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Craigslist Personals Alternatives Worth Using

Because of the unfortunate fact that the market is completely saturated with B.S. websites and dating apps, we thought we’d do a little digging into what the best substitutes are for those that were once using Craigslist personals. It was truly a golden era when we could use CP but sadly those days are over and we are now forced to use websites that advertise as doing the same thing. Are there really any legitimate sites worth using though? Read our article to find out.



Best BDSM Dating Sites Of The Year

bdsm dating sites 2019Even though BDSM is something that has become far more mainstream in recent years, it can still be relatively difficult to find partners who are specifically into the same things as you. Because of this, many people resort to looking online and seeing what kind of options they have in regards to finding others with the same interests, but for the most part there has really been a lack of quality kink-oriented dating sites. We’ve compiled a list of the best BDSM dating sites of the year, click here to check it out.



AdultFriendFinder Review

Adult Friend Finder is one of the most heavily-recommended dating sites out there. It has a massive number of people using it daily and the total count of users is estimated to be between 80 million and 100 million. Whatever the actual number is, the constant remains the same; Adult Friend Finder is one of the best options when it comes to kink dating, or just hookups in general. Read our review to find out why.



SizeGenetics Review: Is It Legit?

If you’ve ever heard of products that are meant to increase the permanent size of ones penis, you’ve probably immediately laughed at the concept. Surely, the only way one could go about increasing the size of their penis is through surgery, right? Well, the truth is a little bit more complex than that. I decided to try out SizeGenetics for myself to seewhat the hype was about. Click here to check out my review.



Testogen Review

With testosterone levels falling rapidly all across North America and the rest of the Western world, millions of men are flocking to the internet to find out what they can do to increase their levels back to normal. While diet and exercise surely help if you’re lacking in those departments, they probably aren’t going to be enough for the average man. Products like Testogen are popping up all over the place; but do they actually work? We put it to the test.



Manifestation Magic Review

Manifestation Magic is a product that claims to be able to bring wealth, health, and happiness to its users via mental re-programming. Though these types of courses/programs have become quite common over the past decade, it’s difficult to say how much is true and how much is fiction. The only way to find out was to actually try it out and that’s exactly what I did. Check out our review here. Review

cougar and milf sites

Everybody can agree that cougars can be some of the hottest specimen on the planet. The problem has traditionally been that not only is it hard tofind attractive cougars; but dating them can be even harder. There have been other decent sites in the past such as Ashley Madison, but few are geared 100% towards cougars like Cougar Life is. I decided to give it a shot and was pleasantly surprised by the results. Click here to read up on this review of



Seeking Arrangement Review – Legit Dating Site?

Sugar daddy-baby relationships are not a new thing at all. In fact, it’s been happening for hundreds(potentially thousands) of years. For the most part however, these relationships were limited to our own communities. Now, sugar dating services like Seeking Arrangement are offering the opportunity of connecting with sugar daddies/babies from all around the world. But is it actually worth using?



Bluechew Review: Does It Actually Work?

bluechew review

Bluechew is something that we’ve been reading about over several weeks. Many people claim it to be a sort of miracle supplement that is able to duplicate the results of Viagra without having to use any sort prescription drug. Based on these assumptions, we had to go ahead and try it for ourselves and find out of Bluechew really is the real deal. As it turns out, the results were indeed quite shocking and Bluechew may be here to stay.



Best Dating Sites For Millionaires To Use

dating sites for millionaires

The life of a millionaire is generally going to be a bit easier than that of an ‘average’ person, however some things are actually more difficult at that level of wealth. One of those things is dating. Millionaires often have to be extremely selective and cautious when dating as a bad partner could quite easily ruin them not only emotionally, but financially as well. For this reason, using a dating sites geared towards millionaires is ideal. These are the best dating datings sites to use as a millionaire.



Best Interracial Dating Websites

Interracial dating used to be a very controversial thing in the not-so-distant past. Thankfully, those times are behind us and now interracial dating has been normalized (as it should be). However, dating interracially is still not all that easy for many people. For this reason, we thought it would be important to compile the list of the best interracial dating sites out there right now.



Ashley Madison Reviewed: Affair Site Still Worth Using?

If it feels like Ashley Madison has been around for ages, that’s because it has. This year, the infamous cheating website has turned 20 years old. It’s accrued a massive user-base in that time and millions of people have signed up to their services. Throughout the years they have even faced controversies surrounding the security of their platform and hackings. Despite all this, they are still extremely relevant today, but how do they stack up in comparison to other similar dating sites? We dive in to find out.

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