Top 6 Hinge Dating Site & App Alternatives for Single Rich Men and Women

The hinge dating site is a truly unique way to find love, you have the option to lay your possible deal-breakers out on the table and work towards building long-lasting relationships with people rather than quick flings. Hinge is a wonderful option for people who are looking for a dating app unlike the oversaturated and difficult-to-use apps out there. Singles love hinge App because of its easy-to-use layout and the chance to try the app for free. You may be wondering if there are any other dating apps or sites with similar models to Hinge. Hinge dating App is more popular with younger people and you may be looking for a more mature dating pool. You may be looking for a dating pool of people with similar successes as you. In this article, we will go over the advantages of six different alternatives to this popular modern dating app. From highly exclusive to simple dating apps, you may find something to pique your interest.


Hinge Dating Site & App Alternatives Lists


Millionaire Match: A safe space for millionaires to find true love for over twenty years.

Dating Rich Girl: best dating site for rich women looking for serious relationship.

Meet Rich Men: Best dating site for rich men looking for serious relationship.

Elite Singles: Built for professional people between 30-55 years old.

Raya App: Best dating App for famous people.


Millionaire Match

The name says it all. Millionaire Match is a dating website tailored for wealthy and good-looking singles. Millionaire Match has been a safe space for millionaires to find true love for over twenty years. The dating website recognizes the difficulties with finding a partner when you are a very wealthy person. When using regular dating apps, you will most likely run into a lot of ingenuine users who just want you for your money. That’s why they have a somewhat extensive verification process for millionaires in order to confirm the validity of individuals using their website. They work to remove spam profiles as fast as possible by identifying who is using fake photos.

The website isn’t just for people rich with money. It is also used by people rich in looks. There is an option to sign up as an attractive single instead of a wealthy single. Millionaire Match offers a membership of $70 per month for people wanting to chat with each other on the website. This is a steep price, but remember this is a dating app for millionaires. This membership can be purchased for a lower price if you buy multiple months ahead of time. Over 5 million people have used the elite dating website and hundreds of singles log into their accounts daily. Not only is Millionaire Match available in a website format, but you can also find Millionaire Match on the IOS and Google Play stores.

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Dating Rich Girls

Dating Rich Girls is a very exclusive dating website for sophisticated and successful single women and men. This website brings together individuals who have high aspirations and bright futures ahead of them. That’s why it is a bit difficult to get into the rich women dating site. There is a waiting period of about 24 hours for getting accepted to the site.

This is truly the home of high dating standards. This dating site may be for you if you’re looking for a partner of high intelligence and you’re not a fan of mainstream dating apps. If your friends have told you you’re “picky” when it comes to online dating, you need to try Dating Rich Girls . At the same time every day, they send you your prospects to review and see if it’s a good match. You will have 3-15 profiles to choose from. Sharing your success and love with like-minded individuals has never been so modern and mobile.


Meet Rich Men

Meet Rich Men is a simple slow-paced dating website for single rich men looking for a serious relationship. This website is particularly popular among women because of how easy and safe it makes finding good men who could potentially be their soulmates.

Meet rich men is best for people who don’t have a lot of time to be spending on dating apps scrolling through hundreds of dating profiles. It’s also great for women who feel uncomfortable on other dating apps that heavily rely on hook-up culture. No one who’s looking for a relationship wants tons of spam messages from potential partners who just want a one-night stand.

You can use this rich men dating site for free, with premium paid features like access to all likes and a profile boost once a month. The dating website prides itself on showing you bagels that actually match your interests and preferences so you aren’t going on meaningless date after meaningless date. The website has over 5 million users and continues to grow.


Elite Singles

Elite Singles is similar to The League because of its focus on matching successful and intelligent people. Elite Singles is filled with educated people with college degrees. They find matches for you based on a series of in-depth questions about your preferences, so you don’t have to go through tons of non-compatible people before you have a match. The app will give you give five to seven singles a day to look through. It’s up to you if they are up to standard.

The website is built for professional people between 30-55 years old. Elite Singles users are looking for life-long connections with like-minded people. Thousands of men and women join Elite Singles every month, so there is no shortage of potential partners. A huge advantage of this dating website is that it has tons of advice available for filling out your profile and finding dates afterward. This is very helpful for people who are new to online dating.

Elite Singles is not cheap, though. Their excellent dating platform comes with a monthly price of $59.95. You can save a small amount of money if you pay for several months ahead of time. Elite Singles welcomes gay, interracial, and single parent dating, so everyone can give this dating website a try.


Raya Dating App

The Raya app is like the VIP room of the online dating world. It’s extremely hard to get approved to be a member on the app. This is because of how high of a priority privacy is to Raya. Screenshots are strictly forbidden and you could be on the waiting list for approval for months. There are currently around 100,000 people on the waitlist. The app has a very high celebrity prescence. Some of the most well known celebrity singles have used the app, including Lizzo, Channing Tatum, Niall Horan, and Drew Barrymore. Raya has helped many famous couples come together.

Despite the exclusivity of Raya, it’s one of the cheapest dating apps out there. For only $9.99 a month, you can become a member. This app would be perfect for you if you have a large social media following and have made a name for yourself. When using the app, you click yes or no on profiles until you match with someone. Everyone’s profile has a slideshow of their photos with a song in the background so you can get a better idea of who they are. Raya makes it easy to speak to matches directly from the app with their messaging and video calling options. The app was built in 2015, and has since updated quite a bit. Even though it is mostly used for dating, some use it for networking and finding business partners. If you’d like to give Raya a try, you can find it on the IOS appstore only.


Inner Circle Dating App

Inner Circle is another dating app that is pretty difficult to get accepted to. While the app is not limited to certain kinds of people, they carefully comb through profiles to find the absolute best of the best. Because of this, you probably won’t need to worry about ingenuine people or scammers trying to contact you.

When you sign up for Inner Circle, it is a requirement that you link your social medias in order to provide information about your identity and confirm that you’re a real person. This is one of the techniques they use to make sure their singles using their app are high-quality. Inner Circle gives you a list of singles in your area based on the filters that you provide them. You can either like or pass the profiles you are given.

Inner Circle offers a few cool features that makes it a great dating app. There is an option to hide your profile if you need a little bit of time to focus on getting to know your matches. There is also an option to check out events happening in your area. These events are great opportunities to meet new people off of the app. You could even throw your own party and invite other users in the app.

The average cost for a membership on Inner Circle is $5 a week. With this membership you can message other members and enjoy all of the features on Inner Circle. If you’re lucky enough to be in the 50% of people who get accepted to use the app, you’re sure to find many suitable partners during your time on the app.



In conclusion, there are many apps that have similar layouts to hinge dating site. There are dating apps for specific interests and groups of people so you can find exactly the person you are looking for. Whether you’d like to see if you have what it takes to be accepted into the exclusive apps or you just want to take your time looking for the love of your life, the goal is the same. All of these apps and websites focus on finding you the long-term and strong relationship you have been looking for without hookup culture and fake profiles getting in the way.

If for some reason Hinge was not for you, you now have many different options to choose from. These six hinge dating site and app alternatives are all great for building a stable and forever relationship with the person of your dreams. Most of these apps come with free trials, so there’s no reason not to try them out. Online dating has been successful for so many people. Now it’s your turn to take matters into your own hands and find your soulmate. Now go out there and start online dating!

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