Best 10 Military Dating Sites for Singles: 100% Free Uniform Dating Apps

The military lifestyle isn’t always easy. Hence, military dating sites are brilliant as those who use them are on board with dating someone in the military. These sites are both for military singles and the civilians looking to date them!


1. eHarmony

If you’re looking to date someone in uniform, dating using eHarmony might be a good idea simply because of the large number of members this site boasts—29M members worldwide.

Pros of eHarmony

  • eHarmony is one of the world’s largest and most popular dating sites with 29M members worldwide
  • A unique personality test matches members with an interesting algorithm
  • Solely for people looking for serious dating
  • You can search for members using your own search criteria, in addition to being matched with members according to the personality test

Cons of eHarmony

  • Not appropriate for casual dating
  • It’s not a site designed for military dating specifically
  • The price tag is pretty hefty

Overall Verdict

If you want to use a military singles chat rooms with a large membership base and don’t mind looking around for a while to find someone in the military, then eHarmony is a good option. eHarmony is particularly good if you’re looking for serious dating and would like to be paired up with someone because of their personality instead of swiping yes and no depending on their looks alone.


2. Match

Match is not a military dating site, but it does have 20M members, many of who are in the military. In short, military dating is made quite possible.

Pros of Match

  • A well-established site with 20M members worldwide
  • You can search members based on a variety of different criteria
  • It’s available to different sexual orientations
  • You can call and video chat within the app

Cons of Match

  • Not a military dating site
  • The profile quality is alright, but nothing extraordinary
  • You need to pay for a membership if you want to interact with others properly

Overall Verdict

Match is one of the golden oldies in the online dating sphere and the company they have built provides a reliable dating service. If you’re looking for a site with millions of members to meet military men, of which some will be in the military, Match is a good option.


3. MilitaryCupid

If you’re in the military, dating can be tricky. As one of the first military dating sites, Military Cupid was launched back in 2006. It is run by Cupid Media which owns and operates several well-known dating sites.

Pros of MilitaryCupid

  • Around 1M members worldwide, which is a lot for a niche site
  • Available as an Android App
  • Profiles are detailed as you have the option of answering a multitude of questions so others can get an easy overview of your and there’s a section where you can write about yourself as well
  • The membership plan is reasonably priced if you sign up for 12 months
  • A well-functioning site and app

Cons of MilitaryCupid

  • You can only contact others via messaging if you pay for a membership
  • The membership fee is pricey if you pay for less than one year
  • Not available on the App Store
  • Nothing new or innovative in the website or app design

Overall Verdict

Military Cupid is a well-functioning military dating site and app, perfect if you’re looking to date someone in the military or are in the military yourself. As a niche dating site, it has a fair amount of members and has been around for long enough to establish a solid reputation. All of Cupid Media’s sites are well-functioning sites with great profiles.


4. Military Friends

If you’re into army dating, then Military Friends is definitively worth checking out. Owned and operated by popular network, it forms part of their many niche dating sites. Unfortunately, the design of the site is in dire need of an update, unless you’re fond of design from the early 2000s.

Pros of Military Friends

  • It’s a site run by a well-known company
  • It’s a niche site, meaning everyone on the site is interested in military connections
  • It has a Facebook page with over 10k members

Cons of Military Friends

  • Blog posts, new, and other such features appear to have been updated years ago
  • Low number of members
  • Not a visually attractive site

Overall Verdict

As Military Friends is a best military dating site you can join for free to have a look around, it’s worth doing so as it’s run by a well-known company. In other words, you don’t risk anything by signing up and seeing if there are any members in your area. However, if you’re looking for a well-designed, modern, and happening site, you should look elsewhere.


5. EliteSingles

If you’re looking to date a soldier, EliteSingles is, perhaps, not the first place to turn as it’s simply a site for professional singles (over 80% of members hold a university degree). However, as a site with over 30M members worldwide, plenty of soldiers can be found here!

Pros of EliteSingles

  • A well-designed site and app (available both for Android and iOS)
  • 30M members worldwide
  • You have to take a personality test to sign up, so the matching algorithm is pretty interesting
  • The amount of male and female members is about the same

Cons of EliteSingles

  • Most members are 30+ (can be a plus if you are as well!)
  • It’s a rather pricey dating site unless you sign up for a one-year membership
  • It’s not a niche dating sites for those in the military or those looking

Overall Verdict

EliteSingles is a well-designed military dating app, and thanks to focusing on educated singles looking for a serious relationship, it’s great if you fall in that category. The personality test used for the matching algorithm further ensures an interesting experience using the site. However, if you’re looking specifically to date military professionals, you may have to look around for a while before finding them.


6. UniformDating

Uniform Dating is not a strictly military dating website—it’s a site for anyone wearing a uniform or wanting to date someone in uniform. Some genius figured out that those who wear uniforms to work (doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters, soldiers, and so forth) have a lot in common—mainly irregular working hours and a demanding job where their main purpose is to serve others.

Pros of Uniform Dating

  • Uniform Dating has been around since 2004 and is well-established
  • Uniform Dating has about 2M members worldwide
  • Profiles enable you to fill in a “quiz” about yourself which you can use to match with others

Cons of Uniform Dating

  • The landing age was written for SEO and is poorly executed
  • You need to pay for a membership to properly use the site
  • To get a decent priced membership, you have to sign up for at least six months

Overall Verdict

Uniform Dating is a popular niche dating site for military that has been around for a long time. As such, it’s fully functional and offers some neat touches, like the “quiz” you can use to match with others. It does cost to be a member and it’s not the most happening website, but if you’re looking for a man or woman in uniform, it’s definitively a site you will want to try! And you can browse other members before signing up for a paid membership.


7. MilitarySinglesConnection

It is a website for dating someone in the military or woman looking for friendship, dates, serious relationships, and marriage. While some free dating services lack quality, this site does not. All features come at no cost, and you are more than likely to find someone who understands and shares your lifestyle.

Pros of MilitarySinglesConnection:

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Seamless user interface
  • A vast database of military singles
  • Browse by location

Cons of MilitarySinglesConnection:

  • An unattractive interface


8. Military Friends Date

Among the niche military dating sites you find Military Friends Date site. It’s not the most appealing looking site, but on the upside, it’s free.

Pros of Military Friends Date

  • Free to use
  • Have a fairly active Facebook page with 10k plus members
  • Works on desktop and mobile

Cons of Military Friends Date

  • When we checked only 200 members were online
  • Old-fashioned design
  • While the site works on your mobile, there’s no app

Overall Verdict

Military Friends Date is a site specifically for military dating. It’s free and easy enough to use, but without any bells and whistles and with a small membership base. If you’re willing to travel for love, or looking for love near a military base, you may still hit jackpot with this site. And as it’s free to join, you can always have a look around and see if there are members near you.


9. U.S. Military Singles

Dating a soldier is made easy with military dating on U.S. Military Singles. A niche dating site, it doesn’t have a vast amount of members, but it’s run by a well-established online dating company (Premier Dating), and while the site is basic, it’s well-functioning.

Pros of U.S. Military Singles

  • Niche dating site
  • Well-functioning site

Cons of U.S. Military Singles

  • Small site with about 500,000 members
  • No bells and whistles
  • You need a paid membership to access most features

Overall Verdict

If you are looking for a niche army dating site and dating a deployed soldier online, or military dating site, U.S. Military Singles is a good option so long as you don’t mind there not being a vast number of members.


10. Soldier Match

This is a niche army dating site, though one you might want to enter at your own risk.

Pros of Soldier Match

  • It’s a niche military dating site

Cons of Soldier Match

  • The design of the site is not great
  • It’s unknown how many members the site have, but our guess is that it’s few
  • It appears to belong to a network of sites where members are cross-marketed for matching and other sites in their network include things like lactating dating (yes, it’s a thing…)
  • It costs to become a full member


Overall Verdict

This is a small site that lacks reviews. What’s more, it’s connected to a number of different niche dating sites, many which are adult in nature. You may want to think twice before joining this site.

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