Female Mind Control: Is It Really Possible?

mind control of women and femalesFemale mind control is a touchy subject for a lot of people, and there is much debate amongst many different groups of men on whether or not such a thing even exists. While true *absolute* mind control like we see in the movies is not possible, other forms of persuasion and psychological strategy can bring about almost mind control-like results. While for many guys the idea of female mind control is strictly from an attraction standpoint, there are many different reasons as to why you may want to have psychological control over the women in your life. These strategies work best in the world of seduction and attraction which is what makes them so popular.


How To REALLY Control The Minds Of Women

Because the information we’re about to share is highly sensitive and potent, we ask that our readers are cautious of sharing it at a high frequency in order to preserve the methods’ effectiveness. This technique has been used since the dawn of time by the top 1% of men and for the longest time, it has been kept a secret in order to keep the strategy working. Think about it; if you found a goldmine of information that put you above the rest of the crowd in any field of life, would you be so eager to share it with the world? Probably not. It all comes down to a method more recently known as “The Scrambler” – watch this video to learn more about how and why it works.

controlling female mind


Remember: the scrambler only works as well as it does because the information has mostly been kept very private. It may have been shared here and there in some paid, small-group forums, but it is stunning to see how most men actually keep their word and refrain from sharing it too heavily. The method just works and bring the whole ideology of “female mind control” to life and gives it a whole new meaning.


The Basics Of Female Mind Control: Attention

As a man, you need to understand one basic concept that has been true for thousands of years and will continue to be true for thousands of years to come. This concept of intersexual dynamics is one of the most important ones out there yet it is not frequently mentioned. The number one tool you have when it comes to attracting, keeping, and even enslaving women is your attention. Many men live by the saying “men give attention to receive sex and women give sex to receive attention”. More experienced men will confirm that for the most part, this is very true. So what does this mean for you?



Make Your Attention More Valuable Than The Crowd’s

Because of things like Instagram and social media in general, male attention has become much cheaper than it was in the past. 200 years ago, a beautiful woman would walk by in her town and nobody would care. She was just a girl who was blessed with good genetics and was only known by her small group of friends and family, as it has always been. Now, even an average or moderately attractive woman can amass hundreds of thousands of followers/likes (attention) in a matter of minutes through tools like Instagram. This has made male attention extremely cheap as it is so plentiful for all women with a smartphone and an internet connection.

What does this mean for you? It means that you have to make your attention more valuable than the attention of this masses. You must not hand it out so easily and must do whatever it takes to increase your value in the marketplace. This could mean become more financially capable, more good-looking, more assertive in the way you speak, etc. Over time, you will begin to learn that as your attention becomes more valuable, more and more women will seek it and wonder why they’re not getting any of it.


Intrigue Is A Must In Today’s Game

Sure, your attention has to be valuable but what good is all that if you haven’t even hooked the girl? This is where intrigue comes in and plays a huge role. You must always keep an air of mystery about you; this is true in all areas of life, and not just when you’re trying to attract/control the minds of women. Even if you’re an extremely simple man that lives and extremely simple and boring life, it serves you no benefit to put this information out into the world. Always keep things vague and say less than necessary. The more you speak, the more you unintentionally reveal about yourself and increase the likelihood of lowering your perceived value in the eyes of others.

In a practical sense, all this means is that you need to be more careful about what you speak and don’t speak. If you work in an office setting, you don’t necessarily need to spout out your position in the office, what your company does, or who your co-workers are. Again, all of this excess information serves you no purpose and doesn’t raise any intrigue in any person. Instead, you might say that you have a position in a government agency and that you can’t really talk about what you do as it would pose as a risk to your job. Even if this information is completely inaccurate and fabricated, it raises a hell of a lot more intrigue than saying you’re the guy who responds to emails and faxes your bosses papers at the local newspaper.


ALWAYS Keep A Position Of Power For Total Female Control

This is an area in which many guys mess up. They might start out fine, but a lot of times men will end up “caving in” to their desires and start playing by the girls’ rules. This is where things start to fall apart for many men; they have given their girl(s) power and have made themselves powerless. This erodes the relationship from the inside and a breakup becomes inevitable. If you are to control the women whom you wish to control, you must always maintain a position of power.

This generally means being the opposite of needy. Never act like you need to see her, never make compromises which weaken your stance, and never make negotiations. If she doesn’t abide by your set of rules, you must limit your attention in order to reset the cycle.


Bottom Line: Female Mind Control is Possible To An Extent

Mind control of females is possible to an extent meaning that you can influence her decision-making greatly, but you still won’t be professor-X from the X-men. And while the methods shared here will work on the vast majority of women out there, it still won’t work on 100% of them as no method is foolproof. After all, some women are lesbians, some are mentally deranged, and some just might be repulsed by you, and that’s okay. The more experience you gain with the scrambler method, the more success you will see when it comes to controlling the minds of women in your life.

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