Best Sugar Momma Dating Apps & Website (How To Find A Sugar Momma)

Sugar momma dating websites are on the rise. With many women slowly creeping up on men financially (and even out-earning them) in many industries, it’s only normal that the tables would turn and we would begin to see wealthy, successful women seek young cubs for company and sexual satisfaction. While the size of this space still pales in comparison to the sugar daddy industry, in recent years it has seen millions of new users join to get in on the fun. This dating scene (if you want to call it that) is quite competitive because from the mens perspective, it’s a win-win-win. Intimate relations with a sexy older lady while also being taken care of financially and/or spoiled with gifts is virtually every mans fantasy. Let’s take a look at some of the best platforms for meeting sugar mommas.


1. RichMeetBeautiful 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

sugar dating arrangement

RichMeetBeautiful is both a sugar daddy and sugar momma platform. It’s not exactly the biggest platform out there (Seeking is significantly more popular and has millions more users) but a very strong case can be made that RichMeetBeautiful is the best platform from a sugar mommas perspective. While Seeking Arrangement works for sugar mommas as well, it’s not catered for sugar mommas and therefore most people in search of this kind of relationship don’t use it. RichMeetBeautiful actually caters to sugar mama’s a great deal and for this reason, many people flock to it. Some features of RichMeetBeautiful are:

  • Newer, cutting-edge site founded in 2017
  • 70/30 female to male ratio (full-transparency, some of those females are sugar babies as well)
  • Well designed to help facilitate sugar dating, especially for beginners


2. CougarLife 4.9 out of 5.0 stars

CougarLife is pretty small in size and popularity these days, but fortunately it’s still a high quality website despite all that. You won’t be finding many fake profiles or bots on this site (if any, at all) because of their payment system which scammers and catfish don’t want to go through. This site is entirely catered to dating older ladies though – there isn’t a sugar daddy section to this site so if you wanted to find a platform that is fully dedicated to sugar momma dating, this is it. has a clean UI, lots of features, a great chat system, and many other aspects going for it. Although it’s smaller, it still boasts over 7 million users worldwide which is decent. Some great things about CougarLife are:

  • Males easily outweigh the women in numbers
  • Registration is quick and easy
  • Great for cougars looking for cubs
  • More than 50% of men are in their 20s


3. 4.6 out of 5.0 stars

seeking on mobile

We’ve mentioned Seeking Arrangement already a few times throughout this article. That’s because it’s likely the most well-known websites in the world when it comes to sugar dating, and it is certainly the largest in terms of how many users make up a platform. Seeking is hands-down the best sugar daddy website out right now. However, right now we’re discussing sugar momma dating sites. has a sugar momma section on its website and it works; the problem is that it is still relatively unpolished compared to other platforms and there aren’t enough members on it to make it a viable option at the moment. We hope that this changes in the future because in every other way, Seeking is a fantastic platform. The best things about Seeking are:

  • Several free features for sugar babies
  • Reliable security features
  • Background and income verification process
  • Men can create a profile and send up to 10 messages for free
  • Detailed search functions make it easy to narrow your results
  • It’s completely free for women


Ashley Madison 4.5 out of 5.0 stars

ashley madison

Ashley Madison is a fantastic platform that is adored by millions. This is a website that is used by a TON of hot, older ladies that are looking to have an affair so if you’re just in search of the sex aspect of a sugar dating relationship, then Ashley Madison might be the way to go. The reason we can’t give Ashley Madison a higher rating is because it is not exactly a sugar platform. Nobody is expected to supply the other party with money/gifts/experiences; this is purely a hookup site. However, there are no rules against doing the whole sugar momma thing – this is a place where plenty of older women meet up with younger guys. The only thing to take into consideration is that not all of the ladies on here are capable of financially supporting you as a young guy, so you shouldn’t expect it. Some features of AM are:

  • Great search tools
  • Lots of cougars and cubs online
  • Nice video chat to explore
  • Trusted, established site and app


5. SugarBook 4.5 out of 5.0 stars

SugarBook is fantastic. Just like RichMeetBeautiful, it also is a site that is dedicated to both the sugardaddy and sugar momma aspect of these kinds of relationships. It states clearly on their website that you can register as a sugar daddy, sugar mama, or sugar baby. In this case, sugar baby can refer to both males and females. This platform is fantastic because it has many of the same advantages as RichMeetBeautiful & CougarLife, and in some cases is even more polished. We would have it higher on our list, but unfortunately there have not been enough users on this platform. As is the case with most dating sites, your level of success in finding potential matches depends a lot on the region you’re currently in. Being in a city like New York City or Los Angeles is very different than being in Tooele, Utah. One should find much greater success in cities with a higher population density.


How Do Sugar Momma Dating Apps Work?

They work in precisely the same manner that sugar daddy websites work in, but in reverse! Generally you’ll quickly register, pay any membership fees that might be required, and begin filling out your profile to start. Some platforms such as Seeking Arrangement also have a verification system in order to ensure the safety of their users.

Once you start getting some matches and chatting up some potential partners, you can begin to plan some dates to meet up with these sugar mommas/sugar babies. Even though this is the type of relationship that most people would want to keep discreet, we still strongly recommend meeting in a public space for the first time. Some of our readers might say that this is common sense but it really isn’t; a significant amount of people who do the whole sugar relationship thing actually meet up at someone’s house for the first type due to them trying to keep the relationship discreet.

Generally speaking discussions of money/payment should be had on the first date to not cause any discomfort or discontent with your date. There are no rules to how your relationship will be defined with any given person, so you can decide what kind of arrangement you want to have on the fly. If that means gifts, trips to exotic locations, or a fixed salary; then so be it. It can be an awkward thing to discuss (especially if the sugar momma/sugar baby is unhappy with the proposed arrangements and you start to negotiate like you would at a used car dealership), but many people choose to have these discussions before even meeting up in person.


Do Sugar Mama Dating Sites Even Work?

sugar momma dating sites

If you’re a newbie to this space and have never used a sugar mama site, it can sound too good to be true (especially if you’re a young guy). The answer to this question is yes – sugar mama dating sites do work but you must understand that in the initial stages, it won’t work like you might’ve seen in your favorite pornographic scenes. You must still provide some value to the sugar momma. These dating sites can become competitive quickly and if you’re not somewhat attractive to the prospective sugar mama and you can’t meet her sexual needs, you won’t be getting paid (or laid).

What Do Sugar Mommas Look For?

Oftentimes sugar mommas are just looking for what they don’t have in their life. This can oftentimes be youthful energy, innocence, and someone who can match their sexual appetite (as we all know, women often get hornier with age). Obviously, they’re looking for said cub to have a certain level of maturity as well. If you can’t hold a conversation with someone older than you and are still making the same jokes you were making in junior high, then no matter how good you are at sexually satisfying women – it probably won’t work out.

As a potential cub to a sugar momma you should make sure that you are always looking presentable, acting maturely, and following orders. Sugar mommas tend to be more dominant and want you to do as they say; a common fantasy amongst these women is that they’re your teacher and you are taking sex lessons from them. Do as they say (so long as you’re comfortable with it) and do your best to satisfy them.


Sugar Momma Dating FAQ

What Is A Sugar Momma?

A sugar momma is generally going to be an older, successful, independent woman who lacks a certain intimacy or youthful energy in her life. These are busy women who are looking to spend a little bit of their earnings in order to gain access to a young cub who can fulfill all of her sexual desires. Sex is not always a part of the equation, but often is.

What is The Best Way to Find a Sugar Mama?

Before the internet came along, you would just have to have dumb luck to find yourself a sugar momma. Being a provider for a younger individual is very controversial even today – having an older lady come along and offer you the deal of a lifetime 50 years ago would have been the equivalent of winning the lottery.

Today though, things are different. You don’t have to be lucky to find yourself a sugar momma. Being attractive, mature (for your age) and willing to sexually please an older lady is more than enough. The best way to find a sugar mama these days is to use a reputable sugar dating site such as the ones we have outlined above.

Do You Have to Have Sex With A Sugar Mama?

Sugar mama’s don’t always expect sex from their relationship with a sugar baby or cub, but it is common. This is something that should absolutely be discussed before the first date because it can make for an awkward encounter otherwise. You might find yourself in a situation in which the arrangement doesn’t include sex in the beginning, but later on your sugar mama might crave it after she gets to know you. This is fine for 99% of guys because men desire sex anyways and getting paid is just a bonus, but it should be discussed nonetheless.

Will I See People I Know In Real Life When Using These Sites?

The probability of this happening is extremely low, but it still happens and you need to be aware of that. If you’re from a small town with a population below 20,000-30,000, the odds of you finding someone you know (or might have a mutual connection with) is really higher than you might think. If you live in a place like Houston, TX or New York City, the odds of seeing someone you know in real life are closer to 0%, but not quite 0%.

How To Find A Sugar Momma?

Finding a sugar momma is really not that difficult if you match a certain criteria. This could mean being fit, clean, innocent, intelligent, or even just tall. It really all depends on what a sugar mama is looking for. You can best position yourself to find a sugar momma by putting yourself in situations where they are often present. However, considering the difficulty of doing this – we just recommend you hop onto a sugar momma dating app to find your perfect sugar mama.


Bottom Line: Anyone Can Find Success On Sugar Momma Dating Websites If They Put In The Effort

The reality is this – although it is a huge fantasy of many ladies and younger guys to enter this type of relationship, many are either unaware that such platforms exist, or they think it would be too good to be true. This has resulted in many of these dating platforms having a relatively sparse number of users. What this means for you is that you can find success even with a minimal amount of effort whether you’re a sugar mama or sugar baby.

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