MPWH (Meet People With Herpes) Review: Dating With Herpes

MPWH (Meet People with Herpes) is an uncommon dating site, delving into the non-regular aspect of connecting people who are looking for love and a date. This site is set on connecting people who are herpes positive. Unlike regular dating sites that connect just anyone who needs a relationship, or connects people based on the color of their skin and their height and physique, MPWH looks towards connecting people who are living with herpes.

People living with herpes have often been sidelined or ignored in terms of people interested in having a good relationship with them. The people and the media culture have painted a bad image of people living with herpes that they find it difficult getting to be in a relationship with anyone. Their relationship proposals are often declined and rejected. Thus, they tend to remain single at most points of their lives especially the young ones living with this.

However, it is unfair to in a bad way misrepresent and misjudge these people who are in a majority in most countries. For instance, in the US, people contract the infection in thousands every year. Health experts argue that the cases are likely to continue growing since it is not given much attention like other life-threatening diseases. Even with a large number of people positive for herpes, there are still no many structures and institutions to help them out in connecting as well as become better with their lives.

MPWH attempts to bring a change in this area of human life. It offers these people the opportunity to do what regular people do at ease with their phones. Herpes-positive people can connect to other people like them on the net and do so without fear of discrimination or rejection. They don’t have to also fear being true to themselves.

Once the person is to be in a relationship with a person who is like him or her, there is no fear of being true to oneself and to that person in that relationship. There is no fear of being discovered to be living with the infection. It becomes a true, sincere, and free heart relationship. This is to avoid the trauma that would have suddenly come with being openly accused and criticized and guilt-tripped.

Furthermore, unlike a few other dating sites that connect people positively to one disease or another, MPWH is different in a whole lot of ways. It has features that make it outstanding. It also offers a unique offering to its users and makes the experience of using the site a great one. This is not a site that hides under the cloak of assisting positive people without meeting the expectations; MPWH meets the expectations and even offers more to the users.

Features and Signing Up

You are herpes positive or know anyone who is, MPWH is the best hereps dating site to join and connect. You get to discuss ways to live with this better as well as know-how to build a sustainable relationship without fear. This is where you get to freely discuss how you feel about the infection, how to combat it, and how to associate with people living with it and those not living with it.

What’s more? You get to find a lovely partner on this platform. With this, you gain confidence, be yourself and achieve more with what you should have done. Using this platform would be an experience you would not regret. You will be pleased with the experience of using the features and functionalities on the platform.

There is an option of a free trial and there is surely a paid plan that you should try exploring.


Signing Up

You go to, and when the platform comes on, you click on Sign Up for Free. You fill in your details as requested such as your username (use a name different from your original name and one you can remember), email address, birthday, height, and location. You are obliged to tick the service agreement and privacy policy. When this is done, you click on create an account.

You are also required to fill more details about yourself including a profile headline, about me (that’s about yourself), type of relationship, and the person you intend to find.

You are also required to fill in more details when you are finished with all these. You click on “My Profile” somewhere at the top, here you can write more about yourself and update your status as well. You should also endeavor to upload a good profile picture that represents who you are and can attract the people you want.



1. Connect to other Members: You can connect to people on MPWH by going to the top menu and clicking on “Let’s Meet!” It takes you to a page where you get to see the profiles of other members. What is beautiful about this feature is that you can choose to meet or know them or choose not to. You can choose to see their profiles. This connection or showing you who may find interesting works on the mutual interests you people share.

2. Viewing your Connections: As time goes on your use of this platform, you have the benefit of checking out people you have connected with. This is contained in a box-like feature on the left-hand side. You get to also see who you have viewed, the ones who viewed you, winked at you, emailed you, the ones you added as your favorites, and some others.

3: Status and Micro-Blogging: This platform is also like other regular social media platforms as you can update your status and share your thoughts. You write about what is interesting to you and maybe interesting to others as well. You allow others to view your micro-blog as you can also view theirs.

4: Search: There is a search tab where you can input some keywords and make vital searches.

5: Hide Profile: You can hide your profile for some time in case you want to give yourself some time away from the platform. You can do this by going to “Settings,” click on “Privacy”, then hide your profile or photos from other members.

6: Blocking Option: You have the option of blocking any member you don’t want to see.

7. You can send winks, make comments, and do other features that make MPWH very unique.


You don’t have to worry about the pricing if you are using the platform for the first time as you are automatically entitled to a free trial. However, after the free trial, you are open to three membership subscription options.

1. One-month membership subscription goes for $29.95.

2. A three-month subscription goes for $ 59.95.

3. Six-month membership fee is up to $ 95.95.

The higher the number of months you subscribe for, the cheaper the subscription if it is checked monthly. If you check, the fee for this platform is cheap compared to the emotional stress that’s taken off your heart. You can also get free membership for some time if you are very active on the platform, posting, commenting, connecting, and reporting abuses.


The Pros and Cons


1. You don’t have to worry about your herpes condition.

2. The fear of you unknowingly spreading the infection is drastically reduced.

3. You can hide your identity here.

4. You can hibernate and avoid the platform for a while.

5. You can either use this platform on a browser or download it as an app.


1. You may be trying to prevent transmission of herpes unknowingly increasing your chances of getting other STD.

2. It is a paid platform, unlike some others that are free.

3. You may connect to someone who you may be avoiding or not like due to the higher chances of privacy on the platform.

4. You would be unable to connect in cases where you need emotional love and you cannot afford to pay.


The Verdict

MPWH is a good platform to use entirely if you are herpes positive and won’t be needing where you would be apprehensive about your status. The conventional dating platforms may offer you a large number of choices in terms of people to look at for but they don’t offer you the emotional balance to be yourself. At MPWH, you can be yourself, connect to people like you and have the discussion that suits your situation best.

The platform is affordable, too. It offers you an opportunity of sharing your thoughts and gathering readers, unlike other dating sites. It also allows you to hide your identity. In all, you get to become free, associate freely and find that person who accepts you for who you are.

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