Magnum XT Review: Is Magnum XT A Quality Product?

review of magnum xtThe male health industry is a sensitive one. There is a lot of ‘broscience‘ on the net about products that are supposedly meant to make men lift heavier, last longer, or grow the size of their junk. Because of the massive amount of misinformation being spread, there is naturally a high level of skepticism in the space which is certainly warranted in some ways. However, this is also an unfortunate fact because oftentimes there are products that don’t deserve this kind of criticism because they actually do provide a value to the end-user. Magnum XT seems to be an example of one of those products that actually do provide real results, but it was something I had to take a deeper look at in order to confirm this belief.


What is Magnum XT?

Magnum XT is a new dietary supplement that can surprisingly be purchased online without a prescription. It claims to help men with issues pertaining to achieving and maintaining longer-lasting and stronger erections. It also claims that users will be able to enjoy more frequent erections, an improved libido and in some cases – an increase in their penis size. So as you can see, this product seems to make some very impressive claims about what it does for men and their sexual health. We’ve seen many such products with claims this large in the past but unfortunately, the vast majority could not live up to their claims. Most didn’t even come close, but what about Magnum XT?


Magnum XT Review: Does Magnum XT Work?

Generally speaking, Magnum XT works. It does most of the things it claims to do, and my experience with it has confirmed that. Within two weeks of taking Magnum XT, I was able to get hard pretty much instantaneously when it was time to get it on with my partner which was not always the case (usually it happened about 50-70% of the time, the rest I needed porn or viagra). After a full month not only were my erections stronger than they’d ever been in my adult life, but I actually craved sex far more than was normal for me. So in that sense, I definitely felt the benefits of Magnum XT; I had stronger erections and my sex drive had increased quite a bit. I did not however notice any size increase in my Jimmy which is why I prefaced my review of Magnum XT with it doing *most* of the things it claims to do.

To be fair to the manufacturers of Magnum XT, it probably takes longer than a full month to notice an increase in penis size from using a supplement. Until I notice that difference, I will continue taking Magnum XT in order to benefit from the other benefits relating to the bedroom. An extra inch is length would just be the cherry on top for both my partner and I.


Magnum XT Ingredients

Even though Magnum XT is fully natural and you don’t need a prescription to obtain it, you will probably still want to know what the ingredients of this product are. Thankfully for us, Magnum XT has clearly laid out what they put into their ‘magic pill’ to make it as effective as it has proven to be. We can clearly see on the list that they are mostly things you might find in many testosterone boosting products, but the combination of certain ingredients aids more in circulation that can help with getting and maintaining erections.

  • L-Glutamine:

L-Glutamine is an ingredient that is generally used to help those with absorption issues in their diet. Because you need all of the nutrients you can get to fully enjoy healthy and frequent erections, you need to ensure that your body is actually absorbing all of the things you are giving it. Many people take plenty of vitamins and nutrients and wonder why they still do not feel the effects; malabsorption might be the cause.

  • Vinpocetine:

Vinpocetine is extracted from a particular type of flower called Vogana Arician. It’s a herbal medication that has been used for several decades for its claimed male enlargement properties. It is one of the core ingredients in Magnum XT and the ‘secret sauce’ behind Magnum XT’s size increasing capabilities.

  • John’s Wort:

John’s wort is another flower that is used for its medicinal properties. It is generally used to reduce stress, anxiety, and cortisol in the body. Because stress and depression are enemy #1 to a healthy sex life and erections, John’s Wort is absolutely necessary in this supplement.

  • Huperzine:

Huperzine is a component derived from a Chinese moss-like substance. It, too, has been used for hundreds of years to cure numerous diseases and illnesses. It has been used in Magnum XT supplement to increase blood flow to the genital area and relax the surrounding muscles.

  • L-Carnitine:

L-Carnitine is an amino acid. L-Carnitine is something you can find naturally in the wild which is good to hear for those that are concerned about lab-made ingredients. It is generally used to improve metabolic health and for ensuring the transfer of all nutrients throughout the body. It also converts fatty acid into energy and increases muscle mass.

  • Ginkgo Biloba:

Ginkgo Biloba is an ingredient that has supposedly been used to treat erectile dysfunction and other sexual health problems for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It is used to oxidize the inside of your erection and increase the flow of oxygen to its muscles. Not having a sufficient supply of oxygen to your penis is something that is at the very core of ED.

  • Bacopa Monnieri:

Bacopa Monnieri is the last ingredient we’ll go over, and it is fortunately another one that is 100% natural. It’s widely used for its erection-inducing properties. It is so effective in inducing erections, and it is more widely known as the natural Viagra pill in many parts of the world. It is another one of the core ingredients that make up the Magnum XT supplement.


What Makes Magnum XT Truly Effective?

magnum xt review

Since Magnum XT can be easily purchased online without any medical prescription, many wonder what actually makes Magnum XT effective. If it doesn’t have the same properties as Viagra or Cialis, then what exactly does it do to make things different for men? Just like supplementing Vitamin D3 can help improve your mood over prolonged periods of time, supplementing with Magnum can help improve blood flow, circulation, and your libido overall. This is done through not only providing your body with the tools it needs to run optimally, but also by making sure that the tools are fully absorbed into your body. This is why L-Glutamine is one of the most important ingredients you can find in this formula.


How Long Does It Take To See Results?

The answer to this question varies from person to person. If you’re like most people, odds are that you’ll notice results within the first 1-3 weeks. There aren’t many people who notice zero results after the initial 3 week period and for the few who fall into that category, it generally has to do with other issues in their lifestyle such as malnutrition, conflicting ailments, a sedentary way of being, and many others.

Results will start out slowly but you will definitely notice something different. The first thing that happens is constant ‘morning wood’. If you didn’t have morning wood every single day when waking up, chances are that you’ll soon experience that with the use of Magnum XT. You will feel an increase in your libido within the first few weeks which will eventually lead to stronger erections in the bedroom. This is the classic case that occurs with the vast majority of individuals who begin taking Magnum XT on a consistent basis.


Magnum XT Side Effects: Is It Safe?

Because Magnum XT is made from an all-natural formula, it is extremely safe to consume and this is another reason why its manufacturers are able to sell it OTC, through their website. Saying that you would feel side effects from taking Magnum XT is like saying you would feel side effects from taking a multi-vitamin. Sure, it’s theoretically possible but for most people it won’t be a reality. In higher doses, Magnum XT can sometimes cause headaches and an upset stomach, but this has much more to do with dosage than the product itself.

Dosage of Magnum XT – How Much To Take

This leads into our next topic: the recommended dosage of Magnum XT. Because it is a highly potent formula, we recommend taking one capsule per day with breakfast for better absorption. This is not a rule; Magnum XT can be take at any time of day and even without meals but we suggest the breakfast route for optimal results.

Some would say that one capsule every two days is sufficient. I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that sentiment, but I definitely see how taking one capsule every two days can still produce massive results for the average person that is deficient in any of the nutrients that Magnum XT provides.


Benefits of Using Magnum XT

Before ordering this product, many people would naturally be curious to know the full list of benefits that they may gain from using Magnum XT. These are the main ones to pay attention to.

  • Longer-lasting, stronger erections
  • Improved confidence in the bedroom
  • Increased libido
  • Increases semen volume
  • Gives a better feeling of fulfillment
  • Improves blood-flow throughout the body
  • Increases and regulates the endocrine cycle which increases the release of hormones in the body
  • Improves relationship with partner(s)
  • Enables you to have multiple rounds of sex


Where Can Magnum XT Be Purchased?

For the time being, Magnum XT can only be purchased from their official website. Don’t be fooled by other websites claiming to sell the same product because they are fraudulent. The manufacturers decided that they would first sell their product only directly through their website until they amass enough feedback and go to the big retailers. As Magnum XT is gaining traction as a product, it is possible that we might see it in shelves or on other major online retailers at some point in the future, but right now it can only be purchased here.


Who Should Use Magnum XT?

This is an important question to ask as obviously not everyone is suited for this product. In general, any man over 18 that is facing erection and/or libido problems can safely take this product, but that doesn’t mean that they should. Young men under the age of 25 for example should not be facing these kinds of issues but if they are, then it is likely that other lifestyle factors are getting in the way such as obesity, stress, and even a high usage of pornography. Our suggestion to younger men is to go down other routes of solving their issue before taking the supplement path.

On the other hand if you’re an older gentleman and you eat a relatively stable diet and don’t have any other issues that could be interfering with circulation in your body, then taking Magnum XT as a supplement might be a very wise decision. After all it is completely natural and many would suggest taking a natural supplement before touching a prescription drug like Viagra and seeing what kind of results you end up having.


Magnum XT Reviewed: Supplementation is The Future & Magnum XT Proves That

When one is able to get the kind of results that I experienced from a natural product like Magnum XT, it defeats the purpose of using drugs like Viagra entirely. Sure, there may be the odd day when you need an emergency blue pill to pick you up but trust me – feeling like you rely on any pharmaceutical product to function like a ‘normal’ human being does not feel good at all. This is why it is always advisable that all individuals look to correct other aspects of their life through things like supplementation, diet, exercise, sleep, and cutting out bad things like smoking/drinking/excessive sugar. Magnum XT is the first step to improving men’s health without taking the doctor route.

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