5 Best Age Gap Dating Sites For Older Women and Older Men

5 Best age gap dating sites for older women and older men


In 2024, age-gap relationships are fairly common, and are only rising in popularity. Age-gap relationships are typically defined as any relationship with a couple who has a ten year or more age difference between them. Although age-gap relationships used to be seen as taboo, society has become more accepting of these relationships. In turn, finding an age gap relationship has become easier than ever. Just a few famous examples of age-gap relationships include Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, Beyonce and Jay-Z, Steven Tyler and Amy Preston, and Alec and Hilaria Baldwin. Thanks to dating apps, people interested in finding a person of any age can do so easily at any time, anywhere. In this blog, we are going to explore the top 5 age-gap dating websites! By the end, you should have a confident understanding of what the best sites are, what they offer, and what the best website is for you!



Agematch.com is a site for age gap relationships for older men seeking younger women and older women seeking younger men. It offers a varied dating pool. The website is simple to navigate, with a very straightforward user experience. When users sign up for an account, here is what they can expect:

  • Standard member access includes the ability to create a profile, add pictures, send likes, and search for matches near your location or wherever you’d like! You can also send likes and “winks”.
  • Premium memberships includes access to all the above opportunities and gain message initiation, advanced security, and advanced search.
  • Premium membership includes up to 40 additional features for optimal matching.



datingcougar.org is another age-gap website specifically tailored to older women seeking younger men, but there is also the option for older men to seek out younger women. It is suitable for folks to look for partners, dating, and even marriage. Unique features of the website are:

  • Everyone on the site can join for free!
  • Standard members have basic membership. They can receive messages from premium members and respond, but standard members cannot initiate messages. However, you can search profiles for free as a normal member.
  • Ability for both parties to send messages
  • Swiping for matches via Spark
  • A profile view tracker
  • Winks



OlderWomenDating.com is a site that helps younger men find older women, whether they are looking for a relationship or just a friendship. The site is specifically geared towards women who are older and younger men. Based in Silicon Valley, the site has successfully connected users with those looking for this type of age-gap relationship for over 20 years of business. The features are as follows:

  • Everyone on the site can join for free!
  • Standard members allow basics. Like the other website, you can receive messages from premium members and respond, but standard members cannot initiate messages.
  • Ability for both parties to send messages
  • Swiping on matches via “Spark”
  • A tracker for how many times your profile is viewed
  • Winks
  • Unique features like a “First Date Ideas” section. In this section, users can post ideas for their ideal first dates, and other members can scroll through all the ideas and see whose ideas they like best, allowing them to like and comment on the thread. The date ideas are set into categories fancy dining and even culinary adventures. There are also categories for arts and culture and outdoor activities.



Perhaps the most well-known dating site of all time, eHarmony.com has been matching couples successfully for years, making it the #1 trusted dating app of all time. Because of it’s popularity, it typically has the highest quality dating pool. Although eHarmony is not specifically marketed as an age gap-dating site, it’s a fantastic option for those interested in an age-gap relationship. In fact, over 90% of its users are over the age of 30. The website has a clean user experience and guided explanation for how to use the site. Perks of eHarmony include:

  • Personality-based matching, based on your profile and a personality test and preferences.
  • Catered towards those who are looking for a serious long-term relationship.
  • Video dating for Premium members, to get to know each other virtually.
  • Extreme verification process for added protection.
  • Conversation starters for additional compatibility checking.



Cougarlife.com is a fun and flirty website dedicated to matching older women—the cougars—with younger men—the cubs. It also lets older women cougars find younger women cubs, for those interested in a same-sex relationship. The site enables users to find a relationship style that works for them best, whether it’s a fling or something more serious. The site describes itself to be for “modern, confident women connect with younger men for fun, exciting relationships.” The website is vibrant and gives off a modern feel. In many ways, it is reminiscent of Tinder and Bumble in the user interface. Members can expect:

  • Both parties can send messages no matter their subscription status.
  • VIP members can pay an extra fee for their messages to show up at the top of the cougar’s inbox.
  • Users can request a “Key” to view private pictures, or send someone a key for them to open if they’d like!
  • Send winks and likes.
  • For premium members, men can boost their profile to be noticed more easily.


No matter which site you decide to create an account on, we came up with some dating tips you can use to find success in the dating world.


Authenticity is awesome

Being yourself is key to finding someone who likes you for you and nobody else! Don’t be afraid to show off your true personality. When you hide who you are, you limit your connection to others because they’re missing out on your authentic self. Instead, show your date who you are through relaxed conversation and chit chat. Don’t be afraid to tell them about your favorite hobbies or your quirky interests.


Confidence is key

A little confidence can go a long way. Whether you’ve been on one hundred dates, or you haven’t been in the dating game for a while, everyone appreciates someone who is clearly comfortable in their skin. Small but mighty ways to improve confidence include making eye contact, good posture, dressing in a way that flatters your figure, and being satisfied with your accomplishments.


Communicate, but reciprocate

Although both parties want to learn about each other, the communication needs to be a two way street. Therefore, although you should definitely tell your date about yourself and your life, make sure you ask them about themselves! There is nothing worse than having a date who only talks about themselves and takes zero interest in you.



It is essential to be upfront with your date about what you are looking for. Don’t lead someone looking for a long-term relationship on if you know you’re only looking for a fun fling! On the contrary, make sure your date is clear about their expectations for you, too. That way, there is no stress regarding your relationship status from the first date.


Fun Comes first

Go on dates that you will both like! Don’t worry about social status or impressing your date with a fancy location. As long as you are both having fun, the setting of the date doesn’t’ really matter. The longer you are with each other, the more you can come up with fun date ideas and get more creative.


Connection takes time

They say the best relationships start off as friendships. Try to form a meaningful friendship with your date first, because you will feel more comfortable around each other that way. Remember that it takes more than just one or two dates to really build a connection. Some people take a few months to really open up to others.



Dating can be hard. Things won’t always go your way, but it’s important to keep a positive attitude throughout the process. Additionally, make sure to always have a good attitude on your date, to set the tone for the rest of your relationship. Especially on the first few dates, try to keep the conversation fun and positive.


Stay safe!

Especially when it comes to online dating, make sure you are staying safe! If anything feels unsafe, listen to your gut, and be careful to give out information that should remain private until you get to know someone much better.



Overall, there are many options online for people to find a successful age-gap relationship. Whether you are looking for someone who has more life experience than the typical partner or you want some excitement in your life, age-gap relationships bring so many couples joy. Every website has it’s pros and cons, and there is no harm in signing up on more than one website to find out which one is most suitable for you. With so many options, there is indeed an option for everyone. So now that you have an idea of which age gap dating sites are out there, it’s time to make your move!

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