Secret Benefits Review: Is Secret Benefits A Decent Sugar Daddy Website?

reviewing secret benefits on mobileThe dynamic of a sugar baby offering her affection and time to a sugar daddy in exchange for resources is not new. In fact, sugar dating has been going on for hundreds of years but has really ramped up over the last two decades due to the emergence of the internet. In the beginning, there were just a handful of legitimate websites that one could register on to find such a relationship meaning you had to deal with whatever you could find. Now there are countless websites with the largest one obviously being Seeking Arrangement. Secret Benefits is one of the newer sites that offers the possibility for sugar daddies to meet sugar babies, and many people wonder if it can compete with Seeking. While is a pretty great website, it does have its flaws like any other site and this has led people to look for alternative sugar daddy websites.


Secret Benefits Overview: Is Secret Benefits Worth It?

For many people, this site is entirely worth it. There are obviously many platforms out right now that all differ slightly and are all trying to get a piece of your bankroll, but very few are actually worth it for the masses and Secret Benefits is one of those few. Oftentimes men who are looking for a sugar baby care less about the money they’ll have to pay for this arrangement to take place and care more about the quality of girl(s) they are looking for and we can say that some of the highest quality girls use this site, otherwise we wouldn’t recommend it.

From a sugar baby perspective, this site is even more worth it than it is for sugar daddies. Sugar babies can use the site for free and are offered many features that they wouldn’t normally find on many other platforms. They are also able to be quite selective when it comes to choosing a sugar daddy because of the innovative features offered by the site. Lastly, it has been reported by some sugar babies that the quality of men they found on Secret Benefits was higher than the quality of men they would’ve found on competing sites. As a sugar baby, it doesn’t hurt to sign up to as many sites as possible since it is generally free to register and use the platforms.



How Does Secret Benefits Differ From Any Other Sugar Daddy Website?

If you have ever registered to a dating site that is specifically geared towards connecting sugar daddies with sugar babies, you are probably wondering what the main differences between Secret Benefits and the competition are. For starters, they offer more flexibility in terms of pricing and consumption from the sugar daddy’s perspective (sugar babies don’t have to pay). With Secret Benefits, there is no monthly membership that you must pay even if you don’t use the service (such as with for example). Instead, Secret Benefits used a credit system so you only pay for what you want to use which is obviously preferred.

Since it hasn’t been around as long as many other competing sites, it does not yet have the volume of the giants in the industry but it can still hold its own. Secret benefits’ rigorous verification system also weeds out a lot of the scammers, bots, and fake profiles that you might often find on lesser quality dating sites which is a huge plus.

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Secret Benefits Review – Main Features of Secret Benefits

Secret Photo and Video Albums

One great feature of this platform is the sugar babies’ ability to upload ‘secret’ images and videos to an album which is normally hidden on their profile. Access to this album costs 10 credits and gives the viewer a sneak peak of the lady in question that other users do not get to view. This feature adds an air of mystery to the site’s interactions, which we enjoy.


This feature allows users to see matches and potential matches on a more granular level. The four different types of profiles you can view are: Admirers (essentially the ‘likes’ section of other dating sites where you can view users who liked your profile), visitors (users who have looked at your profile), favorites, and viewed which allows you to see profiles that you have already viewed in the past in case you want to go back to a particular profile.

Hide My Profile

This isn’t a ground-breaking feature and is something you can find on pretty much all of the major dating platforms, but it is a feature that is definitely very important on a sugar daddy site. You may not want the wrong people stumbling upon your profile and this is where the ‘hide my profile’ feature comes in handy.



Searching For And Finding Your Ideal Match

One tremendous benefit of using Secret Benefits is that they offer a very useful and practical search mechanism on their site that can help you find your ideal match. If you are a particularly picky individual when it comes to finding your ideal partner, you do not need to worry when using this website because you can filter it down to very narrow things such as eye colour, height, weight, and more. These are some of the things you can filter by:

  • Distance slide (5 to 200 miles)
  • Photos/videos
  • Ethnicity
  • Age
  • Body type
  • Height
  • Hair color
  • Gender
  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Piercings
  • Tattoos

As you can see, you can search on a very granular level when using this platform. This level of precision is not something you can find on the vast majority of dating sites and this is just one of many reasons why Secret Benefits is one of the best sugar daddy sites out right now and why it is growing as quickly as it is.


Secret Benefits’ Pricing Structure

As we found out during our Secret Benefits review, the platform is fully free to SBs, but SD’s can only truly use this site to communicate with ladies by purchasing credits. Other reviews might lead you to believe that the site is partially free for Secret Benefits and while that may be technically true in the sense that you can create the account, it won’t *really* be free. You cannot do anything or message anyone without paying. These are the current packages available for purchase on Secret Benefits.

  • Introductory package—$0.59 per credit (100 minimum, $59 total)
  • Elite package—$0.34 per credit (500 minimum, $169 total)
  • Best value package—$0.29 per credit (1,000 minimum, $289 total)

How long these credits will last you depends on how often you’ll use the site and how many potential sugar babies you choose to engage with. The more aggressive you are with the platform, the faster your credits will burn up (but the more likely you will be to meet a sugar baby that is a good match for you). This is how much some of the main features will cost you on Secret Benefits:

  • Using secret browsing—10 credits to hide a sugar daddy account for 24 hours
  • Sending messages—10 credits unlock all the messages with a sugar baby
  • Exchanging photos—10 credits per photo in messages
  • Watching secret albums—10 credits to see private photos, but sending a request is free


Quality Of The Users On This Website

As we previously mentioned, one of the most important things of any dating site (not just those geared for sugar daddies) is the quality of users you can find on the site in question. Having the best looking dating site or the site with the cheapest subscription means nothing if you can only find low quality users. The good thing about Secret Benefits is that all of the users are verified for your peace of mind. We have also found that the sugar babies are often GND types (girl next door), and many of them are using sugar daddy sites as a way to pay for their education. The sugar daddies also tend to be of a higher quality in terms of income and education. As a sugar baby you can’t really be too picky about looks though since many of these men sacrificed a lot to reach their financial status. This may be time in the gym, years of their life, or a plethora of other things. You obviously won’t have to offer companionship to any man you are not comfortable with, but you also probably won’t find Brad Pitt on Secret Benefits (though you never know).

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Is Secret Benefits Actually Legit Or Is It A Scam?

Generally the people who ask this question are those who haven’t registered on a sugar daddy site in the past (or who have registered but been burned by scammers), and it’s a fair question. Secret Benefits is not a scam; in fact it has been around since 2015 so it has been going strong for a couple of years now. It has been reported that the site has over 700,000 registered users in the United States alone (over 1,000,000 worldwide) and over 100,000 active users weekly. Since there is no subscription model with this site, you can simply purchase their smallest credit package to test the waters and decide if Secret Benefits is a site that you want to use moving forward. Secret Benefits is most definitely a legitimate website that servers hundreds of thousands of people monthly.



What Are Some Of The Things We Didn’t Like About Secret Benefits?

This wouldn’t be a full or fair review of Secret Benefits if we didn’t talk about some of the things that are not so pleasant about this online dating site, because they certainly exist. Perhaps the biggest downside to using Secret Benefits is that there is no mobile app that is dedicated for this site. This is probably due to the fact that app stores have policies that forbid the publication of apps that have adult themes, and Secret Benefits definitely is geared towards adults although there is no explicit pornography on the site. The site can still be used on a mobile device through your browser such as Safari or Google Chrome, but it would have been nice to have an app. One other way that Secret Benefits could improve as a dating site is by providing some sort of free trial for new users. This is something that has become very common on many dating platforms and it is a little discouraging to see that Secret Benefits still does not offer this. Lastly, we would like it if at some point Secret Benefits incorporated some sort of video calling feature.


Seeking Vs. Secret Benefits: Breaking It Down

In the vast and sometimes murky world of online dating sites, Seeking and Secret Benefits stand out as two distinct platforms with their own set of peculiarities. These dating services cater to those seeking unconventional relationships, often defined by financial arrangements or mutual benefits. While both fall under the umbrella of dating websites, their approaches and user bases differ significantly.

Seeking Arrangement (now called just ‘Seeking’), often dubbed as the “OkCupid for sugar daddies and sugar babies,” positions itself as a matchmaking platform for those interested in free dating with a twist. It specializes in connecting individuals looking for love, but with an added layer of financial dynamics. The site, with its extensive user base, serves as a matchmaker for those exploring relationships beyond the conventional boundaries. Seeking also has significantly more users than Secret Benefits as it has been around for a lot longer.

On the flip side, Secret Benefits takes a similar route, emphasizing free dating for sugar babies but with a particular focus on catering to the more discreet and intimate desires of its user base. With a user-friendly interface akin to other online dating services, it draws people in with promises of finding love online, all while keeping certain aspects of the dating world hush-hush.

However, it’s essential to note that diving into the realms of such niche dating sites comes with its share of challenges. Users must navigate through a sea of dating profiles, often filled with conflicting desires, personalities, and expectations. The allure of these platforms is the promise of meeting new people and potentially finding love online, but the reality is that the online dating world can be as unpredictable as a first date. So, whether you’re swiping right, chatting, or swiping left, the experience on these dating websites is anything but traditional, and the journey to find love online might be more peculiar than one could imagine.

Pricing of Seeking Vs. Secret Benefits

It’s hard to compare the costs. Secret Benefits uses a credit system with rates from $59 for 100 credits to $289 for 1,000 credits, so your monthly expenses will depend on how many conversations you initiate. In contrast, Seeking uses a monthly subscription with prices from $109 to $274, making it better suited for active members.


Secret Benefits FAQ

Why Should I Verify My Secret Benefits Account?

Verified users get more interaction on the site because they are seen as more trustworthy.

How Do I Verify My Secret Benefits Account?

Verifying your Secret Benefits account is easy. Simply click your profile photo in the top right corner of the webpage, then select “get verified.” From this screen you can begin a video chat with a moderator who can approve your verification. The process takes ~1 minute. You can expect to receive your verification badge within 48 hours.

Is Sex A Mandatory Part Of Secret Benefits?

Technically, no. It does not explicitly say anywhere on the Secret Benefits website that sugar daddies and sugar babies must have sex. However, it goes without saying that the vast majority (probably 95%+) of sugar daddies sign up to this site expecting sex to be part of the deal. It may not be the focal point, but sex is included in any romantic relationship.

Who Can View My Secret Photos?

Your Secret Photos are not automatically available for everyone. Sugar daddies who pay to use this feature will be able to see your photos, and you will be able to see exactly who has viewed them from within the platform.

Why Aren’t My Photos Getting Approved?

Unlike a lot of other dating apps and sites, Secret Benefits can be quite strict with the photos that they do and don’t allow to be uploaded onto their servers. Don’t be surprised if a couple of your images don’t get automatically approved, but also don’t be discouraged. Secret Benefits will not ban or suspend your account for uploading images that don’t fit their standards; instead they will simply reject the images and notify. These are some big no-no’s when it comes to uploading pics on Secret Benefits:

  • No nudity or sexual content.
  • No copyrighted content, which includes visible logos, characters, or similar images on clothing.
  • No depictions of the use of drugs or any illegal items or activities.
  • No obscene or offensive hand gestures.


Does Secret Benefits Work?

The truth is that not all dating sites are made equal; some ‘work’ better than others. Some do not work at all. An app like Tinder for example is notorious for having users that are extremely flakey. It is also known to host far more men than women which makes it unusable for a big chunk of the apps’ population. Secret Benefits does work because it has not yet reached that mainstream level where many online dating platforms fall off. It is currently used by only a few hundred thousand people in the United States which is a drop in the bucket. If you find that Secret Benefits isn’t working for you (meaning that you can’t find a stable sugar baby/daddy), there is a good chance that you are doing something wrong. The users of this app are generally more invested than they would be on another platform and that means that the users tend to be more serious. Consider changing your images/bio/communication style if you’re looking to increase your level of success on this website, because the potential to find the right match is definitely there on this site.


Bottom Line: Secret Benefits Is Up Next

This is not the biggest sugar daddy site available to the public right now and this is something we made quite clear all throughout this Secret Benefits review. It is however one of the fastest growing platforms that is specifically geared to help connect sugar daddies with sugar babies, and that certainly counts for something. This site offers many new and innovative features and search functionalities that are not offered elsewhere and this already makes it better than many sites in existence today. There are no guarantees when it comes to the world of capitalism but a very strong argument can be made that Secret Benefits is going to be one of the leading sites in the industry for many years to come in the near future.

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