Best One Night Stand Sites Of 2021 (Hook-Up Sites)

one night stand dating platformsWhen you consider how much variety there is on the internet when it comes to one night stand hookup sites and apps, it’s quite fascinating to see that there is still yet to be a clear-cut winner on the table. Yes, most people (and mainstream media) will likely tell you that if you’re looking for hookups, then Tinder is the place to be. However, for a lot of us this advice isn’t practical as Tinder is facing a plethora of problems. You have the catfishes, the users who are “just looking”, the people in search of serious relationships, and of course it’s important to mention that men outnumber women approximately 3:1 on Tinder. Let’s not beat around the bush – the top 10% of guys on Tinder share about 80% of the girls which means that for most guys, it’s just not a great choice.


Best One Night Stand Sites For Hook-Ups in 2021


1. Adult Friend Finder 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

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It isn’t very difficult to see that over here, we’re typically quite big fans and advocates of Adult Friend Finder. There are a ton of different reasons why one might be a big fan of this platform but the main one triumphs all the others – it has the largest population of users who are exclusively looking for hookups and one night stands. Inherently, it is what Tinder was supposed to be before it went mainstream and there is an unspoken rule on this website that seeking long term relationships is pretty much off-limits. So for those looking for one night of steamy, hot sex with a partner who pretty much doesn’t need to know anything about your apart from your name (if that), then Adult Friend Finder is the way to go. In general, I’ve found that the highest percentage of hot and horny girls aged 20-35 are found on here so it’s what I would recommend sticking with.



2. BeNaughty 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

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It was actually closer than a lot of our readers might think when deciding which site should take the No. 1 spot on our list. As I’ve said, we’ve collectively all had a great deal of success on AFF and for that reason, we thought it deserved the respect to have it placed as number one. However, in the past several months I’ve been giving BeNaughty a try and I must say it has been quite a unique experience, and mostly a positive one. For starters, I’d say that the majority of the girls on this site are quite cute, unlike the users on a lot of other hookup platforms. My favorite thing to point out about it however is that about 65% of the user pool is made of females meaning that your odds as a guy are increased. This is very different from most mainstream platforms where guys significantly outnumber girls and for that reason, it deserves to be mentioned amongst the best.

Just like with AFF, the people who use this site are well aware of the fact that this is a one night stand platform and nobody is really looking for anything more than that. At this point in time it’s still a slight notch below Adult Friend Finder, but that could be changing in the future.



3. Ashley Madison 4.6 out of 5.0 stars

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Contrary to popular belief, Ashley Madison is not a site that is solely for married individuals looking to have affairs. Yes, that is primarily what it has been used as for the majority of its life and people continue to use it for that exclusively, however recently it has become quite more than that. People will tell you that it can be used as a hookup platform (regardless of whether or not you’re currently in a relationship) and has typically become more of a mainstream site despite it having a tarnished reputation in the beginning. Fake profiles are very rare on here and considering the nature of the site, people who use it are generally very private and try to be as anonymous as possible when it comes to their personal life. They just want to get their hour or so of pleasure and go on with their lives which makes it more than ideal for those in search of hookups. Typically, yo won’t be finding quite as many early 20’s girls on here and the most populous demographic is women aged 30 – 50. If you’re looking for cougars or MILF’s, then this is the place to be!



4. Tinder 4.1 out of 5.0 stars

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Yes, it can seem quite hypocritical of us to have Tinder on our list of the best one night stand sites out there, especially after we broke down why it sucks in the beginning of this post. When you put things into perspective and take a look at the grand scheme of things, you’ll quickly realize that most hookup and dating sites generally suck but they don’t have the amount of users that Tinder has. So while Tinder basically sucks, most of the other choices we’re presented with suck more or just don’t have the population to compete. You can still have a great time on Tinder – it’s just that it’ll take you significantly longer to find a partner worth meeting in person and you may have to filter through a great deal of catfishes and fake profiles. You might also find little success with Tinder if you’re using it for free rather than with a subscription as it seems the algorithm favors paid members over those who are using their free plan. This has been something quite common on other platforms as well as Tinder.



5. 2Fuck 4.0 out of 5.0 stars

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Lastly, I had to give 2Fuck a try just out of respect for my peers who have recommended me this platform so heavily in the past couple of weeks. I generally don’t like using these platforms with raunchy titles as oftentimes they are completely filled with spammers, scammers, and fake profiles but evidently this site must’ve been different if so many people recommended it. So once I signed up, I realized why others swore by it – the girls on there are extremely horny and vocal about it as well. You’ll obviously get some dirty talk on most of these sites since they were made for hookups and you shouldn’t be too surprised if a girl says something like “I want you” on AFF. However, the girls on 2Fuck were so descriptive and vocal about their desires and what they wanted to do with me that I’m not sure I can share it publicly! My main takeaway from using it is that it has a ton of potential, but still not quite enough users to satisfy my needs as I am not currently living in a major city. If you live in a metropolitan city and are looking for the kinkiest sex, then this might be the platform for you.



Critical Distinction – One Night Stand Sites

If there’s one thing to take away from this article it’s that the difference between regular dating sites and those specifically geared towards hookups is subtle, yet powerful. Tinder for example does not blatantly state that their platform is universally used for hookups (though they might imply it), rather they advertise themselves in the same way that any other dating app would. Even with this public perception though, people know and understand that a massive chunk of Tinder’s users are there strictly for hookups and one night stands.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have sites/apps like Bumble, Match, and POF which also are quite blatant about the fact that they are apps to find long term relationships. The key difference here is that the users and public in general understand this fact and because of this, you won’t find very many people on these platforms that are interested solely in hooking up with others. Sure, you might find the occasional straggler here and there but for the most part, you’ll quickly get blocked by dozens of people if you’re too open about your desire for a one night stand.


Determining The Best One Night Stand Websites

You might be wondering how exactly we filter through all of these sites to determine which are the best for hooking up and getting laid in one night. For the most part, we base our reviews on personal experience as well as feedback from our audience. We’ll put out a Twitter poll here and there to see what our readers think and to ensure that we’re of the same opinion. The main things we look at are ease of use, how attractive the users are, cost, site population, whether or not there are catfish profiles, and a few other key elements. After taking a look at all of these things, we will give each site a rating on a 30-point scale to see which one is the best overall.

Following our extensive studies, we’ve found that most of our readers have had the most success with Adult Friend Finder and we can speak from personal experience as well. This is easily the hottest site out right now and the competition doesn’t really come close, apart from a few big fish like BeNaughty.


FAQs for One Night Stand Sites

What is a one night stand?

This should be pretty obvious at this point, but we’ll break it down. A one night stand is an encounter in which individuals meet for sexual gratification without any string attached, meaning you (ideally) don’t see the person again, unless you want to. A relationship should never form after a one night stand. You can classify this casual encounter as a hit-it-and-quit-it relationship if you will.

What are the risks of having a one night stand?

  • STDs. Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Getting robbed
  • Getting found out by your spouse (Ashley Madison)
  • Accidentally getting pregnant by someone you don’t know

What are the benefits of a one night stand?

  • Sexual gratification
  • Get the sex with no long terms responsibilities
  • Passionate sex like never before

Are these one night stand websites free?

Some of these one night websites are free, but they do not produce any quality results. If you head over to Reddit or Craigslist Activities, you can create a post for free, and you can search for potential matches for free. However, you may not know how a person looks, or may need to do some persuasion to get them to show their face on a webcam. Even then, you most likely won’t find anyone who lives near you.

However, the more premium sites like Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison are only free to a point on the flip side. You can search for profiles, but any communicative features require credits. Additionally, if you want to get many matches and hookup with the best people, you will eventually need to get a premium account or pay for some credits. These paid one night stand websites are free to roam around but require payment to take things further.

What’s the best one night stand website for women?

All of these are the best one night stand websites for women. Women will generally have no problem meeting a guy who wants to bang her back out for the night. All she has to do is make herself available with a public profile.


What Makes a Great One Night Stand Site: Criteria For The Best Hookup Site/App

Outside of having a lot of hot users on their platforms, we’ve found that the number #1 most critical factor in determining the best hook-up sites is how easily/quickly one can actually get laid on these sites. You see, there are plenty of sites that are entirely legitimate with real users (eHarmony, Tinder, Match, etc.) but with all of these sites, it can be quite tedious, time-consuming, and downright difficult to hookup or get laid.

Most users that we’ve polled have consistently told us that apart from having real users, the most important thing that they look for is that they can get laid within the first 2 dates, max. On a site such as AdultFriendFinder, this is incredibly common and easy to pull off which is why we’re so high on it. On other sites however, it is much more difficult to achieve this, therefore we did not mention them on our list of the best one night stand sites to use. This does include sites like eHarmony and which are better if you’re looking for a longterm relationship.

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The Bottom Line: Test To Find Your Best Hookup Site

While we like to think that our advice should be enough for most of our readers, we encourage you to try many of these sites for yourself to discover which one suits you best! We know for a fact that BeNaughty and AFF are massive hits in the United States but if you live in Australia for example, these platforms might be mostly dead for you and you’ll have to look for something else. Fortunately, many of these platforms offer free trials and services so you can get a taste before fully committing!