Elite Singles Review – The Leading Dating Site for Wealthy Men

Elite Singles is growing in popularity and is one of the top online rich men dating site for those who are looking for a serious relationship and who are highly educated. You will find that those who become members of this site tend to have a degree. It can work well for individuals who are trying to find like-minded people who want a relationship and who are also educated.


What Should You Know About Elite Singles?

The dating app claims that it brings together some of the most educated and eligible singles, helping them to find lasting relationships. Although the name might sound like it’s a club for elitist people who believe they are too smart and too good for others who aren’t as educated as them, that’s not the case. However, about 85% of the people on the site do have some type of advanced education or training.

Although this sounds like it’s a “serious” dating app, you don’t have to worry. It doesn’t take everything quite so seriously. However, you will find that the app is not the place to be for those who are looking for flings or who are looking to play games.

People who put time and effort into their education and career want to find others with a similar drive in most cases. You are a high performer and want the same from your partner. The app will help connect singles who have similar educational backgrounds.

Who Is the Elite Singles App For?

Keep in mind that this isn’t a hookup site. Elitesingles is for singles who are looking for a partner for the long-term and who might even be looking for someone who they will eventually marry. If you are looking for someone with an academic background, this is one of the top options. It is not a site for those looking for casual encounters.


Can You Find Good Quality Matches on Elite Singles?

Naturally, this is one of the most common questions you’ll want to have answered before you spend your money on this site. Fortunately, you will find that the work the company puts into the site helps to ensure that the matches tend to be high-quality. With more than 380,000 people signing up for the site each month, you can be sure you’ll never have a shortage of potential matches.

However, it does take a bit more time to sign up for this site than it does some of the other dating sites. This is because there are quite a few personality questions you will have to answer. Most of these are multiple-choice, though, so it shouldn’t take too long.

The good thing about all of those questions is that they will separate the wheat from the chaff. Those who don’t want to go through the signup process wouldn’t likely be a good match for the site anyway. It also means that the matches you get are more likely to be accurate, helping you find the right person faster.


Is the Site Easy to Use?

You will appreciate that once you have signed up and completed your profile, Elite Singles tends to be easy to use. It’s easy to get started and navigate, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding the features and tools that you need. Once you have used the site for just a short time, you should be familiar enough with it to feel comfortable looking for matches.


What Are Some of the Features?

You will find that the site has a match section that’s similar to other sites. You will get some great matches relatively quickly, and then you can sort through the matches using a range of different sorting criteria. This includes things like distance, age, height, favorites, similarities, profiles with a photo, and new members. This lets you have more control over your potential matches.


What Does It Cost?

Naturally, one of the questions that people will often ask is just how much they will be spending on Elite Singles. You will find that this site does cost more than a lot of the other online dating tools out there. However, it’s not the most expensive site.

The cost of a three-month membership is $173.85, which equates to $57.95 per month. There is also an option for a six-month membership. This is $269.70 per month, which works out to $44.95 per month. There is also a monthly membership, which is $59.95 per month.


Elitesingles Alternatives – Other Dating Sites with a Similar Focus

Elite Singles has a lot to offer, but there are some other rich men dating sites that you might want to check out, as well.


A lot of people who are successful and wealthy worry about dating because it’s hard to be sure why people want to date them. Do they want to be with the other person because they have similar interests and want to have a relationship? Are they someone who is merely looking for someone who makes a lot of money?

This is purely a rich men dating site for wealthy singles who are making at least $200,000 a year. There are no sugar daddies or sugar babies on the site. It’s about making true connections and a lasting relationship.

They have been around for more than a decade and have millions of members, including celebrities from Hollywood, professional athletes, lawyers, doctors, and more.


This site is somewhat different from Elite Singles, The League, or Millionaire Match. On this site, the men are wealthy, but the women don’t have to be. Even though this isn’t a sugar daddy site per se, it is geared more toward fun and build an actual long-term relationship.

There are two tiers of membership on the site. If you want to be able to send emails and instant messages, you will need the gold tier. With the silver tier, you can only respond to messages that were sent to you.


Similar to WealthMen.com, this site is geared more toward those who are looking for something that’s relatively casual. It’s a millionaire dating site where wealthy men and women go to find attractive singles, but the algorithm is meant to help find those people that share interests with you.

The site is more popular with wealthy men than it is with wealthy women. The majority of the people on the site are women who are looking for wealthy men. This site is very popular in Europe, but it is available around the world.


The League is one of dating apps to meet rich guys shares quite a few similarities with Elite Singles in the type of clientele that it attracts. It helps people to find singles who are in the same league and who have a certain level of education. It can take some time to get through the approval process, and you will still need to be on a waiting list before you get to find matches.


What’s the Result?

Overall, Elite Singles has a lot to offer for those who know what they are looking for. If you are looking for an educated professional that has as much drive as you do, this could be the perfect online dating site for you. It has a lot of features, it’s easy to use, the matches are real, and it’s well worth the cost. Overall, it has a score of 9 out of 10.

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