How To Attract A Capricorn Man – Make Him Obsessed

capricorn man obsessed

If you are fond of zodiac stuff, you might have known that capricorn man has the factors to turn the ladies on and is generally one of the most desired types of guys out there. They are the master of libido, which is why it is sensible that physical attraction is one of the most pivotal points for them.

Capricorn men have the calm, coolness, and confidence. They have such nature factors which women can be incredibly hard to resist. But it does not mean it is a piece of cake to court your capricorn man. Here are a few tips to note.


How To Make a Capricorn Man Obsessed With You



Courting The Capricorn Man

As mentioned, capricorn men do care about physical appearance. The first thing you should know is that you will need to dress to be standing out. For those who haven’t known the fact, the Capricorn men are mostly driven. So, it is a great idea to court them through various events like charity events, social gatherings, work functions, corporate events, and so on. Capricorn guys are determined people. That’s why you will find them quite often in these kinds of industries. So, prepare for the big game and face the challenges they made for you.


They Don’t Like To Be Flashy

Capricorn men are known for being elegantly conservative. Most of them don’t like the flashy fashion, for any reason. So, if you have one, you might want to set it aside for a bit. Instead, you could pick the nice outfit which is not too flashy. The best way to attract your capricorn men and hook their eyes is by wearing something classy that can boost your class and lady looks.


Show Your Class

One of the biggest turnoffs for capricorn guys are average women. I am not trying to disregard simple ladies or whoever. But Capricorn men can really be attracted to the intelligent and class of a woman than any other else. So, it does not matter if you have such a classy outfit but you don’t show the classy manners, your Capricorn guy might look away. The best example for this is to make a progressive conversation with him. The good thing here is that you can simply propose an easy topic at first. Then he will lead you to more advanced topics. It might sound daunting. But once you get his attention, you can win his heart.


Be Honest And Humble

Capricorn guys hate lies. Well, everybody hates lies but they tend to give the second chance. Not for capricorn men. Most of them don’t trust people who lie, and they rarely give them a second chance. Capricorns have a tough time to open up to other people. So, it can be a long way until he lets you in his personal spaces. you will need to convince him so that he can open up to you. Be honest and open with him. But there is no overnight solution for you. Capricorn guys are methodical. They will take time and personal space to assess what you do. They will give you the answer when they are sure.


Capricorn Guys Don’t Like Playing Games

One of the biggest mistakes done by ladies who court the capricorn men is that they love to play mind games. The capricorn guys will not want to waste their time and efforts to get involved such mind game. If you are into him, don’t test him. Instead, make it very clear. Don’t try to play his feelings since they hardly forgive people who like to play around.

Instead, Arrange A Special Date For The Two of You!

Invite him for a tea time, dinner, picnic, adventure, or anything. Make sure that it is only you and him. It will give him a clear cue showing that you consider him as your significant one. He will also think that you are serious about him. On the contrary, inviting him over a big function can make him inconvenient. There’s a clear explanation for this. Attending a big event means that he is not the only one you invite. Chances are he will meet some of your male friends, who happen to like you too. And it is not a good news for you, girl. When you invite him in more quiet place, that means the private space between you and him does exist. Therefore, the result will be much better.


He Won’t Fall For You The Same Day You Court Him

It is important to understand that everything needs progress. Capricorn men are convenient to make friends before picking someone special for them. There is no overnight solution for you to attain your mr. Right. Here is where you need to be patient when courting the capricorn men. Don’t push him so that he is not feeling cool with you. Support his passions and crusades. Attend his event, be there when he needs you, or any other kind of form you can do for him. Eventually, he will fall for you. But you don’t need to worry since Capricorn men do not like to hang their ladies. You will know sooner than later if he is interested in you or not.


Build Trust

What I meant is not only to make your Capricorn to trust you. The same thing goes to you too. You will need to trust him. Most Capricorn men are considering their love life as important as his job. They can’t afford to lose it. So, you will rarely see the cheating-type of Capricorn guys. When he falls for you, he will do everything for you. Know that he might have jobs to do. Not to mention that he has some best friends to share his job stories. So, you will want to trust him when he is not available for you.


Be Supportive

Capricorn men are determined. That’s why they will always focus on their goals. They will implement the plans and rarely get off the tracks. You can be supportive for them. But more importantly, they will hate you if you are not working to achieve your own goal just because you are focusing to support them. They will also support you to achieve your goals. The great thing about dating Capricorn guy is that he can be supportive and independent at the same time. So, you shouldn’t worry about your future once you find your right Capricorn guy.

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