Top 10 Elite Dating Sites And Apps: Meet Professionals & Educated Singles

Arranging to meet professional and educated singles can be a tough task on apps such as Tinder. If you’re trying to be more selective with your approach to dating, it may be worthwhile to consider some elite alternatives. While there is obviously no ‘perfect’ dating website, each come with a variety of unique traits. Sometimes, you simply need to try them all and discover which one makes you feel the most comfortable.

It’s true that stats are rising monthly for platforms such as Bumble, but are these websites really helping to create meaningful relationships? With only a short bio, location and picture gallery, it can be hard to identify someone who has shared interests, career plans or intentions. While they say ‘opposites attract’, it’s nice to know a bit more about your potential date in advance. This can also ensure that there is a variety of talking points to discuss when you meet.

The platforms on this list focus on that, finding out a little bit of information about you in order to find a more suitable match! Let’s jump into the top 10 elite dating sites and apps for meeting educated singles:


Millionaire Match

As the name suggestions, Millionaire Match is the original, elite dating app for the wealthy. It connects successful singles with attractive people looking for love on a serious level. This isn’t the only criteria however, as each match can be handpicked based on your passions and preferences. Using their specialist matchmaking system, you can find someone that loves you for you, not what you have.

Millionaire Match boasts over 2 million monthly messages, alongside 5 million total users from all over the world. Currently, The United States, Canada and United Kingdom are their most popular regions. You can meet educated individuals from a variety of backgrounds and professions, including business owners, athletes, investors, models and popular influencers.

Everyone on their site, and their yearly earnings, are validated before they are given access. All information provided during this stage is kept secure for your peace of mind.

In addition to all that, specialist help and services can easily be assessed if you need them. Need help setting up your profile? Want to receive a coaching lesson to raise your confidence? The team at Millionaire Match are more than ready to lend a hand, with the option for special requests too. If you’re looking to find a successful partner, or are successful yourself, you could definitely give this website a try!


  • All submitted information is carefully verified.
  • Top level security features.
  • Plenty of other dating related services available.


  • Sometimes more ‘attractive’ users than ‘successful’ ones, which can make matching harder.


Visit Millionaire Match >>



EHarmony is a dating website that you’ve probably heard of before. Whether that be through one of their advertising campaigns, or finding it through a Google search, they certainly have a high level of visibility. This expansive reach offers many benefits to users on the app, with a large number of new members joining each month.

All of the advertising done by EHarmony is done with the intention of finding smart, committed individuals who are looking for a serious relationship. Matches are found through an algorithm that focuses on similar personalities as well as a shared outlook and objectives for the future.

Their blog is loaded with informative posts, written by people who have years of experience and knowledge. These posts centre around tips for finding love, the best ways to find a compatible partner and how to make the most out of every date!

To get started, all you have to do is sign up and complete a short questionnaire. You can put as much or as little information as you want into each answer, but more detail will benefit you in terms of finding potential matches. EHarmony allows you to start finding matches for free, with different paid options available for optimizing your experience.


  • A huge number of users.
  • Established in the dating sector.
  • Useful information is displayed for free.


  • The initial questionnaire is possibly too short.


Visit eHarmony >>


Elite Singles

While Millionaire Match was focused on providing dating experiences to successful people, Elite Singles is more catered towards those with a higher intelligence. On their website, they note that over 85% of members on their website have an above-average education. Elite Singles operate in over 20 countries, helping to start approximately 2,000 relationships every month.

This website requires you to take a quick personality test while signing up, which is then used to find potential matches. Location and personal preferences are also taken into account. Elite Singles pay close attention to the security of their members, consistently checking and verifying every profile. They also have SSL encryption and advanced fraud detection systems in place for a superb overall experience.

Elite Singles have an app that can be used on Android or IOS, meaning you can match with others on whichever device you prefer! If you’d prefer to meet people in person, why not get involved with one of their events? These are run regularly, in a host of different areas and are a great way to meet people outside of the internet.


  • Guaranteed conversations with educated singles.
  • Lots of safety measures in place.
  • App and website both functions well.


  • Information can sometimes take a while to verify.


Visit EliteSingles >>


Rich Meet Beautiful

Rich Meet Beautiful is advertised as a place for meeting wealthy professionals or attractive individuals. Their platform relies on honesty, with both parties listing their preferences from the start. Preferences could include appearance, fitness, occupation, goals for the future or income.

People on this website are not afraid to tell you exactly what they want from a relationship, allowing you to find a compatible partner, or a relationship that is mutually acceptable to both parties.

It is highly encouraged to fill out your profile on Rich Meet Beautiful with as much information as possible. People on this site value their time and are often very busy, meaning that they have little opportunity to search for the perfect match. Users tend to know exactly what they want out of a relationship and are looking for someone who feels the same way.

If you’re looking for adventure, an exciting dating experience or someone to settle down with, Rich Meet Beautiful could be the place to start your search. You can sign up with a free trial, but will have to pay for ongoing usage of the website. On an interesting note, you can also browse the website anonymously before committing your information, but are unable to match with anyone during this time.


  • Honesty is a major factor.
  • Can browse anonymously at first.
  • Match algorithm is very detailed.


  • Creating a profile can initially be a long process.



The website Luxy is another dating platform and app that is tailored towards the rich. It allows you to find professional singles in your area and is one of the most unique dating websites within the upscale community.

Luxy has been in operation since 2014 and has helped thousands of wealthy professionals meet a long-term partner. A luxury feel and handpicked matches are something you can expect from the company. The experience is so good that is has been endorsed by big names such as Jimmy Kimmel and has been featured in The Financial Times.

The sign-up process for Luxy requires a bit of information about your profession and what you look for in a relationship. This information is then verified and their team begin the work of finding matches based on your input.

Unlike Rich Meet Beautiful, they do not allow for arrangements that are incentivised by finance, but instead look to build genuine connections. Their customer support, open 24/7, is a particularly advantageous area of their platform. Contact them via phone, email or live chat for more information about the website, technical assistance or general dating advice.


  • Matches are handpicked.
  • A sense of luxury to match the name.
  • Customer support is always available.


  • Lower user base than most others on this list.


Coffee Meets Bagel

The app with the most intriguing name on this list probably belongs to Coffee Meets Bagel. The same applies to the concept behind the dating, as a match from the day is sent to you at noon (This is referred to as a ‘bagel’ on their website). Everything behind the scenes is automated by an algorithm, however this is constantly being tweaked by the team.

Coffee Meets Bagel makes it easier to spark up a conversation with your matches, with their range of personalised ‘ice breaker lines’. You can share as much information as you want at first, but the opportunity to create an expansive profile is there. This allows you to express yourself comfortably in detail, while also learning a little bit about your potential date.

Another innovative feature that this app implements is a low cap on the amount of people you can ‘like’ per day. Unlike alternatives such as Tinder, you are limited to liking 5 people per day. This means you have to be more selective with your choices, reading through profiles carefully before making a decision. It’s this feature that allows for a more sincere, curated match.

Their website has been mentioned across a variety of large online columns alongside many success stories. Currently, Coffee Meets Bagel can only be accessed by the app (Both Android and IOS devices are supported). It’s completely free to use and is full of quirky, creative singles looking for a meaningful connection. Additional premium features can be bought if you’d prefer.


  • Novelty way of dating.
  • Limit of 5 likes per day.
  • Choice of personalised messages to break the ice.


  • As you have to be selective when liking others, it can sometimes be a lengthy process.


The League

The League is an app that has one stand out feature; the ability to video call with matches directly. This form of virtual dating might seem strange at first, but many people are saying positive things. It’s seen as a way of ‘building up’ to the first date, as you can talk in-depth with your match as opposed to texting here and there. Prefer a more party type feel? Use the ‘League Live’ video chatting option, where you can talk to many singles at the same time.

In addition to this, The League encourages users to add more than a few pictures to their profile. You can upload a video up to 10 seconds long to accompany your bio, allowing people to see the real you. This app is one of the best in the business for using revolution methods and updating everything on a regular basis.

These additional steps may offput some people, who think creating an account with The League is a lengthy and time-consuming process. Luckily, you can import key information such as your profession and location directly from another social media account. Doing this also helps the team to verify that you are exactly who you claim to be.


  • Huge focus on video usage.
  • Always changing and updating.
  • Information can be imported easily.



  • The ‘party’ video call option can be overwhelming to some.


The Inner Circle

If you’re looking to find a serious relationship, The Inner Circle could be the perfect place to start. The website and app are dedicated to finding attractive, inspiring singles that can make a dream couple.

When it comes to using The Inner Circle, you can only sign up with a Facebook and LinkedIn account. There is currently no option to create an account solely for use on the website or app. This helps validate your information, while also making it much quicker to get started. Keep in mind that you will also require a personal invitation code to apply for the inner circle, which is what makes this dating platform so elite.

Applying to become a member of The Inner Circle has about a 50% success rate. There are many factors that are checked by moderators before letting you enter, such as your job, qualifications and appearance. All applications are manually reviewed, meaning that if you get accepted, you will be among the best of the best.

Finally, the cost of The Inner Circle is the final dose of that premium feeling. It costs $39.99 per month, which is on the steep side for a dating service. However, this could definitely be worthwhile for the premium experience you will receive as a result.


  • Only for those looking for a serious relationship.
  • Very premium feeling.
  • Users are verified fast.


  • The high monthly subscription fee.



This dating app is not playing around. Zoosk has been operating for over 13 years and in that span of time, has managed to build up a list of over 30 million users. This app is certainly more simplistic, with less features when compared to the others mentioned in this list. However, what it lacks in features, it makes up for in matching algorithm.

The downside to Zoosk, is that it isn’t overly centred around connecting people for serious relationships. This is obviously still possible, but you may encounter messages from people looking for more casual meets. Removing these unwanted messages can be done in a couple taps, so it shouldn’t negativity effect your experience too much.

Zoosk is free, but does offer some premium features as all dating apps do. You should be able to comfortably match, message and meet people without the need to ever upgrade your account. The app and website are available in over 80 different countries, making it the go to for many people. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the app is the sheer number of users, meaning there is always someone new to chat with!


  • App has been up and running for a long time.
  • Simple, minimal feel.
  • No need to upgrade to a paid plan.


  • Not everyone is looking for a serious relationship.



Raya started off as purely a dating app, but has changed in recent years to become a platform that provides opportunities. These can be in the form of relationships, friendships or even networking, all is permitted.

This app is exclusive in the sense that you cannot sign up for an account, but instead have to be invited by someone who is already using it. Being invited does not immediately give you access; you still have to apply and be accepted by a team of moderators. With celebrities such as Ben Affleck being known to use Raya, you really do join a specialist group of singles.

You do have to pay a subscription fee to use the app, currently sitting at $7.99. This almost seems like a bargain when you take into consideration the other premium features and services. Various safety features are implemented, including a strong filter that keeps conversations respectful at all times. Here you can share whatever is on your mind without the fear of being judged harshly by others.


  • A variety of people to meet, from all backgrounds.
  • Strong safety measures.
  • Subscription fee is reasonable.


  • Being accepted can sometimes be hard.
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