as you have a good internet connection and compatible device, you are good to go.

 Also, you can rest assured that all of the information that you share with the site won’t be shared to other parties for any purpose or reason. It is between you and your doctor. Since you don’t need to wait in the line (just like you do at a physical clinic), no one will know that you are having “ED”. As many people agree, ED is something sensitive and it is always better to be private when it comes to such discussions. Forhims can guarantee privacy and security for you as a user. also use significant security. As claimed by their representative, all of the data shared by the customers are in 256 bits SSL/TLS encrypted.


Staying Safe When Using HIMS Products

ED medications must be used as instructed by the physician. With that being said, just like any other prescriptions, Hims goods are harmless and very effective if they are consumed responsibly and properly as prescribed.

You must also be open about your own cardiovascular state and other treatment you are taking because, generally, Hims targets the circulation of the body. It is critical to share that info with Hims medical professionals. If you have a treatment that contains alpha-blockers or even nitrate medicine, you must avoid PDE5 inhibitors. The reason is that ED medicines can affect your blood pressure and drop it dangerously.

When it comes to your routine, it is best if you avoid oily foods during the days you are set to take ED medications. It is okay to have a small amount of fat, but not red meat and fried foods. They are a high source of fat that could eventually affect your ED medication. Due to this reason, oil in your food can restrict the efficacy of sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil citrate is the active element of Viagra. Therefore, eating too much fatty food can make the active element less effective or the worse, will not have an effect on your erection.

Viagra is advised to be consumed before eating your meal or even with an empty belly. If you can’t resist having delicious food in your stomach, then have your breakfast and lunch, and take it before dinner so that your ED meds will take effect before the day ends.  In this process, your body now digested the fat you took during lunch and breakfast before taking a pill like Viagra or Sildenafil. As a result, your body would quickly absorb the ED medication.

ED Medication: Minimal Side Effects

  • Headaches
  • Nasal Congestion
  • Face Blushing

Excessive alcohol drinking could always limit the efficacy of the medication, not just that it could also result to other complications like a drop of systolic blood pressure. This is a term in medicine which only means the sudden dipping of your BP that could result to fainting. Moderate drinking will not affect the medication.

Have a medical opinion if you are already feeling even one of these severe side reactions:

  • The erection does not stop or priapism
  • Unexpected hearing inability
  • Sight changes


Lifestyle Change

Your condition must not just be dependent on your medication from Hims, you must also take into consideration your lifestyle for your medication to have an optimum result, and your money will not go to waste.

Change your diet, quit certain vices, exercise regularly, and regulate alcohol drinking, enhancing your well-being and dealing with your stress. These are simple methods to help your ED medication.


Hims ED Medication: Diet Tips

Here are some diet practices you can incorporate with your Hims Medication:

1. Consuming Cocoa – Cocoa has flavonoids which are an antioxidant, and it helps in decreasing the danger of ED. Other diets that are rich in flavonoids are chocolates, especially the dark ones, fruits, green leafy vegetables, nuts, grains, tea, and wine. Flavonoids surge the blood performance and, together with the nitric oxide content in the blood, both perform a vital role in attaining an erection.

2. Getting some pistachios – These tasty green nuts could help you with ED, cholesterol level, and blood pressure. It comprises several nutrients and healthy oils.

3. Have some watermelon – Lycopene can improve ED condition. Watermelon is a rich basis of lycopene. Other than watermelon, the other great lycopene sources are tomatoes, papaya, grapefruit, and red peppers. Citrulline is also found in watermelon, a compound that helps the blood vessels improve blood flow.

4. Sipping a coffee – Although it is not yet scientifically proven, according to research in 2015, studies show that the males who are into caffeine are not at risk of ED, unlike those who do not consume caffeine. Males who are not into coffee are more at risk of ED.

Lifestyle Transformation Tips of Using HIMS

Combining regular exercise with a balanced diet will greatly affect your physical health, and this could result to a favorable outcome together with your Hims ED Medications.

1. Maintain a certain bodyweight – If it happens that you are obese or overweight, you must aim to lose weight no matter what. It’s to aid your body when it comes to cardiovascular health, which is the primary concern when it comes to your erection. Staying a healthy weight will not just have a great outcome to your sexual activity but likewise to avoid developing diabetes and serious heart problems.

2. Aim for ideal blood pressure – The blood supply of your system affects your erection, making it very vital that you need to withstand ideal blood pressure. Because high BP or also recognized as hypertension, not just only results to not achieved erection but also affects the possibility of heart attack and stroke.

3. 20 minutes to 1-hour exercise – Regular exercise such as running or jogging, cycling can greatly develop your total health and can lessen the risk of suffering erectile dysfunction.

4. Checking the Testosterone levels – Generally, the testosterone level decreases as you reach the 30’s. Although the testosterone level does not directly affect the erection, it can affect the sensation or even the levels of your arousal. And arousal causes an erection. So if you think that your ED is caused by having less arousal, you better check your testosterone levels.


Should I Use HIMS Or Other Telehealth Companies Like BlueChew/Roman?

HIMS is certainly not the only company out right now that is offering this subscription model for health products. There are quite a few others including Roman, BlueChew, Keeps, etc. You could make an argument that they are all selling the same products under different branding, which is somewhat true. The main differences come down to pricing, customer support, shipping times, and how difficult it is to actually pass the doctors test. Generally speaking I’ve found that HIMS tends to beat out the competition in pretty much all of these categories; especially customer support. The level of support you’ll receive from the folks over at HIMS is second to none; they will take care of you and then some.


HIMS ED Reviews From Verified Customers

If you’re thinking about trying out HIMS, you probably don’t want to know just what some bloggers are saying about it. If you’re a clever individual (which you probably are since you stumbled upon this article), you’re probably wondering what others are saying about HIMS ED medication and other HIMS products. Fortunately, most customer reviews of HIMS are extremely positive. In fact, HIMS boasts an average rating of 4.1 on TrustPilot, which tends to be a platform where people are quite critical to say the least. Regardless, it’s good to see that people are satisfied with HIMS. Here are some of the things others have said about this service.

hims ed customer reviews

customer review of hims


Conclusion: Is Hims ED Legit?

Hims specializes in erectile or sexual dysfunction and it is most definitely legitimate. It offers the best prescription for every need of each individual. It is a company that brings your convenience to the top of its priority list by having an all-in-one scheme that lets you refer to a medical professional and receive the proper advice for ED medication. After that, you can now go to the pledging to have your medicine transported straight to your residence on a monthly basis.

Hims provides not just convenience but also security and confidentiality, and most of all, it provides on-the-go proper healthcare guidance when it comes to ED medication. If you’re someone that has been suffering from ED and sexual dysfunction for some time, then you already know of the burden it can cause you and your partner(s) as well. These issues are a thing of the past when using Hims.

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