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Here at The Fate, we are committed to providing our readers with the most honest, unbiased reviews & guides that are meant to help individuals as it pertains to self-development, mental health, love life, and dating.  We understand that the world we live in today is complex and is only becoming more and more saturated with just about every product and E-Book you can find. However, most of us know that in order to find quality material, we must first swim through piles of fluff and unnecessary content which can be frustrating. That’s what we’re here for – to help you bypass this stage and get you right to the meat and potatoes.

Our team is comprised of over two dozen seasoned individuals. Many of us have contributed to some of the top platforms such as Cosmopolitan and Vogue giving our input on many of the same subjects we discuss here with our readers. Our M.O. is all about transparency and finding what actually works – too often, bloggers will only recommend certain purchases just to make a commission and completely disregard the well-being of their reader. We’re here to pave a new and fresh perspective on all things related to increasing the quality of life; whether it be about finance, dating sites, or just self improvement – we’ve got you covered.

We connect users with what they want & oftentimes need. Our passion is bringing forth the truth about various products circulating the online marketplace. If you have some feedback for us, – we’d love to hear it!


Alexander Cobalt, PhD

I have always been interested in trying out new things as a sexologist of nearly a decade and a half, and writing has been an early passion of mine as well. In 2006, I decided to pursue my true passion and have since authored blog posts on various websites in the health, wellness, and psychology industries. My openness to exploration and trying new things, coupled with my indefatigability has made me an ‘expert’ on many topics, although I am learning new things every day. Whether it be trying out a new male enhancement product or signing up to a semi-shady dating site that has just popped up; I look forward to writing for The Fate Organization each and every single day!

Alexander Cobalt
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