Review: Is Cougar Life A Viable Dating Site? (Update)

cougar life reviewsSo you’re into cougars and MILF’s (who isn’t?) but don’t know where to get started. Half of the beautiful, older ladies you come across are either already happily married, or are so focused on their careers that you hardly see them at all. The struggle of connecting with these gorgeous cougars is definitely real, and before the age of the internet, one would have to be tormented by the seductive glances of beautiful older ladies at their local Walmart, knowing all too well that it would no nowhere (at least most of the time).

It is often said that unlike men, women reach their sexual peak and top out their hunger for sex at a much later age; oftentimes into their late 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. This age is also coincidentally the age at which many women become more comfortable in their own skin and unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on where you stand in the equation), it is also the age at which a significant amount of women grow tired in their current relationships. It is truly an exploration period for many of these older ladies, which is why many of us men have fantasies of one day being with an older lady; we know that a lot of them want “it”.



So, in comes Cougar Life. A site that advertises itself as being your one-stop solution to connecting with horny, available cougars in your vicinity. I’ll be honest, I’m usually quite skeptical about sites like these and this time was no different. It always feels sketchy to me when I sign up to a dating site and I see females who are inherently more good-looking than what I see on a day-to-day basis, but I promised myself I would give it a shot.


Cougar Life Review – What You Can Expect With This Site

I’ll just jump right out of the gate with this because it’s the most important piece of this review: yes – is a legitimate platform. Most of the ladies you will see on here are very much real and representative of what their photos show. So, if you are someone that is hesitant to join because of fear that the site is fake – don’t be. The girls are real and the site is legit.

My experience with this site so far has been quite positive. I’m a guy in my 30’s with average build and Cougar Life is apparently used mostly by guys in their early to late 20’s. The site refers to them as “cubs”. So, going into it I wasn’t exactly the most confident, knowing I was up against young guys with much higher libidos than myself, but that didn’t stop me. I messaged around a half dozen ladies or so, varying in ages ranging from 39 to 54. About half of these girls were clearly a little bit disappointed that I was no spring chicken myself, but none of them called it off on age alone and I kept communicating with them, and eventually ending up meeting two of them (one aged 39, the other 44). The younger gal was still married with 2 kids while the 44 year old was divorced and claimed to be focused on her career.

I’ll skip all of the unnecessary details and just come out with it – these ladies know what they want. I’ve been on dating sites before so I thought I knew what to expect (chatting on text for a week or two, meet up, blah blah, buy dinner(s), pray for a good outcome) and I was prepared to rinse a repeat the process again. Nope, these girls wanted to get right down to business. After chatting on FaceTime, one of these women even invited me straight over to her house. It was absolutely mind-boggling seeing a girl invite me over to her house after a video call, but it happened for the first time in my life. And let me just say, that this woman in particular was extremely experienced in the sack. That night was very memorable and was what sold me on CougarLife, and is the reason why I continue using it.


Breaking Down Who Should Use Cougar Life

cougar and milf sites

Like I mentioned earlier in this review, these girls are in heat. They want someone who can keep up with their appetite. So while there aren’t any rules about guys who are 35+ joining this platform, it is pretty clear that the site is geared towards guys who are really horny and can give these ladies what they need in recurring rounds (check out bluechew for help with that). Ideally you’d be in your 20’s or early 30’s, but you can still find success even if you are into your 40’s and perhaps beyond that, depending on the woman.

Be prepared to learn that many of these women are married, have kids, and can generally be quite busy. Many times they will want to see you just for a quickie (often referred to as a “dick appointment”). This probably isn’t the ideal site you should use if you’re trying to settle down and find your life partner. Upwards of 90% of the members on here are just in search of a quick fling or a boy-toy. You have been warned.

It is pretty much a free-for-all if you’re a woman though, and unless you’re not actually a cougar (i.e. in your 20’s), there is very little chances you won’t find success with Cougar Life. Whether or not you have kids doesn’t generally matter, and you’ll often find that being a mother or MILF is actually preferred by many guys. It is obviously a big fantasy of a lot of guys and something that is more than a little common in pornography.



How Much Does Cougar Life Cost?

Generally speaking, Cougar Life is actually quite cheap in comparison to other similar sites and when you consider the value that it provides. The pricing is as follows:

The overall Cougar Life price is based on different subscription links. There is a one-month membership, a three-month membership, and a 12 month (yearly) membership.

  • $40 per month for the month by month membership (and 100 credits)
  • $29 per month for a three-month membership (and 500 credits)
  • $12 per month for a 12-month membership (and 3,000 credits)
  • Check here to see the current cost of Cougar Life


The Quality of Women On

I must say that the quality varies greatly on this website. Some of the women I have seen were downright gorgeous with huge breasts and tight tummies that look like they came straight out of a porno, but I would be lying if I said I hadn’t seen my fair share of overweight hags on there. They definitely exist, though they are the minority. Most of the cougars you will find on Cougar Life take care of their bodies and want to look good. A high libido is often associated with higher levels of fitness as well, so it only makes sense that the cougars are healthy to begin with.

Like anywhere else, the more beautiful the girl, the higher in demand she is and the more you will have to work to gain her attention. Thankfully most guys aren’t willing to pay money to date, so that immediately cuts out a huge chunk of your competition, and as far as I can tell, the ratios haven’t been a problem. There is more than enough to go around for everybody. So generally speaking, the quality has been quite high and I would say even higher than other mainstream dating sites (the ladies on know they look good and want to flaunt it).


Does Cougar Life Actually Work As A Dating Site?

With so many dating sites in existence these days, it can be really damn difficult to know which site is legitimate and which ones aren’t, because there are just so many illegitimate dating sites. An illegitimate dating site is one that was made solely for the purpose of milking their customers for as much money as possible even if it means deploying shady tactics. This can be done with dirty tactics such as fake profiles, bots, funky algorithms that don’t give you matches, and overpriced “features” to make the dating site function normally.

The good news is that Cougar Life is not one of those shady platforms. The users are real, and all of the fakes/scammers are filtered out by the fact that it is not a free dating site. In order to use, you must sign up for one of their paid memberships. Some people think that a site which only works with paid memberships is a bad thing, but the opposite is true. Think of a paid membership in the same way you think of cover for entering a nightclub; without it, the place would quickly fill up with freeloaders and lots of men that would skew the male-female ratio. Review: Why I Recommend review

What I like most about Cougar Life is that you will very rarely have to play meaningless, stupid games. There is no beating around the bush and what oftentimes feels like begging going on. The cougars are in it for the exact same reason as the cubs; a steamy, hot hookup with someone you would otherwise probably be judged to be with. The cougars are open minded sexually, and there is certainly a lot of kink and role-playing taking place thanks to Cougar Life. Another reason why I recommend it is because the filtering system is absolutely tremendous; you can filter by body type (curvy vs. fit), height, ethnicity, hair color, and so on. This site is used by millions so you can get extremely specific with your filtration and still find plenty of members who fit your criteria.

If you’re someone that really wants to get with an older woman (or younger guy, if you’re a cougar), and feel that you can keep up, then I certainly recommend using It is the perfect solution to bringing the porno to life and having that dirty fantasy become a reality. Go into it with an open mind and understand that this is basically Tinder on steroids; it’s about having the hottest sex in the shortest period of time, while avoiding getting too close with one another, in the relational sense.


Features and Functions of

CougarLife Blog

The Cougar Life blog deals with content that is suitable for both mature ladies and young men. The blog also contains valuable tips and guides on how to have a successful cougar relationship.

Find A Date

The Find A Date feature allows you to see the ladies looking for a date on a specific day. You simply click on the “Find a Date Tonight” icon, and almost immediately, you’re shown the results with a list of available ladies.

Private Photo Gallery

Cougar Life photos fall under two different galleries: a public and a private photo gallery. The private gallery contains private photos of mature ladies in alluring poses.

Virtual Gifts

Gifts are usually exchanged between men and women when dating in real life. Cougar Life’s website allows you to do the same but only virtually. You can send virtual gifts to any cougar or cub that catches your eye.

Send Flirt

The send flirt feature allows you to send flirts to other members, which is one of the ways you can let someone know that you like them without saying a word.

Priority Mail

This feature allows you to appear on top of the messages when sending a message to a cougar.

Chat With Me

This feature is similar to chatting on your social media platforms and is one of the fastest ways to contact an older woman or younger man.


Is Dating Cougars or Milfs Overrated?

This is an interesting question that has been asked in the past. Many people are under the impression that having sex with older ladies is glorified due to pornography. While this is partially true, it is also important to mention that the porn leaves out a lot of the benefits of being with an older lady. This includes things like: being compensated financially, learning from someone significantly more seasoned, not dealing with the drama that is often part of dating younger women, and many others. For most men dating cougars is not at all overrated. If anything, dating older women is underrated and more men should try it.


Why Younger Guys Prefer Often Prefer Older Ladies

it’s time we take a closer look at a trend that’s got everyone talking: the fascination many young men have with older women. In this thought-provoking article, we’ll dissect the reasons behind this and help readers understand what the deal is with young guys and cougars.

Age and Maturity:

The first pillar of this curious phenomenon is the allure of maturity. Young men are often drawn to older women because they find them to be more emotionally stable and intellectually stimulating. Let’s face it, gents, youthful exuberance can be fun, but the prospect of sharing a conversation that transcends the latest TikTok trends is a tempting proposition.

Experience and Confidence:

Older women, on average, have a few more laps around the life track. This means they come armed with a treasure trove of life experiences and self-confidence that can be immensely attractive to young men. We’re talking about women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it. Confidence is a universally appealing quality, and it’s no wonder it catches the eye of discerning young gentlemen.

Independence and Success:

In today’s world, women are breaking glass ceilings left and right, achieving remarkable success in their careers and personal lives. Young men are smart enough to recognize that partnering with an accomplished, independent woman can provide a solid foundation for a stable and mutually fulfilling relationship.

No Drama, No Games:

Ah, the relief of avoiding the tumultuous dramas of the early dating years. Older women have typically outgrown the desire for petty games and melodramatic relationships. Their seasoned approach to life and love can be a breath of fresh air for young men who value simplicity and authenticity.

Compatibility and Shared Interests:

Here’s where it gets intriguing. Older women and younger men often share common interests and hobbies that bridge the generational gap. Whether it’s a shared love for music, movies, or travel, these connections can be profoundly enriching. It’s like a cultural exchange program right in your own relationship.

Biological Magnetism:

Let’s not shy away from the biology of attraction. Evolutionary psychologists have posited that there may be an inherent attraction for men to seek older, more experienced partners, as they are often more likely to be fertile and capable of providing a stable environment for potential offspring. While this might not be the primary driver today, it’s still a factor that lurks in the background.

Putting it all together

So, what’s the verdict? The preference many young men have for older women is a blend of wisdom, experience, confidence, and shared interests, mixed with a dash of biological magnetism. It’s an evolving dynamic, a testament to the changing landscape of modern romance.

As with any aspect of human relationships, personal preference reigns supreme. The age of consent, respect, and mutual attraction should be the guiding lights in any romantic endeavor. If both parties find love, happiness, and fulfillment in their relationship, then the age gap becomes nothing more than a footnote in their love story.

In conclusion, let’s embrace the diverse ways in which love can manifest itself. Age, after all, is but a number, and love knows no bounds. So, whether you’re a young man smitten with an older woman or vice versa, remember that the heart’s compass doesn’t always point in the direction society expects, and that’s perfectly okay. Love, like any worthwhile pursuit, should be a matter of choice and compatibility, not confined by conventional stereotypes.


Bottom Line: Cougar Life May The Best Cougar Dating Site

I have talked about MILF dating sites in the past, and have mentioned this specific platform in the past before publishing this Cougar Life review. What was true then is still true now, which is that is at the very least, one of the 3 or 4 best dating sites out there for those in search of this kind of relationship (if you can even call it that). The thing that separates this platform from the crowd is honestly just how massive and polished it is. This site by far has the most users and that pretty much by itself makes it way more viable than anything else out there. Combine that with the fact that it’s actually a legitimate site with real girls and an algorithm that seems to work perfectly in finding compatible matches – well, it essentially makes Cougar Life the top dog in the industry.

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