AdultFriendFinder Review: What I Learned After Getting A Paid Membership on This Hookup Site

reviewing ashley madison dating siteWhen people ask what the best up-and-coming hot new hookup sites or what the trendiest dating websites are, I’ll typically name off some of the big ones that we’re all accustomed to hearing about, but I’ll ALWAYS throw in AdultFriendFinder into the conversation. For many people, this comes as a bit of a surprise since most people have either never heard of the dating service before, or they’d heard of it but just never got around to actually signing up and using it because they thought it might be a scam. The thing that’s really gets people scratching their heads is when they find out that the platform has been around for many, many years and has been successful for multiple decades.

How could something have been around for so long and retained it’s quality, unlike most major dating sites/apps that quickly become horrendous after going mainstream? For starters, it’s not a complete “pay-to-win” platform like Tinder is, and that makes me personally feel like Adult Friend Finder is the best hidden gem when it comes to online dating and/or hookups. As a dating app, it is pretty much as good as it gets. Yes, you’ll always get better results when using a paid membership but that’s standard procedure at this point. It’s easy to meet new people, chat, flirt, and it even caters to those who are looking for love. Yep, this online dating website has all angles covered and is suitable for individuals seeking both long term and short term relationships or flings.



AdultFriendFinder Overview: How & Why AdultFriendFinder Works As A Hookup Platform

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What it boils down to is the fact that AFF does many things  in the same way as many well-respected hookup platforms, it just does them better and more efficiently. The most important thing to note is that it’s not a scam. You might not find true love or get laid on one of your first dates if you’re shy, but you’ll have a good chance at finding what you’re looking for with consistent action. You’re still going to use it for the same purpose, but in my experience the overall AFF vibe is much better than you’d get with OKCupid or Tinder. First of all, on a lot of these newer, mainstream sites, you’re going to find many people who aren’t interested in hookups exclusively and this can obviously present a problem if you’re someone that’s just looking for a one night stand. Frustration is quite prevalent on Tinder (for both guys and girls) for this very reason. The media portrays it be some sort of sex-jungle and on the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got some uber religious folks looking for the love of their life.

Situations like these can cause a great deal of headache and even anger for all parties involved. This is the problem that AdultFriendFinder fixes; I’d say that almost the entire user base knows exactly what they’re signing up for with this platform, which is pretty much only hookups. Yes, it is ironic that the platform claims to help you “find friends” but in reality, nobody on this site is making friends. Friend with benefits? Maybe, but you’re not going to take Stacey with the Double D’s out to eat ice cream as friends then head back home. This is not what this website is about, and that’s why I (and so many other people) love it. They even have a trial on their gold membership going on at the moment – try to get it before its gone as the gold memberships is much more fun than the basic.



Advantages of This Dating Site: UI/Mobile Friendliness & Member Quality

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Something that is typically spoken about less frequently is the usability of a website, even though this is something very important on any dating platform. How often have you been on a website that introduces things like tokens, a dozen different membership options, and just a general mess when it comes to actually using it? At the end of the day, people just want to get to the end result of finding a good partner and skip through all the B.S. in between. You’re probably already aware of the fact that there are so many sites out there with so much B.S. to swift through. Some platforms even have the audacity to require identification verification and walls of text placed on your profile.  Thankfully, Adult Friend Finder is extremely easy and simple to use, so you won’t have to go through the heaps of garbage you’ll often find elsewhere. It’s clean to look at and not difficult at all to start using successfully within minutes of registering.


What You Must Know Before Registering on AdultFriendFinder

This is a big one and it’s really relevant in the world of online dating and hooking up. As bots become more and more sophisticated with their A.I. driven technology, we’re likely going to see more and more scams and bots on our dating sites. Sad… I know. AFF generally has a pretty good reputation when it comes to these things though, and I haven’t experienced any foul play myself. It is said that they have an anti-spam working around the clock to prevent (or at the very least suppress) the spammers looking to take our money/information. Even Tinder has significantly more scammers and catfishes than you’ll find on AFF, which is obviously quite great. Just like with any other site, there are going to be a number of scammers and bots you’ll have to filter through. If someone is asking you for money, to sign up with another site, or immediately wants to take the conversation off of AdultFriendFinder, chances are that something fishy is going on.

How Can I Tell If a User Is Fake?

AFF avoids many fake profiles by requiring email verifications with every membership signup which isn’t exactly a foolproof method of verifying users, but it’s more than can be said for a lot of other dating sites. This also means that if any user is found guilty of validating the terms or conditions of the site, the company moderators will be able to find the individual causing the problem. Offenders of the site can be permanently banned from using the platform and this is often the case. One easy way to find out if a user is fake or not is to ask for their social media profiles. From there, you can do some investigating (stalking) to figure out if the person you’re talking to is real. Most of the time, this is a foolproof method.

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Is AdultFriendFinder Legit? (Reviewing the Users of AFF)

This is another colossal factor to take into consideration – how populous is this platform and what is the quality of the users? It was very important to touch on this at some point in this article, seeing as this is a full AdultFriendFinder review. As we are aware of, so many dating apps exist that look good on the surface, but in the reality there’s nobody on it and you’re either swiping through the same profiles or a bunch of fake profiles. Even Tinder users in small towns report this to be a problem. If you’re planning on using Adult Friend Finder though, you won’t be facing this issue as it is an enormous platform. They’ve actually been around since 1996 and are consistently one of the USA’s most frequently visited sites year after year. Once again, statistics show that they are on the top 100 list when it comes to websites and web traffic from the United States.

Age Distribution of This Dating Platform

Over 50% of members on AdultFriendFinder are between the ages of 18-34, with the largest group being men aged 25-34, and the second largest being women aged 25-34. The second most populous age range is 18-24. There are plenty of people left over in the 34-55 age range and beyond, but they don’t make up the majority. If you are older than 34; don’t sweat it. Older members tend to do even better than younger ones with certain demographics, such as women aged 18-24.


Adult Friend Finder: Overview of User Quality & Gender Ratios

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Lastly, we’re going to touch on what is arguably the most important factor when it comes to sites dedicated for hookups, which is the user quality and the guy-to-girl ratios. The ratio of an app can absolutely make or break their business model. If you’re a guy on Tinder for example, you’re outnumbering females on a 3-1 ratio. This means that there are 3 times more guys on Tinder than there are girls. This obviously is not good for the ecosystem of the site and can cause one gender to be significantly more picky than the other while increasing competition heavily amongst the gender that makes up the majority.

AdultFriendFinder is great in this regard – it is said to have a 60-40 ratio of girls to guys, meaning that women slightly outnumber men on the platform. These are typically quite healthy numbers and girls outnumbering guys is always a great thing when it comes to this sort of thing. In fact, most nightclubs and bars actually aim for a 3-1 ratio of girls to guys in order to make their venue more desirable and to improve the mingling ecosystem. At this moment, this is one of the biggest selling points of using their platform.

As far as the user quality on AFF, I’d say it’s on par with most of the other hookup sites I’ve recommended in the past (such as Ashley Madison and Seeking Arrangement), but slightly better in certain regards and slightly worse in others. The hottest girls are going to be hot regardless of where you look; it’s the average user that you should be more interested in since you’re not always going to be running into 9’s and 10’s on any hookup app. On average, I’d say that the typical girl using AdultFriendFinder is somewhat cute and has the “girl next door” type of look to her, but is not necessarily a real head-turner. The great thing about AdultFriendFinder is that it has something for everybody; it’s good for black dating, mature dating, same-sex dating, Jewish dating, lesbian dating, extramarital dating or affairs, threesomes, and the list goes on and on. Some people might say that there is a stigma with using an online dating service such as this one, but it is disappearing with each passing day. Everybody who uses this site is free to be naughty or even make new likeminded friends, free of judgement. Getting laid has never been easier!


Is AdultFriendFinder Safe To Use?

This is a common question that gets brought up with all  dating sites, not just this one. For the most part, no website with users is 100% safe, and that is mostly out of the control of the site itself. If you meet someone on Tinder and they end up stealing your laptop, then one could make the argument that Tinder isn’t safe. However, this would be a foolish perspective and way of looking at things; Tinder, OkCupid, and AdultFriendFinder are as safe as you make them to be. This platform in particular is no safer or more dangerous than any other app. For the most part, you’ll stay out of trouble by using your head (the one on your shoulders).

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• Never share financial details with other members: This should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyways; giving out financial details to other members is never a good idea, especially in the beginning stages. Do not give anyone any bank information and it is probably best to keep your income/net worth to yourself. You don’t want to attract the wrong kind of person.

• Keep your personal details private: This is another big one. It is highly advisable that you do not share sensitive details with other users. This includes things like your personal address, Facebook page, phone number, or place of employment. You never know what someone will do with that information.

• Meet in a public place: The oldest rule in the book is that you always meet someone in a public place for the first time. If someone refuses to meet you in a public place or they are hesitant to do so, it is a huge red flag.

• Use your own transportation: Do not get in anyone’s car before getting to know them better. You can never know what someones intentions are, so be careful and take your own transportation whenever possible.

• Use protection: Last but not least, when it comes to casual sexual encounters, protection is non-negotiable. Wrap it up!


Pros & Cons Of Using This Dating Site

Adult Friend Finder Pros

• This hookup site has a ton of members. That makes it really easy to find hookups in any city.
• The website is fairly easy to navigate.
• There are a lot of great features on the paid membership.
• It’s available as an app for mobile devices.
• The user support is surprisingly great.
• You can check out the site for free before signing up for a paid account.

Adult Friend Finder Cons

• The features on the free account are pretty limited.
• There are definitely fake accounts, inactive accounts, and bots.
• The site has way too many pop-ups and ads.
• The website could use some updating.
• There’s no true matching algorithm.


Using To Hook Up

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When you make the decision to register an account with AdultFriendFinder, the system will ask you a series of personality-identifying questions to match your profile with the right potential matches. From this screen, you can also choose any preferences you would like for your ideal partner to have. By default, the matches upon logging in will be local so you won’t have to commute anywhere remote in order to meet someone special using the platform. If you want to search matches in another area, you can scroll to the filtering section and select the desired zip code. It works in the same way as Tinder passport does, allowing you to look for matches in a different geographical location.

Breaking the ice and striking up a conversation with someone new can be an intimidating experience on the surface, but AFF gives introverts the power to try and break the ice with the feature of using virtual gifts. If you have ever dwelled in a public internet chatroom long enough, you will eventually see people sending each other emojis, digital gifts, and even physical gifts. AFF chatrooms and instant messengers are similarly set up.


Update: AFF Now Has A Mobile App on mobile

AdultFriendFinder is now available to download in app form for android users only. Most people are obviously using dating apps these days, though website have not completely died out and there are a sizeable amount of people still using them on desktop. Still, it’s important for any major company to eventually migrate or give their users the option of using their product/service on a mobile device exclusively. Thankfully, they’ve come out with the AFF mobile app which works in the exact same way as the website itself, but just on mobile of course. We haven’t gotten around to using it too extensively but from my short time using it, I’d say the UI is pretty clean and easy to use. Just make sure to sign up with their gold package trial first, then log in through your mobile device. The free trial offer seems to be only active on desktop.

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AdultFriendFinder Pricing And Membership Fees

We need to make something clear from the jump – creating an account and browsing the site’s features is free, but communicating with anyone requires tokens which are obtained through real money. The payment options on AFF are not as extensive as they need to be, but enough to get the point across. Some affair websites like Ashley Madison accept PayPal, checks, cryptocurrency, and even gift cards from thousands of retailers. That’s a good sign. AdultFriendFinder only accept major credit cards.

  • JCB
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • Visa

If you decide to go with the Gold membership because your plans are to stay on Adult Friend Finder playing the dating game, here are the prices in full:

  • $14.95 a month for 12 months: $180 paid in full at checkout
  • $19.95 a month for 6 months: $90 paid in full at checkout
  • $24.95 a month

If you decide to change your mind, it’s very easy to turn off the auto-renewal from your account to stop billing. AdultFriendFinder can end up being quite expensive, especially for those that are looking to profit from all of the features that they offer. Some of its most important communication features like viewing full profiles, sending and reading messages, adding friends, and using chat are only available for those who have purchased a paid plan. However, if you plan on using AdultFriend Finder as a standard member, there are still a handful of functions that you can enjoy like watching videos and public livestreams, liking and commenting on both videos and photos, using search filters, and many more.


What You Get With A Gold Membership

So, the big question is — what comes with the highly coveted Gold Membership? The free version of Adult Friend Finder allows you to set up a profile with just a name and email address. You can browse through other user-profiles and get a feel for the site. With a free profile, that’s just about all you get.

You’re probably asking — what about messaging? Well, that’s where AFF pulls you into a paid plan. In order to send messages and use the instant chat feature without limitations, you’ll have to sign up. Once you’re signed up as a paid member, you’ll be able to message other members freely.

Paid members also get to contact other paid members- which is something you can’t do as a free user. As you scroll through other profiles, you might notice that some of the user photos are blurred out. Those, my friend, are NSFW pictures, and you’ll only see them with a Gold Membership.

Now, with my own experience on AFF, I found that women are way more responsive to Gold Members. Purchasing a paid membership shows that you’re serious about the process, and gives you some added credibility. All that being said, I highly recommend checking out the free version first to see if the site looks promising to you. If you find yourself loving the site, go ahead and upgrade.

adultfriendfinder pricing


Is The Gold Membership Worth It?

In my experience, the gold membership is absolutely worth it. Not only does it open you up to a sizeable amount of new matches to meet and interact with, but it also boosts your profiles visibility and oftentimes will make you more desirable to potential matches due to the additional features you will have at your disposal. So while it can kind of be used in a free way, I strongly recommend users try out the gold membership and see if that can make a difference in their experience using AdultFriendFinder. Again, my experience has been nothing but positive when using the gold membership and I really do think that this is a pay-to-win kind of model that AdultFriendFinder is using. It’s unfortunate, but this is the business model of pretty much every other dating site out there these days.


Features of Adult Friend Finder

If you are looking for a site that can offer a lot of ways to keep you entertained and perhaps have a casual encounter (or meet your soulmate), then might be the site for you. It has various forms of communication that can suit the different needs of its members.

Live Member Webcams

This feature allows you to watch members who are online and publicly broadcasting. You will know who is live by checking the homepage or by choosing the “Live Action” option on the menu and selecting the “Live Broadcasters Webcams.”

Groups and Adult Chatrooms

If you’re looking for public chatrooms where you can freely share anything about your sexual desires, Adult Friend Finder has a room for you. The site has thousands of adult chatrooms and groups that anyone can join for free. You can also create your group or room if you think you can’t find a room for a specific topic in mind.

Blogs and Magazine

Each member can manage their blogs and contribute to the site magazine. This serves as an online journal that is available for everyone to read and comment on.

Sex Academy

From the name itself, the sex academy contains online instructional videos for anal and oral sex, tips on how to meet people online, and more. This feature is only available for paying members and might also include extra cost outside your paid membership.


AdultFriendFinder Reviews From Real Users: Discover What Are Others Saying About AFF

While I and the team have been extremely satisfied with AdultFriendFinder since we’ve begun using it, it’s important to see what the bulk of the users are saying and find out just how easy it is to get laid on AdultFriendFinder for the average person. If you’re curious to see and hear from others about their experiences with this adult dating site, this is where you’ll find some adult friend finder reviews. Here’s what others are currently saying about AdultFriendFinder.

first customer review of adultfriendfinder

second customer review of adultfriendfinder

adult friend finder customer reviews


What Are The Users Of AFF Looking For? Is It Just For ONS (One Night Stands)?

chatting on adult friend finder

Arguably one of the most important things to look at when deciding whether or not you should join a dating site is what kind of dating site it is. What a user will look for varies wildly depending on the site. For example, people on “Our Time” and eHarmony are almost always looking for longterm relationships. Sure, you’ll find your fair share of people who are in it exclusively for hookups, but they won’t be having much success at all. On the other hand, Tinder has been so aggressively marketed as a hookup app that at this point that’s what most of its users expect to get out of it. So what kind of app is Adult Friend Finder?

Let’s make something clear – almost everyone who registers for this site is in it for a one night stand or hookup, so get your ED medication like BlueChew or Max Performer ready. Sometimes they’re searching for a FWB or a sugar baby, although there are sugar daddy sites for that. It’s not difficult to tell by looking at the website that this is a very sexual platform (I mean come on, there’s half-nude bodies from the moment you click something on AFF). What this means is that both the dudes and the chicks on this platform know the deal. Somebody who is searching for a meaningful relationship *can* sign up for AFF, but they’re almost guaranteed to fail. Has it happened before for two individuals to fall in love after meeting on AdultFriendFinder? Sure, but that’s not what this dating app was made for.


AdultFriendFinder FAQ’s

Before registering to any dating site in general, it is normal to have a few questions before making your registration official. Many of the questions have already been somewhat answered throughout this article, but let’s look over the most frequently asked questions about AdultFriendFinder.

What is a Good User Profile?

A good profile is a complete profile; nobody likes seeing profiles that only have one or two pictures with no additional information. You can probably help yourself  by adding several photos, it helps build trust since people like to know who they are talking to and few pictures are a bad sign.

Remember to also keep it somewhat creative – add a few witty titles to your profile description to catch other user’s attention, and sprinkle in a few jokes. The titles you add will be displayed next to your profile whenever a user searches for you on AdultFriendFinder com.

How Do I Know a User is Fake on AFF?

AdultFriendFinder tends to be pretty good at getting rid of fake profiles pretty quickly through their verification system, but some fake profiles can still slip through the cracks as is possible on any dating site. If a user is speaking in broken English, has pictures that are too good to be true, and is overly sexual without even knowing anything about you – chances are that the profile is fake. The best way to confirm that a user is real is to connect on social media.

Is Adult Friend Finder Free To use?

Users often wonder “is Adult Friend Finder legit?” and “does adult friend finder work for free?” Well, according to PR Newswire yes it does. While we do have certain Premium plans that grant you access to certain features available only within the premium plan — the free plan is no less.

At AFF, you can make an account for no cost at all and can even browse other user’s profiles with various filters while also joining different groups or blog sessions.

How to Turn off Auto-Renewal within AFF?

When you select the premium plan for AFF, you enter your credit card details which allow the service to deduct the membership amount automatically every month on the given date. However, if you are looking to close down automatic charges, you can also go to the Billing History and Credit Card Info section to switch off automatic renewals.


The Bottom Line: AdultFriendFinder is Worth It

The conclusion we’ve arrived to throughout this AdultFriendFinder review is that while AFF is not perfect (no platform is), it’s a great alternative to the mainstream platforms out there as it pertains to dating, hookups, and one night stands. It is one of the easiest sites to find sex partners on at the moment regardless of your sexual-orientation. We’ve already seen how many sites have been absolutely torn to pieces by fake profiles and unhealthy ratios, so we’re still quite fortunate to have AdultFriendFinder working so well even in 2019 and beyond. Right now, it’s probably my favorite hookup site for that reason; it hasn’t gone totally mainstream and followed the crowd of hookup apps that shifted to a more “family-friendly” purpose in order to please their shareholders.

final overview of adult friend finder dating site

As it stands, the fact that the user quality and population is so healthy means that there really aren’t many sites that are better than AFF, at least for the purpose it serves. Be sure to try out their trial for the gold package as the paid memberships are slightly more fun than their basic plans. Like I have largely already gone over, the reason this dating site is so spectacular is that pretty much all of their users understand what they’re there for – which is a hookup. This isn’t going to be a Tinder-like experience where you feel like you’re walking on egg-shells and have to wait several weeks/months to the part where you get undressed. Adult Friend Finder is 100% about hookups and nothing else – we hope to have accurately conveyed that through this review.

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