Keen Psychics Review: Should You Use

People have different reasons for delving into psychic matters. Some do it for comfort, others seek guidance, and most yearn for some form of enlightenment. But not everyone has a psychic within reach, and it’s not that easy to find one who truly understands you — one that can actually read you.

That’s where comes in. Keen offers psychic services for everyone around the world. They’ve served over 35 million clients and have been doing so since 1999. With their extensive selection of psychic experts, you are bound to find one that matches your needs.

Having doubts? Read on for an honest review to see if Keen’s services are worth a try.

What Is Keen?

Keen is an online live advice platform where users are able to browse through multiple selections of spiritual advisors. It’s just like a social media website or dating app, but specifically for psychic needs. These advisors come from different backgrounds, each offering their own brand of guidance. No two psychics on Keen are the same, much like in real life how no two people are exactly the same.

This psychic service website can be used by anyone in the world. However, their mode of communication is primarily in English and is usually done through written messages. With Keen’s extensive list of advisors, you could find one who speaks your primary language. Some also offer calls for those who prefer spoken readings, though typewritten exchanges are the norm. is dedicated to making psychic readers more accessible for all. Especially for those who are in isolated locations, having an online reader available could bring great comfort. Keen offers a variety of options, including different types of readings, provided by their top-rated psychics. Along with this, Keen offers the first three minutes as a free trial.

How to Use

To use their services, you must first register as a Keen user. This will help you track your interactions with your psychic(s). You will be required to provide an email address as well as your birthdate. As most people already know, a person’s birthdate is a vital part of some predictions.

Afterward, you will be led to a page where you can filter out your ideal psychic from 1700+ options. Filtering options include “best available,” price ranges, client rating, and other additional specifications. You can always go back and change your preferences. Keen will help you match with the most suitable psychic by asking questions regarding your current mood, the type of advice you’re seeking, and if you’re looking for a specific kind of guide.

With Keen’s psychic advisors, you can book appointments for calls or chats to get your reading. Their services are available 24/7, and if you happen to find a psychic who is offline at the moment, you can shoot them a message and arrange for a booking in the future. Their callback and appointment services make these bookings more convenient for both parties. For more information on a specific advisor, you can check out their profile page on the website.

Keen allows you to filter psychics according to your price range per minute. Apart from the initial three free minutes from Keen, readings typically cost around $1.99 to $9.99 per minute. To pay for these services, you will need to add your payment information to your Keen profile.

Reasons To Use Keen

There are many factors to consider in deciding whether Keen’s services are for you. Here are a few reasons why you should give it a try:

  • Easy access to psychics. As previously mentioned, Keen is available around the world and around the clock. For the occasional existential crisis where you feel the need for a spiritual guide, Keen will be there for you. If you’re not in a rush and happen to come across an offline psychic, no problem. Let Keen’s callback feature handle that for you.
  • Over 1700 people to choose from. With such a vast selection of advisors, you can be sure to find one who will fit the bill for you. Using the Keen filters, you can whittle down those 1700+ people until you find someone who truly understands what you need. Moreover, Keen’s psychics are adept in different fields, such as clairvoyance, cleansing, angel readings, numerology, etc.
  • Free trial access. Psychic readings aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. And even for seasoned believers, an online reading could take some getting used to. This is exactly why Keen offers three minutes of free reading to new users. Most of their readers offer the same special deal.
  • Varying price range. Keen rates work on a per-minute basis. Users can adjust their filters to find psychics who charge within their budget. Appointments start at $1.99 and may go up to over $9.99 a minute.
  • Less judgment. As of now, Keen does not have a video call feature. Although this seems unfortunate, the lack of appearance gives way for less insecurity from the client. There is less judgment, unlike in-person readings where people are afraid of getting boxed in with one look.
  • Over 20 years of service. For Keen to survive since 1999, it must’ve been doing something right. With over 20 years of experience under its belt, Keen has gathered a huge clientele and network. They claim to have served millions of people through the years and will likely continue to do so in the years to come.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. They try to guarantee customer satisfaction as much as possible. They do this by offering a money-back guarantee for clients who are dissatisfied with their service. Clients who did not like their psychic reading will be refunded up to $25 to their account.

Downsides of Keen

No one is perfect, and similarly, Keen does have some areas to work on. Here is what stood out most:

  • No video readings are available. Despite Keen’s overall favorable performance, there are some aspects that seem a little lacking, particularly there being no video call feature. While some users are content and comfortable without the face-to-face readings, having the option for video conferencing is good. It helps build trust between client and psychic, among other things.
  • “Seasoned” or popular psychics are more expensive. A lot of seasoned, bigger names in the psychic reading field found on Keen come with rates on the higher side of the spectrum. The same goes for those with stellar user ratings. However, quality doesn’t always come with a big price tag, and a lot of 4 to 5 star psychics still have a reasonable price for their services.
  • Three minutes is not enough to establish rapport. Keen is already being generous by giving all its users the first three minutes free, but this is obviously not enough time to establish any form of connection for most people. Some psychics are able to do this in a snap, but even then, asking your questions will hardly fit into three minutes…unless you have them written down and spew them out in rapid-fire. Strategically speaking though, this is a clever way of letting users have a taste of their services, and it will likely entice more people to go further than the three minutes.

Types Of Keen Reading Services (Specialties and Methods)

Given Keen’s vast selection of psychics, it’s no surprise that their expertise and skills vary just as much. There are many options to choose from, with some geared towards more specific topics. Check out some of the specialties and skills that Keen psychics are capable of handling:

Astrology Readings

A classic of psychic readings, astrology readings help in laying down a base of your personality. Psychics typically use a person’s birth chart to see their predispositions. The birth chart is also used to predict how planetary movements will affect a person in the future. For newbies, this is where phrases like “mercury is in retrograde” come to play.

Keen psychics are not confined to a single astrology niche. Experts on Chinese, Mayan, Vedic and Western astrology can be found on the platform. As a little bonus, Keen also offers a free daily horoscope, along with numerous information on the subject. If you want to learn more about your horoscope, simply click on the Horoscope tab.

Career and Work

This is an ongoing concern for most adults – the endless question of if we’re in the right field, working the right jobs. Sometimes, we just need a little push to take a leap, and that’s what psychics can give you. Whether that means venturing out to a new career or powering through your current one, who knows?

A psychic can assist you in making this choice. Keen has advisors who specialize in this specific dilemma, and they’ve helped many people over the years. Look into the psychics’ Keen profile to find out more.

Life Path

On a similar note, a lot of us are wondering what our life’s purpose is. This question sends a lot of us into a vicious cycle of existential crises. Again, the right advisor can help sort this out.

Some psychics use their skills to “see” into our future. Others use the tools of their trade to help us map out where we’re supposed to go. Depending on the psychic you choose, they might suggest that life is a predetermined fate for humans, or that we are free to make whatever choice we want. These thought processes have huge impacts on a person’s perspective, which is why choosing the right advisor is very important.

Love and Relationships

Most psychics would be able to tell you something regarding your love life. But psychics who specialize in this area will be more equipped in reading specific details for things like soul mates, future partners, relationship issues, divorces, etc. Experts in this area would also be more adept in connecting your love life and relationships to much greater aspects of your life.

Psychic Readings

Among the many services available on Keen, general psychic readings might just be the most popular, especially among newcomers. For those unsure of what reading they want or need, general psychic readings are the best way to go. This type of reading offers you just enough insight to figure out what your specific needs are. Although a more pointed reading (i.e. financial future, life path, love, and relationships) can’t be expected, general psychic readings might point you in the right direction.

For these readings, the psychic will try to focus on your energy to “read” you. They’ll try to hone in on your current path and on what lies ahead of you. Typically the readings will give you advice on what actions are best to set you on your desired trajectory.

Tarot Readings

Some readers prefer to channel their abilities using tools like tarot cards. These cards have 78 images that will let a psychic get an idea of the answer you’re seeking. Again, while most tarot readers will be able to give insight on general topics, it is better to consult a psychic who focuses on the topic of concern.

Dream Exploration

Dreams are a source of fascination, even for non-believers. Psychics who focus on dream reading or dream exploration can help in interpreting seemingly random symbols that appear in our dreams. They will analyze the images described by their client and try to interpret the meaning behind them.

These dreams sometimes point to repressed memories and subconscious thoughts. In some cases, it could also signify a forecast of the future, a warning for impending problems, or signals from the body about possible illnesses. As unlikely as it may seem to non-believers, our body works mysteriously and may be aware of problems way before we actively notice them.

Other Readings

Keen psychics can perform many other readings aside from those mentioned above, including clairvoyance and clairaudience, remote viewing, aura/chakra cleansing, rune reading, feng shui, and others. They are also equipped in discussing specific topics like loss (whether it be a person, pet, or item), grief, relationships (divorce, infidelity, etc.), reincarnation and past lives, and LGBTQ+. Psychics normally believe in acceptance and openness, so the variety and complexity of the topics and skills they handle are not surprising at all.


Q. What will a psychic do for online readings?

Keen psychics work in a very similar way as in-person psychics. For those with experience, the only change will be not having a person across the table.

The first few minutes of a psychic reading will be dedicated to establishing a connection. Once a bond is formed between client and psychic, the questions may begin. Preferably, these questions are ones that align with the psychic’s expertise, so remember to find one that specializes in your problem area.

Different psychics will use different methods to help with the reading. Some use classic tools such as tarot cards and charts to concentrate the energy, while others use their innate abilities. Do not hesitate to share deep information with your psychic, but be careful in disclosing private data (e.g. bank details, home address, etc.).

Q. What makes Keen different from other psychic services?

Part of Keen’s popularity is how similar it can be to IRL psychic appointments. Users can even “fall in line” for currently occupied psychics.

Keen also performs screenings for psychics who apply on their platform as an assurance that all their advisors are the real deal. Some users have complained about less-than-stellar services from some psychics, which is something that occurs even at in-person readings. The best explanation for this is that some energies do not match well at all, and it’s best to find someone who will mesh with your spirit better.

Q. Does Keen have customer service?

Besides their FAQs section, they have a very active, 24/7 customer service. The form for customer concerns can be found on their website, on the Customer Support page. For locals, they can be reached at 877-533-6435 or 1-800-ASK-KEEN.

Q. Can I download a Keen app?

Of course you can. Keen launched an app that is largely similar to their website. The app also features daily horoscopes that can be shared on social media.

Q. How do I pay my psychic?

Go to Keen’s Payment Information page to set up your payment method, and click Add Funds. Funds can be taken from major debit/credit cards and PayPal. This can be done on the website, the app, or over the phone (1-800-ASK-KEEN).

Payment methods can also be updated in the future on the same page.

Q. What happens if I’m not satisfied with Keen’s service?

Keen has a satisfaction guarantee vision and will credit users with up to $25 for one unsatisfactory appointment every 30 days. Complaints and refund requests for these types of interactions must be submitted within 72 hours of occurrence. This can be done on Keen’s Satisfaction Guarantee page.

Unused funds in the account can be refunded with the help of Customer Support over the phone or online form.

Conclusion: Is Keen A Legitimate Website?

You probably want the straight answer to the question “Is Keen a scam?” No, it is not a scam. is a legitimate website that offers services from seasoned psychics and spiritual advisors. As far as the psychic world is concerned, Keen is a trustworthy platform with a longstanding track record for its service.

Unlike a lot of psychic websites, they have the necessary security features that will guard your personal information. One of the most appealing things about Keen is the lack of third-party advertisements on their website, which means no random pop ups that could introduce suspicious software on your device.

All in all, Keen is a good place to get psychic services. But just like on any other platform, clients should always take precautions when dealing with people who are essentially strangers.

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